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The quest begins tomorrow!

August 31, 2007

Football fiends-

How are y’all doin’? I’m still battling this bit of sinus infection but getting  better each day. About to pass out from sinus medicine so just wanted to post short WOO HOO excited for College Football tomorrow, but especially, my Trojans starting their quest to become the 2007 BCS National Champions.

The line on the USC-Idaho game favors SC by 46 points. Earlier today the over/under was also 46, which made me laugh. Now the over/under is 58.5. My bold prediction is that SC will win the game and the score will be 61-3. No scientific or data analysis in that guess, just an off the top of my head thing.

As a big USC fan, I will of course always have much to say about them. But rest assured, starting tomorrow, this site will go back to focusing on many other teams as well.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


This one’s for my boys from North Cakalak…

August 31, 2007

How cool a pal am I? This is a post for my boys over at Sports Brethren.

Wet USC Song Girls frolicking in water in their uniforms.

Don’t say I never gave y’all anything, ya hear? 😉 hahahaha

-Your Gridiron Goddess, pictured below in my Cheerleading pic from Sophomore Year in H.S. The Young 15 year old Gridiron Goddess at the beginning of her football love odyssey. lol


Trojan Wire’s John David Booty, the video

August 29, 2007

hey fellow football fiends and fanatics,

So sorry I’ve been light on the content this past week… I was and am crazy busy and sick with stupid sinus infection.

With College football kicking off this weekend and NFL Regular Season next week, this is the last week until post Super Bowl 2008 that I will be lite on content.

So check out this kick ass video of USC QB John David Booty courtesy of Trojan Wire’s Rory MacDonald!

After watching the video, you can clearly see why so many, including The Heisman Pundit have Booty at the top of the list of 2007 Heisman contenders.

ETA: Many thanks to Rich “Dirty Sanchez” Rodriguez for helping me figure out how to get the video working on this post.  Rich and my Harem member Byron are Tennessee Vols and I am rooting for them to beat USC’s Pac-10 rival Cal Bears this weekend. Crush those Bears Vol Nation!

-Your Gridiron Goddess


There is no “I” in team

August 24, 2007

Former SC tail back Emmanuel Moody made it clear on Thursday why he is not Trojan material when he told reporters:

“USC is all about the rotation, getting everybody sharing time. I want to be a featured back.”

Moody visited defending national champion Florida on Thursday in an effort to try and decide where it is he will transfer.

The 6’1″ 205lb sophomore from Texas was the second leading rusher for the Trojans this past season as a freshman. He gained 458 yards on 79 carries last season. He missed the final four games of the USC season due to a sprained ankle. He entered camp this year as one of 10 backs vying for playing time, which is presumably one of the things that sparked his comment and showed Trojan fans that Moody does not understand the dynamics of the USC Football Program.

There is no I in Trojans, Emmanuel. Nor is there an I in Gators–Urban Meyer would give the kicker the ball to run back if he could, so fond of spreading out his backfield weapons is he.

Moody also visited UNC and has planned trips to Oklahoma State and Texas on his schedule. Best of luck wherever you end up, Emmanuel.

-Your Gridiron Goddess, pictured with USC’s BCS trophy, something Moody won’t get to be a part of. heh heh heh


General Goddess Info: I did not run away and join the circus

August 23, 2007

HEH! Hi guys! Am back from my vacation–which let’s face it was just an excuse to get drunk and silly with Marissa and Nacho Friendly. I hope to get a new post up tonight, but if not, tomorrow for sure. There’s this whole “had-to-go-back- to-work-and-when- not-at-work-am- sleeping” thing going on right now.

Much football to discuss and one more night of sleep will have me back on my game.

In the meantime: Congratulations to Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady on the birth of their son, the nameless wonder.

-Your Gridiron Goddess, now with fewer braincells


A Harem of the Griron Goddess Post: Marcus on the Pac-10

August 20, 2007

Can August 30th not get here soon enough, or what? On that Thursday, 7:00pm PST, Utah visits Oregon State and our ’07 Pac-10 season is on, baby! Yo, I’m Marcus, friend of the Goddess. I went to UCLA, the family bleeds Cardinal & Gold, a sib went to Arizona, I’m a Pac man who’s been to all 10 stadiums, and this, G.G. readers, is your highly-opinionated, dubiously-useful preview of the nation’s best top-to-bottom conference, the Pac-10.

