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No CFB week 9 or NFL week 8 Picks

October 30, 2009

Sorry Football Fiends – I was without internet access while I was in Utah!


College Football Week 8: Holy Cr*p the season is more than 1/2 over

October 22, 2009

Hey Football Fiends!

Here are my CFB picks for Week 8.  I’ll be back with content OTHER THAN picks next week.

USC over Oregon State (Jacquizz Rodgers be damned)

GA Tech over UVA

Miami (FL) over Clemson

Purdue over Illinois

Ohio State over MN

ND over BC

Bama over TN

Oregon over Washington

Penn State over  Michigan

Texas over Mizzou (Come on Mizzou, take care of Texas, will you? They are not NEARLY good enough to be in contention for the BCS Championship)

Arizona over fUCLA

Arkansas over Ole Miss

Cincy over L’Ville

Michigan State over Iowa

TCU over BYU

Stanford over ASU

-Your Gridiron GoddessIMG_0226


NFL Week 7 Picks: In Which I cry UNCLE

October 22, 2009

Football Fiends, let’s be frank (Hi Frank!)-

I am stinking up the joint with my NFL picks lately. I’m kicking ass in CFB picks, but that’s neither here nor there.   I don’t have enough underdogs right now, so I may change a few games before Sunday morning.   I can hardly do much worse than last week, right?

So without further ado, your winners this week are:

Green Bay over Cleveland

San Diego over KC

Indianapolis over St. Louis

Minnesota over Pittsburgh

New England over Tampa

San Francisco over Houston

Jets over Oakland

Carolina over Buffalo

Chicago over Cincinnati

Atlanta over Dallas

New Orleans over Miami

Giants over Arizona

Philadelphia over Washington

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL week 6 Picks: Hanging my head in humiliation

October 16, 2009

Week 6 Final: 7-7  Uggghhh

Week 5 Final: 8-6

Week 4 Final: 11-3

Week 3 Final 10-6

Week 2 Final: 9-7

Week 1 Final: 12-4

Hey Football Fiends-
I have nothing to say about my NFL picks. I am stinking up the joint so far this season. So here goes another try:

Cincinnati over Houston

Green Bay over Detroit

Minnesota over Baltimore

New Orleans over Giants

Pittsburgh over Cleveland

Tampa over Carolina

Washington over KC

Jax over St Louis

Philly over Oakland

Seattle over Arizona

New England over Tennessee

Jets over Buffalo

Chicago over Atlanta

Denver over San Diego

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College week 7 Picks: Beatdown in Southbend

October 16, 2009

Week 7 Final: 12-4

Week 6 Final: 14-2

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends-

It’s the big USC v Notre Dame weekend. The Trojans are favored by 10.5 and this is one game that I do think we will not only win, but cover the spread. Consider the past 2 contests between USC and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame – USC has won by a margin of 76-3. Matt Barkley may not yet be Mark Sanchez, but he’s at least as good as the 2007 Trojan QB, John David Booty.

College Football Picks Week 7

USC over Notre Dame

Pitt over Rutgers

BC over NC State

Ohio State over Purdue

Wake Forest over Clemson

Cal over UCLA

Texas Tech over Nebraska

VA Tech over GA Tech

Oklahoma State over Mizzou

Arizona over Stanford

ASU over Washington

Miami (FL) over UCF

Florida over Arkansas

Bama over So Carolina

Penn State over Minnesota

Auburn over Kentucky

-Your Gridiron Goddess



School Spirit: What We Mean When We Say FIGHT ON!

October 14, 2009

Hey Football Fiends- In honor of USC-Notre Dame I am re-running a classic Gridiron Goddess post this week, so enjoy! The subject is School Spirit – something the Trojans and Fighting Irish have in spades.

What we mean when we say FIGHT ON! or ROLL TIDE! or WAR EAGLE! or HOOK ‘EM HORNS

usc_logo.jpg-By Amy Lamare of The Gridiron Goddess

Some people have a security blanket. Some people have a teddy bear.

I have a security sweatshirt.

On Saturday morning, er, almost afternoon actually, as I crawled out of bed close to noon and grabbed my white hooded USC sweatshirt, it suddenly occurred to me just how many events in my life that particular sweatshirt has been witness to.

In February 1987 my father and I went on a road trip. It was my Senior Year of high school and we were off on the obligatory father-daughter bonding college campus trip. We loaded up the banana mobile (a yellow Oldsmobile station wagon that was the bane of my existence until I embraced it for its gigantic 8 cylinder engine) and set out for Southern California.

On our agenda: University of Southern California, California State University Long Beach and the University of San Diego, where one of my best friends was a freshman.

First up was USC, being the closest. It was also not a school I intended on attending. We got lost. We got lost in such a bad neighborhood that when we got to USC, its neighborhood seemed good. Anyone who knows about SC knows this is so far from the truth that it is laughable.

I wanted to go to Long Beach and major in Art. LBSU has a great art program. And if not there, to USD where Didi was and Jodi was going to go. USC was a VERY distant third.

usc-campus.jpgUntil I stepped foot on campus. Just seeing the carved rock entrance signs that say University of Southern California gave me chills. And they still do. Seeing the red brick campus and all the students and everything going on there— it was what college was supposed to be. At least to me. So I marched us to the bookstore and bought a sweatshirt. A white hooded sweatshirt with USC on it in Cardinal and Gold.

And it was this moment that I knew this was where I was going to college.

