Initial Thoughts on the USC Loss: Superstitions at work

September 19, 2009

Football Fiends-

I just don’t have it in me right now to do anything but spew unintelligible expletives towards Aaron Corp and Pete Carroll and question play calling and keep reasserting that this team needs Taylor Mays and Matt Barkley healthy and Joe McDroppersonKnight needs to stop coughing up the ball and really? Right now? We’re looking at two or three losses by the end of the season and our seven year reign at the top of the Pac-10 will come to an end. (Wow how’s that for a run-on sentence?)

See? No perspective, just emotion. I do have to say though, for the record, a loss is a lot easier to take when you’re dating a fellow Trojan. At least I know my guy is not going to be gloating.

So for now, let’s talk superstitions.

As you know I entered the Hershey’s Biggest Fan Contest and I am one of this week’s top 5 finalists. My video is called USC’s Lucky Charm. I look like total crap in it, but WHATEVER. I wanted to get it uploaded by the deadline, not spend time doing my hair. Please go vote for me as I could realllllly use the $1,000 prize.  As some of you know, I’ve been unemployed for 2 years. SO I REALLY NEED THE MONEY. Voting closes at 11:59pm Eastern time on Monday, September 21st.

In my video I talk about MY superstition. If I don’t watch USC in real time (no Tivo, no watching 5 or 10 or 30 minutes behind, no missing it) we lose.  I watched this one. In real time.

However, my superstitions must directly align with the successful execution of my friend Oakley’s USC football superstitions as well or all is null and void and USC loses. You can laugh as hard as you want, it IS funny. But its also a pattern that she and I have seen play out over YEARS of friendship. (What is it now Oakz? A DECADE?!)

So obviously I have to be watching the game.

But also I cannot watch it WITH OAKLEY. Not in the same room, not on the same couch not even in the same bar. Something about the combination of our combined crazy USC Loyalty sets things all wrong. Also, Oakz has found our team has more success if she is, well, let’s just say sans an undergarment.


(from Oakley’s blog)

AHHA Texas

And from Twitter earlier:

brandon UW


So yeah. Not only did USC’s offense look anemic and impotent and pathetic;  not only did the defense sorely miss Taylor Mays; but Oakley’s superstitions and my superstitions did not line up.

Oh and I just got off the phone with my boyfriend, who is in Chicago this weekend and missed the game. He takes responsibility for his part in our loss by not viewing the game as well.

So there you go football fiends. This is how we console ourselves. We look for any silly reason we can to explain why our supposedly elite team keeps losing these games in which they are highly favored.

Right now, well I think a good nap is in order. Maybe I can forget for an hour what just transpired in Seattle.

Also? Jake Locker is a hell of an impressive QB. One wonders what the Huskies’ 2008 season would have been if he had not gotten injured.

One more thing – Pete Carroll just lost to two of his former Assistant Coaches.  Steve Sarkisian is UW’s new head coach.  Nick Holt is UW’s Defensive Coordinator. It makes one think, doesn’t it?

Oh and BTW, my prediction for the rest of our season? USC will lose two of the following three games: Oregon, Cal, Notre Dame.

ETA: Oakley admits it (via Twitter)



Is it too late to call this year a rebuilding year?

-Your Gridiron Goddess




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  4. fml. wait til you read what I am writing…..oh man we are on the same wavelength my friend!

  5. It’s a combination of me wearing a bra for most of the game because I wasn’t watching it. The moment I got in the car, toward the last 7 minutes of the game, the bra immediately came off BTW.

    However, I blame it on the fact that I ditched our game mostly because I was having lunch with my BFF…who’s a ND fan. I’m going to put this one on her. YEAH. THAT’S IT!

    Oh, and Amy, your prediction of future losses has a possible chance. Night of Oregon game, I may not be able to watch live and/or bra-less as Thrill the World LA will be performing at the Clippers half-time show that night. Whoop…

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