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A Gridiron Goddess Administrative Note: full NFL Sunday wrap up coming Monday

September 30, 2007

Hello Football Fiends, I am of course blaming my cold for the lack of detailed NFL Sunday analysis today. But I did get y’all a pretty lengthy CFB analysis tonight. : )

BUT—for the record, I went 4-1 on my KROQ Kevin and Bean show picks. I picked:

Green Bay over MN – GB Won

Oakland over Miami – Oakland won

Detroit over Chicago – Detroit won

Seattle over SF – Seattle won

Eagles over Giants – Am not sure who sucks more Eagles QB McNabb or San Diego Chargers coach Norv Turner. McNabb spent more time on his back on Sunday night than upright.


NFL tomorrow, mkay? Ny Quil taking over now. AND Los Angeles and OC readers– I am tentatively booked to be on Kevin and Bean at 730am tomorrow. Will know in the a.m. and try to update this post before so y’all know.

Sweet Dreams fellow football fiends!

-Your Gridiron Goddess of the nasty cold. LOL


Donovan McNabb sack watch

September 30, 2007

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and counting  sacks. A new NFL single game record.

TOUCHDOWN—Oh wait, no, McNabb was across the line of scrimmage.

You are dead to me Eagles. I mean it this time.

(why can’t I quit you, Birds? Why?)

-Your Gridiron Goddess


CFB wrap up #2: Further thoughts on the Wacky Weekend that was

September 30, 2007

Hello fellow football fiends, my Ny/Day-quil haze has lifted a bit and in thinking about the CARAZY day that Saturday was for the top 25, hell, especially for the top 10, I have a few thoughts:

1. Urban Meyer’s vaunted offense is being exposed as a one-trick show. He relies on athletic QB’s. That seems to be it. Florida has no truly reliable stand out receivers or running backs despite recruiting such blue chip players as Percy Harvin. Shut down Tim Tebow as Auburn’s defense did on Saturday, and the Meyer offense stalls. But look back to Meyer’s days at Utah, it was all about Alex Smith and what he could do and the most talked about running back spoken of in the same breath as Smith/Utah was USC’s Reggie Bush and how he and Smith played on the same High School team in San Diego.

Tebow is a mightily talented athlete. But he cannot carry an entire offense on his shoulders and he should not have to.

2. The only team that can beat USC is USC. How else do you explain 16 penalties for 160 yards, the loss of two key offensive players and a respectable opponent in the vastly improved Washington Huskies and yet they still manage to eke out a win? Now, should USC play like that against Cal, or Oregon or ASU or LSU–would they be able to eke out that win? Maybe, maybe not, but let it be known, Washington did not even come close to outplaying USC last night. What they did was take advantage of the uncharacteristic mistakes USC made.

3. Speaking of USC: they need 2 things right now. A receiver to emerge as the dominant go to guy. Right now Fred Davis, the tight end is Booty’s go to guy. And while Patrick Turner had a better than usual for this season night last night, he still drops too many balls for this Trojan fan’s liking. You can’t do that at this level. Secondly, our defense needs to get to work on creating turnovers like the 2004 and 2005 squads did. Man, those defenses were exciting to watch.

4. LSU is not looking as freakishly dominant as they did in their first few games. They had to battle back from a 3-9 deficit at halftime to post that final 34-9 score that looks like they were in charge the whole time. QB Matt Flynn does seem to be the weakest link thus far, having none of former starting QB JaMarcus Russell’s firepower to date.

5. USC plays Cal at Cal and Oregon at Autzen Stadium. Autzen Stadium scares me.

6. The Florida-Auburn situation creates an interesting SEC possibility. Florida was beaten by Auburn focusing on controlling Tebow. Auburn does not have remotely the kind of strong defense that LSU does. Offensively, LSU is showing some chinks in their armor. Can Auburn beat LSU? Hmmmm. Can Flordia beat LSU? One looks possible, the other one, not so much.

