NFL Sunday wrap up: Who sucks more? Norv Turner or Donovan McNabb?

September 30, 2007

WTF Chargers? WTF. Wake up and play some football.

Bears’ Griese throws 3 INTs. Just like Grossman did last Sunday. Did I say they do not have a QB on the team that can make a difference? I believe I did. More on this game later–cold medicine kicking my ass right now.

I am 4-0 so far on the games I picked on the Kevin and Bean show Friday morning. 7-5 overall on the day, which for me, is terrible. I can’t believe I am now relying on the EAGLES. lol

More later—this cold sucks, people.

-Your Gridiron Goddess



  1. …it was 1 game! Griese was no better than Grossman by turning the ball over in the redzone (1 returned for a touchdown) but he did move the ball better than Mr. Mental Midget did. It was a team loss, no protection, no running game, no secondary, no finish in the 4th. The bright side is it’s only the 1st quarter of the season. They’ll either right the ship or we’ll suffer a slow painful death by another dismal season.

    Your Gridiron Goddess says: True True. Mr. mental Midget–LOVE THAT.

  2. What’s our take on Griese now ?

    Maybe giving him more than 1 week to make an evaluation would be in line.. huh ?

    Grossman showed a consistent ability to be ineffective. Griese in 2 weeks has show that we CAN move the ball and keep the defense off the field. Even in his loss he passed for more yards and had a better completion pct, QB Rating…etc.

    It’s silly to compare Grossman to Griese, Griese is better just on experience alone. Glad Lovie finally realized that.


  3. Norv turner needs to die of gohnoria and rot in hell

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