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NFL Picks: Thanksgiving Edition

November 25, 2009


It’s TROY WEEK: Even kids know fUCLA!

November 25, 2009

(Thanks to Trojan Wire for the image!)




November 24, 2009

In 1979, the Trojan Marching Band played on the Fleetwood Mac recording of Tusk. Football Fiends, thanks to the wonders of You Tube I bring you the USC Trojan Marching Band after beating Cal:

And some more scrumpdiliciousness U-C-L-A Sucks goodness– See it doesn’t matter whom or where we are playing. The answer to the Trojan Marching band playing Tusk is ALWAYS U-C-L-A SUCKS. In fact, whenever, wherever, however, I hear Tusk, the answer is always U-C-L-A SUCKS

Here’s the rally in Lincoln, NE in 2007 before the Cornhuskers game, U-C-L-A Still Sucks:

And here’s the TMB and Song Girls in Arkansas Stadium, still U-C-L-A SUCKS


Remember, U-C-L-A SUCKS!

-Your Gridiron Goddess



It’s Troy Week – USC Band Alternate Lyrics for UCLA Fight Song!

November 23, 2009

Trojan faithful learn the lyrics to this spoof on the UCLA fight song practically before we learn FIGHT ON!

Westwood High
lyrics by the USC Marching Band

High up in the hills of Westwood
Sprawled offensive to the eye
Lies a Cal extension campus
Known as Westwood High. (high, high, high)
Home of all the Bruin bearcubs
UGLY is its name,
The student body’s vile,
The football team’s a pile,
And the campus is a shame.

U clap, clap, clap
G clap, clap, clap
L clap, clap, clap
Y clap, clap, clap

U – G – L – Y



College Football: RIP UGA VII

November 19, 2009

Football Fiends,

It is with a heavy heart that I pass on the news that the adorable 4 year old bulldog mascot for the University of Georgia UGA VII has died today. His handsome wrinkley face has been a fixture at the school for more than a year. He died early Thursday of heart-related causes in Savannah, Georgia, according to its owner, Frank “Sonny” Seiler.

My heart goes out, once again, to the Bulldog Nation on this very sad day. My dear sweet Sally Bananas passed away in September, so I know how it feels.  He will be buried in a vault at Sanford Stadium with Ugas I-VI.  I am heartbroken, y’all.

UGA’s I thru VI will be in heaven to welcome UGA VII with open paws.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


USC Football: Bandwagon Now Departing at Fig & Jefferson

November 19, 2009

Football Fiends,

In some circles, I’ve been called a Bandwagon Fan. This post is in answer to those charges. (Which were obviously made by people who do not know me very well, nor have they spent much time reading my posts.)

I am not just a sports blogger, or a football blogger, I am primarily a USC Blogger. I’ve been a huge fan of the University of Southern California since I was a kid. I grew up in a family with many ties to Notre Dame  and choosing USC as a kid was a way to be ornery and annoy my older relatives. Choosing USC as my college had everything to do with falling in love with the campus and the Dean’s Scholarship I was awarded.  Let’s just guesstimate my fandom started around 1978.

That’s not a bandwagon fan folks. A bandwagon fan is well, any of the number of unwashed, uneducated masses that have adopted USC as their own simply due to our recent success. And trust me I don’t want to see them in my cardinal and gold any more than you do.

By definition a Bandwagon fan is someone who adopts a popular point of view for the primary purpose of recognition and/or acceptance by others. USC has more than its share of bandwagon fans. I am happy to announce that their particular bandwagon is departing now every hour on the hour from Downtown LA. They are bound for Palo Alto. Congratulations Stanford, you can have ’em!

True USC fans are THRILLED to see the bandwagon fans jump off our cart. Bandwagon fans are the most annoying thing in sports.

So while my non-USC Pac-10 brethren laugh at USC’s humilation at the hands of Stanford, the one thing we have in common is our glee at waving “Buh-Bye Now” to the legions of Bandwagon USC fans. Try not to twist your ankle as you jump off our bandwagon in favor of the latest flavor of the week. Fickle fans we do not need.

I write about USC because it is a school that I love to a ridiculous degree.

I am, and remain always, Extremely Proud to be a USC Trojan. Even if we never win another football game again. Which, you know, will not be the case.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Will Ferrell & Pete Carroll host Make It Better

November 17, 2009

Will Ferrell and Pete Carroll host a night of comedy to benefit A Better LA.