7. Did you notice something in FSU’s win over Bama? When Bowden took slow, plodding, boring, QB Drew Weatherford out and put Xavier Lee in, their offense came to life. Could this signal a new era for the ‘Noles? It SHOULD.

8. Did you notice how Notre Dame managed to find an offense and score a whopping 19 points once Coach Weis took QB Jimmy Clausen OUT and put Evan Sharpley in? Note to Demetrius Jones, maybe you jumped ship a bit quickly?
-Your Gridiron Goddess, trying NOT to focus on the fact that the Eagles are losing.


NFL Sunday wrap up: Who sucks more? Norv Turner or Donovan McNabb?

September 30, 2007

WTF Chargers? WTF. Wake up and play some football.

Bears’ Griese throws 3 INTs. Just like Grossman did last Sunday. Did I say they do not have a QB on the team that can make a difference? I believe I did. More on this game later–cold medicine kicking my ass right now.

I am 4-0 so far on the games I picked on the Kevin and Bean show Friday morning. 7-5 overall on the day, which for me, is terrible. I can’t believe I am now relying on the EAGLES. lol

More later—this cold sucks, people.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


CFB Saturday wrap up: IDK what’s going on with the top 25

September 29, 2007

This has been upset Saturday so far fellow football fiends. Holy Hell. #3 Oklahoma loses to an unranked Colorado. #7 Texas falls to an unranked Kansas State. #10 Rutgers takes a dive against unranked Maryland. #21 Penn State got beat by unranked Illinois. #22 Alabama got beat by unranked Florida State.

Jeez Louise what a crazy day for the top 25.

My Trojans are not looking great tonight. Booty has thrown 3 interceptions and at half time we’re only up 3. EEEK. But as any Trojan who survived the Black Period known as the 1990’s can tell you — WE ARE A 2nd HALF TEAM. Also, we’ve lost many players to injury tonight.

UPDATE: Holy Crap what the hell happened yesterday? I woke up with a terrible cold and went to sleep right after SC squeaked out their win and swore I dreamed that Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Rutgers, Alabama and Penn State all lost to unranked opponents. But apparently it is true.

My CFB record for the weekend is a sucking 10-7 but I take solace in the fact that the experts prediction were TEH SUCK as well. lol

USC looked so sloppy yesterday that I cannot even take issue with the fact that LSU jumped us to be #1 in the polls. And that, my football fiends, is a HUGE statement for this rabid Trojan fan to make. OK I think is time for more Day-Quil now. 🙂

That’s all for now.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Ohio State’s James Laurinaitis

September 29, 2007

It occured to me earlier today that Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis is THE Brian Urlacher of College Football.

That is all for now.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


A Gridiron Goddess Administrative Note: Cubs, Comments and USF

September 29, 2007

Hello football fiends! It is 2:27am and Nacho Friendly and I just got back from an EPIC KICK ASS nearly 3 hour Dave Matthews Band show at Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista (San Diego suburb for you non Southern Californians, lol). But more on that later.

First- CUBS CINCH PLAYOFF BERTH. So yeah, expect some diversions into baseball here as a result and as Nacho says, “put a bell on Bartman.” Indeed.

Second–To all my new readers who are here by way of KROQ, I will respond to your comments and emails over the weekend.

Third– USF beat WV 21-13. That makes me 1 -0 so far this weekend.

Fourth–I will update my CFB and NFL picks posts as the day’s games finish up. I will then do a CFB wrap up which typically goes up later on Saturday night or early Sunday morning. NFL Sunday wrap ups go up late Sunday and sometimes continue into Monday if something has incurred my wrath. (See: Bears, Chicago and Chargers, San Diego last weekend.)

Your Gridiron Goddess, who is insanely tired but thinking of all her new readers and fellow football fans. Goodnight, sweet dreams, rest up, we’ve got two full days of games ahead of us! My fav time of the week!

“All football, all the time, except when the Cubs make the playoffs. Then a little baseball too.”