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A Gridiron Goddess Administrative Post: Moving

February 22, 2008

Hi Football Fiends!

I am moving on Monday so Gridiron Goddess will be on a little hiatus until after I get my butt to Vegas and unpack my computer and call Cox for internet. I should be back around next Wednesday, until then…

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Guest Post: Keyshawn Johnson: NFL or ESPN

February 21, 2008

Guest post by Ron Dean

While the Trojan count in the NFL will be rising soon as a result of the draft–and the Trojans superior talent. It appears USC might be adding one more to that number by way of unretirement. The Keyshawn Johnson rumor that has been floating since Parcells went to Miami, has gotten some traction lately.

Keyshawn himself was on ESPN the last couple days. Admitting he had been working out more frequently, while contemplating his options. He wouldn’t give a percentage on the odds he will return. When asked about considering any team other than the Dolphins; Keyshawn’s surprising response “If I come back it’ll be for all 32 teams.”

I figured this was a Parcells or nothing deal, and I still think it is. Keyshawn was very unlike himself, talking about the importance of talking to GM, Jeff Ireland and head coach, Tony Sparano. Playing down the importance of his talks with Parcells which he says have not included talks of his returning.

Since I don’t buy that he hasn’t spoken with Parcells about returning; I also don’t buy the fact that he is entertaining anything but the Dolphins. What I really can’t decide is which Keyshawn I like better NFL Keyshawn or ESPN Keyshawn

NFL – I love seeing a former Trojan doing well in the NFL. He would no longer be a deep threat like he was early in his career. What Johnson can do is be a clutch third-down guy. If he can be confortable with the role, he will be a nice security blanket for

ESPN – I love his craziness. He is the new Michael Irvin, sans crack pipe. When he interviewed TO about returning from his injury in time to face the Giants in the playoffs. It looked like a freestyle battle between two preachers. I was just waiting for an amen at the end.

Key: “Are you gonna be readyahhhh”

TO:”I’m gonna playahhh”

Key:”But are you gonna be 100%tah”

TO:”I’m gonna Playahhh. I am gonna play like meahhh”


Guest Post: Odds and Ends

February 20, 2008

Guest Post by Ron Dean

It’s late February which means little to no significant sports action. Unless you’re like me, have a real gambling problem, and are currently sweating the outcome of some mid-major basketball game.

So to fill the time until my bookie collects in pints of blood here are some odds and ends from the sports world

Starting things off right UCLA gets blasted(SportsbyBrooks)

Bob Ryan, who normally is a bigger homer for Boston, than our own Gridiron Goddess is for USC took some time yesterday to blast Patriots owner Robert Kraft(FanHouse)

More Patriots news: they’re negotiating with Seau 2.0(Zach Thomas); that first version worked out so well (ESPN)

Scouts inc:10 Guys to watch in the draft(ESPN)

NCAA Basketball In case that Duke/UNC rivalry wasn’t heated enough


A Gridiron Goddess Poll: Possible upcoming features

February 19, 2008

Hey Football Fiends!

I hope you’re all enjoying the guest posts from friend of the Gridiron Goddess Ron Dean. My move is in one week and, well, there is a lot of bubble wrapping yet to be done. And I am also still fighting this flu bug going around Los Angeles.

At my party the other night, a good pal of mine, the wonderful and funny Daily Randi had what I think is a pretty brilliant idea.

A Gridiron Goddess Podcast

What do you think? I’ve created a poll. Please take a moment and check off which answer or answers you’d be amenable to.

Big things in store for next season my fiends.

OK, time to take my Robitussin and go to bed!

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Guest Post: The Specter of Power

February 18, 2008

Guest Post by Ron Dean

Our Goddess is recovering nicely from her Fever. That Going Away party though. That’ll have her down for a few more days. So you are going to be subjected to a few more guest posts from me

While I certainly respect the authority of Senator Arlen Spector over NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, as far as the Spygate situation stands. Actually, what ever authority he is pretending at, it is non existant.

If he has the authority why is it that Goodell just ignored his letters. Firing one off at the end of the season basically implies “I was cleaning off my desk and found your letters at the bottom of a pile of crap I don’t really care about” At that point he fired off the response, basically he said “I took care of it, why don’t you worry about something else.”

Is Arlen Specter really has control of this situation. The fact is, Roger Goodell was able to schedule the meeting between the two of them for the day that Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee appeared before congress. You can’t ask for a better lightning rod to draw the media attention than that.

