2010 USC Trojan Football Schedule


  1. It’s hard to support my alma-mater when alums from other schools ask me what teams my USC Trojans will play this year which will prove their right as #1. Cal-Berkley is like the only team anyone respects and few can bring themselves yet to beleive Berkley actually has a football team. Even more difficult will be going back home to Bootyburg (Shreveport) for Thanksgiving this year..

  2. Seriously… last season when I heard you on Kevin and Bean I couldn’t believe I found another chick that likes and gets football as much as me! Now I have my guy friends tuning in to listen to your picks for the weekend.


  3. I wish they have the time listed on that. Gotta figure out how to get from my Italian class to the game, yo! 😉

    • Times will be posted soon, Oakz. We’ll get together (or mail) when our tix come in so I can grab mine since I’m guessing most games we’ll meet there since we are coming from opposite directions… LOL

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