The Beavers – remember that batted 4th-down Booty pass last year? – are the place to start: Returning 15 starters, they’re my unfashionable pick to run their comparably easy sked – except one little road game near the corner of Figueroa and Exposition (Nov. 3) – and whip some overrated Big Ten team in the Rose… if whoever wins the QB job plays like (the departed) Matt Moore, and if they triumph at Cal (Oct. 13).

Tré-vogue Pac-picks are Cal and UCLA. Look for (head coach) Tedford’s Bears to grow cajones at home and avenge, barely, last year’s soul-shredding humiliation at Knoxville (Sept. 1), but fold at UCLA (Oct. 20) and in Berserkley to some other L.A. school (Nov. 10). The Bruins return an insane 20 starters, including both QBs, but baby-blues everywhere are still dome-scratching over (head coach) Karl Dorrell. Like, bro, how does your D dominate the other L.A. school then give up 44 to Florida Statein the same month?!

Let’s not even talk about the Bruins’ 4th quarter play-calling at South Bend. I suffer palpitations like that giveaway was this morning. If my baby-blues do not go at least 7-2 in conference and avenge against the Irish (Oct. 6), I’m marching Dorrell back to Denver – with the Westwood faithful at my back.

I expect Arizona State, the newest (head coach) Dennis Erickson revival project, to find their inner D, smoke three easy non-confs, maybe edge Oregon State (Sept. 22), a previous Dennis stop, and boast an at least 6-1 Top 25 rec when Cal visits (Oct. 27). The road is washboard from there, but the Devils should earn a respectable bowl… and whip some overrated Big Ten team.

Wazzu opens hard, at Wisconsin (Sept. 1), but QB Alex Brink is a super stud and the Cougs – an incredibly successful program over the past decade-plus – lurk dangerous in the Pac. UCLA’s visit to chilly Pullman (Oct. 27) could be the baby-blues’ diff between the Rose and the Sun Bowl, where they will… (all together now) “whip… some… overrated”…

Head coach Mike Stoops has Arizona in seeming recovery – we’ll know on Sept. 1 when the ‘Cats visit BYU. Yo, Mike – will we finally see some O? Will ya take a 3-0 to Cal (Sept. 22)? Okay, Duck fan, I know you’re all, “Seven ‘graphs in, dude, where’s Oregon?!” The problem, Duck fan, is you and me both are way unsold on QB Dennis Dixon. If newest O coordinator Chip Kelly can get him to revive the ol’ 30-points-before-halftime Quack Attack I’ll be speechless. For once. But don’t look for it to happen at Michigan (Sept. 8) – Pac fans are advised to watch that one under heavy sedation (ABC 12:30pm).

Ditto Ohio State at Washington (Sept. 15). Interestingly, your Huskies debut blue chip QB Jake Locker at Syracuse (Aug. 31) in a made-for-ESPN matchup. Do not miss it (5:00pm). Before September’s out (at UCLA on the 22nd) we’ll know whether (2nd year head coach) Ty Willingham is reviving Dawg Nation. According to Dodd at, U-Dub only has the toughest sked in the nation.

Have I mentioned Stanford? I hear it’s a nice place to study. And how ‘bout that new stadium? Now if they could only play some football in it. Wait… oh yeah, I was just reminded there’s this other team in L.A. They play in, I think it’s called the Mausoleum? Anyway, they’re going to beat everybody and win another national championship. You heard it here last! Enjoy!


Friday Blog Roundup: Live from San Francisco

August 17, 2007

Hello from San Francisco! Just two blogs/posts I want to mention in this Friday Blog Roundup.

-My pal Byron has an excellent post right here at Gridiron Goddess previewing his Vols SEC Conference.  Many thanks to Byron for helping out while I am on vacation.

-My superstah friend Nacho Friendly and his brother profile USC Grad and Carolina Panther Ryan Kalil over on their site Sports Brethren 

One thing the Brethren did not mention is Kalil’s younger brother Matt, who is starting his senior year of high school this fall at Orange County California’s Servite High School, has already committed to SC for 2008.

BTW that blonde with Kalil in pic above is his fiancee Natalie, a former USC Song Girl and USC chapter of Delta Gamma sorority sister of mine.

And here is a pic of the whole Kalil clan:

So go check out the posts/blogs of my friends Byron and Nacho, will ya?!

-Your Gridiron Goddess, pictured here with her Dad in San Francisco two years ago