Arlen Specter doesn’t appear to ready to relinquish control of the situation just yet. While Goodell sees it as great meeting that resolved the issue. Specter apparently does not agree with Goodell’s assessment of the situation.

He scoffed at the reasons Goodell gave for destroying the tapes and notes, particularly about trying to keep them out of competitors’ hands and because Belichick had admitted to the taping.

“What’s that got to do with it? There’s an admission of guilt, you preserve the evidence,” Specter said. As for keeping the tapes out of the hands of others: “All you have to do is lock up the tapes.”

Look I have enjoyed watching Goodell squirm a little. He is way to quick to punish people. He certainly thinks he is the head dictator of the NFL. I do not want to see this become the ridiculous circus, that baseball has had with steroids. I personally feel that Congress should spend their time and my money on more important things. (Read more of my thoughts on politics at But no Specter now has support to start some committee to look into the whole situation.

Stop, Just stop. What are you going to do. They have admitted they have been taping since day 1 of the Belichick era. Now you have their admission, what do you want. Do you want to file suit to recover money. Do you want them to vacate the wins. Then what do we give them to other team. What about the teams they beat on the way to the Superbowl do they get a win for those games? Will you really celebrate those Superbowl “wins” by your Eagles or the playoff “wins” by your Steelers. Because this is obviously about your hometown Pennsylvania teams.


Guest Post: NCAA Rule changes

February 15, 2008

Your Gridiron Goddess says: I am so happy that Ron is posting the rule changes. I am immersed in packing and prepping for my Going Away Party Saturday night. I will post my thoughts on these changes in the next couple of days.

Please comment your thanks to my guest poster who rocks!! And now onto the post:

NCAA Rules Changes: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Your Gridiron Goddess: I have a 100.3 degree fever.
RonDean: That’s not a fever, that is your body getting you ready for the temperature in Las Vegas. Enjoy the Guest PostSo the NCAA Rules Committee is trying to make all of our lives better. That’s the claim at least. Apparently college football games are all running to long.

I know I was sitting at the end of the Notre-Dame USC game a few years ago thinking how bored I was and can this game just be over. Turns out those last few moments would be just what was needed to see Leinart getting guided(not pushed, that would be illegal) into the end zone, by Reggie Bush. Though I guess this last season I could have stood for the USC-Stanford game to be a bit shorter. Turns out shorter games would be kind of a mixed bag, much like the rules changes are.

Clock Changes: The 40-second clock would start play after a preceding play ends. This would standardize things from conference to conference. As it stands the 25-second clock starts once the ball is set but the time to set the ball varies from conference to conference.
  • I have to say I am in favor of anything that standardizes things in college football. You know, like Ohio St. shouldn’t be allowed to play every JUCO in their state.

Face-mask: The “incidental” 5-yard vaiety has been abolished

  • I feel like I must be reading this wrong but it appears that rather than making any face mask 15-yards. This rule actually makes the incidental contact acceptable sicne the new rule basically says it would require turning or twisting in order to draw the 15-yards. Seems like a dumb rule change.

Horse Collar Tackles: The Horse Collar(Roy Williams) style tackle would become illegal in college similar to the NFL.

  • This is a great move since it prevents career ending injuries. It is a little shocking that they are easing on the Face-mask which can cause neck injuries but tightening up on this rule.

“Chop Block” Rule: This clarifies the rules regarding one player being hit below the waist while engaged with another player.

  • Good idea, clarifies the rules so it is easier not to do. It also makes it easier to identify and call by the officials

Kickoffs: Teams now have the option to take possession at the 40-yard line after an out-of-bounds kickoff. It was previously the 35

  • It’s 5-yards I don’t care.

Sideline Warnings: There will no longer be sideline warnings. The first infraction will draw a penalty

  • This should be called the “Mack Browns Step-Son Is A Moron” rule. You can’t help but think the fact this idiot stepped onto the field and attempted to grab a live ball had something to do with this ruling.

Most of these are good rules though I am a little shaky on the clock changes.


USC v UCLA Sunday. Fan Black Out

February 15, 2008

hey fellow Trojans–

Check out this post at Trojan Wire. Coach Floyd is asking fans attending Sunday’s sold out game at Galen Center to wear black instead of the usual cardinal and gold as a show of fan unity.


-Your Gridiron Goddess