It was this sweatshirt I wore to my Long Beach State visit. It was this sweatshirt I wore to my USD visit. It was this sweatshirt I was wearing on the drive home when we got snowed in at Mountain Pass and had to backtrack to Baker to find a room for the night. And wore to bed because there was a hole in the window, the heat did not work, and the advertised cable television out front that we were so relieved about—well, every time the lobby TV changed channels, so did the one in our room. My Dad and I laughed and laughed and laughed that night.

It was this sweatshirt I wore to nearly every football game of my collegiate career. It was this sweatshirt I wore on every break home—just so that everyone knew I no longer lived there, that I’d gotten out and was going to a fabulous school.

It was this sweatshirt that was at the ready when my parents told me they were getting divorced. It was this sweatshirt that was there when nine years later, they remarried each other.

It is this sweatshirt I am wearing in my first ever picture with my newborn niece. She is now 15 and looking at USC in her future.

It was this sweatshirt I wore when I moved to San Diego. It was this sweatshirt I wore when I moved back to LA. And nearly every weekend for twenty years. It’s been to Chicago, to Las Vegas, to New York, to San Francisco, to Phoenix, to Tucson, to D.C., to Orlando, to Hawaii, to Philadelphia, to tiny Ely, NV; to Paris, to Cabo San Lucas, to St. Thomas, Antigua, Anguilla and St. Martin.

gridirongoddesssmaller.jpgIt was this sweatshirt that I wore when I went thru the not changing my clothes phase of breakups with the most serious and loved of my exboyfriends.. It was this sweatshirt that I again turned to when I made the difficult choice to leave The Philly Fan because it was healthier for me. It is this sweatshirt that until recently, I did not even realize had been such a witness to my life. And such a talisman of comfort and home and family. When I chose USC, I took the first step into my adult life. And it is fitting that this first purchase at my school would become my oldest surviving and still in use and most beloved sweatshirt.

Linus ain’t got nothin’ on me with his blanket.


Amy Lamare is The Gridiron Goddess


NFL Week 5 Picks

October 8, 2009

Week 5 Final: 8-6

Week 4 Final: 11-3

Week 3 Final 10-6

Week 2 Final: 9-7

Week 1 Final: 12-4

Hey Football Fiends–

Down and dirty, here are this week’s NFL Picks:

Buffalo over Cleveland

Pittsburgh over Detroit

Dallas over KC

Minnesota over St Louis

Giants over Oakland

Philadelphia over Tampa

Washington over Carolina

Baltimore over Cincinnati

San Francisco over Atlanta

New England over Denver

Arizona over Houston

Seattle over Jacksonville

Indy over TN (this will be the week that the Titans manage to win because I am not picking them)

Jets over Miami

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks – Week 6: The Big Florida-LSU showdown

October 8, 2009

Week 6 Final: 14-2

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

I’m sitting here pondering this weekend’s matchups. I’d LOVE to see LSU beat Tim Tebow and company. I’d love to see The Gators take a big ol’ face plant. Why? Because they are over rated. Oh they are good for sure. Possibly even the best College team in the country (ratings be damned and all). But take a closer look folks, they are decidedly mediocre. These are not last year’s Gators and I just have a feeling they are going to be exposed for the weaknesses the team has.

West Virginia over Syracuse

Michigan State over Illinois

VA Tech over BC

Wake Forest over Maryland

Pitt over Connecticut

Alabama over Ole Miss

Florida over LSU  (If Tebow doesn’t play, LSU will win)

Washington over Arizona

Stanford over Oregon State

GA Tech over FSU

Ohio State over Wisconsin (tho am contemplating an upset here as well football fiends)

Oregon over UCLA

ASU over Wazzou

Auburn over Arkansas

Fresno State over Hawaii (I’m calling this one before its over as it is 42-3 Fresno State at the start of the 4th qtr)


-Your Gridiron Goddess



NFL Picks Week 4: I’ve got to improve my average

October 1, 2009

Week 4 Final: 11-3

Week 3 Final 10-6

Week 2 Final: 9-7

Week 1 Final: 12-4

Oh Football Fiends,

I don’t know what’s happened this season but my NFL picks are not up to my usual high standards and accuracy. After the past two weeks –where I’ve taken a beating — my confidence is shot. I have a number of games I am still mulling over-these are noted with a (?) after them. Check back Sunday morning for my absolute final NFL picks.

Texans over Raiders

Tennessee over Jacksonville (? Can the Titans really start 0-4? I just don’t see that happening. Of course, I said the same thing about 0-3)

Baltimore over New England

Bengals over Browns

Giants over Chiefs

Bears over Lions

Redskins over Bucs

Colts over Seattle

New Orleans over Jets (? Yes absolutely. Drew Brees, etc. NO should win. But DAMN the Jets are either really good or have dumb luck in their favor.)

Bills over Miami

49ers over Rams

Denver over Dallas

Pittsburgh over San Diego

Minnesota over Green Bay

-Your confused Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks Week 5: Who will go down this weekend

October 1, 2009

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

My money is on Miami beating Oklahoma. Of course I don’t really EXPECT the ‘Canes to beat the Sooners, but I sure HOPE they do!

BYU over Utah State

Pitt over Louisville

South Florida over Syracuse

Florida State over BC

Bama over Kentucky

Ole Miss over Vandy

Notre Dame over Washington

LSU over UGA

Oklahoma over Miami

ASU over Oregon State

UCLA over Stanford

USC over Cal

Tennessee over Auburn

Michigan over Michigan State

Penn State over Illinois

GA Tech over Mississippi State

Wake Forest over NC State

-Your Gridiron Goddess