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College Football Picks – Week 6: The Big Florida-LSU showdown

October 8, 2009

Week 6 Final: 14-2

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

I’m sitting here pondering this weekend’s matchups. I’d LOVE to see LSU beat Tim Tebow and company. I’d love to see The Gators take a big ol’ face plant. Why? Because they are over rated. Oh they are good for sure. Possibly even the best College team in the country (ratings be damned and all). But take a closer look folks, they are decidedly mediocre. These are not last year’s Gators and I just have a feeling they are going to be exposed for the weaknesses the team has.

West Virginia over Syracuse

Michigan State over Illinois

VA Tech over BC

Wake Forest over Maryland

Pitt over Connecticut

Alabama over Ole Miss

Florida over LSU  (If Tebow doesn’t play, LSU will win)

Washington over Arizona

Stanford over Oregon State

GA Tech over FSU

Ohio State over Wisconsin (tho am contemplating an upset here as well football fiends)

Oregon over UCLA

ASU over Wazzou

Auburn over Arkansas

Fresno State over Hawaii (I’m calling this one before its over as it is 42-3 Fresno State at the start of the 4th qtr)


-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks Week 5: Who will go down this weekend

October 1, 2009

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

My money is on Miami beating Oklahoma. Of course I don’t really EXPECT the ‘Canes to beat the Sooners, but I sure HOPE they do!

BYU over Utah State

Pitt over Louisville

South Florida over Syracuse

Florida State over BC

Bama over Kentucky

Ole Miss over Vandy

Notre Dame over Washington

LSU over UGA

Oklahoma over Miami

ASU over Oregon State

UCLA over Stanford

USC over Cal

Tennessee over Auburn

Michigan over Michigan State

Penn State over Illinois

GA Tech over Mississippi State

Wake Forest over NC State

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks – Week 5: USC will win but take Wazzou and the points

September 24, 2009

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends-

It’s that time of the week again and this Trojan alum finds herself in a familiar place. Unsure of which USC football team is going to show up to play Saturday night in the Coliseum. USC is a 46.5 favorite over Washington State and as past years have shown – this isn’t a great place to be in. That said, Matt Barkely is starting and USC will win the game. I just don’t think our offense has gelled enough to beat that point spread.

USC over Washington State

Mizzou over Nevada

Ohio State over Illinois

Wisconsin over Michigan State

LSU over Mississippi State

Alabama over Arkansas

Florida over Kentucky

UGA over ASU  (I think the Sundevils have a real shot here and I hope they do win! I just, hmmm, am not sure.)

Cal over Oregon

Florida State over South Florida

GA Tech over UNC

U of Miami over VA Tech

Notre Dame over Purdue

Penn State over Iowa

Oregon State over Arizona

Utah over Louisville

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks: Week 3

September 18, 2009

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends –

Here are my CFB picks for week 3.  I don’t expect USC to even miss a beat with Aaron Corp in at QB in place of the aaron-corp-pictures-2injured Matt Barkley. Corp is a mobile QB and it will be great to see how our offense operates with him under center.

I’d love to see Florida and Texas lose of course. Texas, especially. (old grudges die hard and all). I just don’t think it’s going to happen. The game I am least confident about is Oregon-Utah. Oregon barely squeaked out a win last week vs Purdue and, of course, lost to Boise State in the season opener. Utah, on the other hand needed until the 4th quarter to pull ahead of San Jose State and win.  I’m going with Oregon because all things considered, they’ve played better teams so far this season and will be more prepared for what Utah will bring than Utah’s competition thus far has prepared them for the Ducks at Autzen Stadium.

Boise State over Fresno State

Mississippi State over Vandy

Oregon over Utah

USC over Washington $^%^*$()*$^#%@%%@ Corp was AWFUL. The D needs Taylor Mays. More thoughts later, MAYBE. I need to go punch something first.

UCLA over Kansas State

VA Tech over Nebraska

Notre Dame over Michigan State

Florida over Tennessee

Cal over Minnesota

UCF over Buffalo

Oklahoma over Tulsa

Kentucky over Lousiville

BYU over FSU

Georgia over Arkansas

Texas over Texas Tech

Stanford over SJSU

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks – Week 2

September 11, 2009

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

Another weekend, another full slate of college football games. My Trojans travel to Columbus to take on the Buckeyes at the Horseshoe. Honestly? I am not worried at all. USC will beat them with their speed.

USC over Ohio State

Penn State over Syracuse

Stanford over Wake Forest

Tennessee over UCLA

Georgia over South Carolina

Oregon over Purdue

Notre Dame over Michigan

Oklahoma State over Houston

LSU over Vanderbilt

Utah over San Jose State

Oregon State over UNLV

South Florida over Western Kentucky

Florida over Troy

TCU over Virginia

Pitt over Buffalo

-Your Gridiron Goddess



Walker Sports: ACC Coastal Division Preview

July 14, 2009

ACC LogoHey Football Fiends!

Once again has partnered with Walker Sports to bring you the best football previews around.  This week we’re tackling the ACC thanks to Walker Sports.

2009 ACC Costal Division Preview

College football season is just over 50 days away, and I cannot wait. While traditionally Saturday is a Rugby day in Walker-Sports land, even rugby takes a back seat to college football. Walker-Sports originates in ACC territory and lives and breathes ACC football, yes the conference is now 10 years removed from their glory days, but better days are coming, we hope. I’ll go out on a limb now and say no team finishes better than 6-2 in conference. In addition no team will be a true contender to the national title.

In spite of all that, the ACC is still the spot to be for Walker Sports. So saddle up, make yourself a pull pork sandwich, pour yourself a shot of Southern Comfort (or a glass of Merlot if you’re at a UVA game) and get ready to watch to some ACC football the way it was meant to be. Tough and gritty with a wide open race to the finish.

ACC Preseason Preview Costal Division

Virginia Tech Hokies:
Once again, the Virginia Tech Hokies are the pride of the ACC; this should come as no surprise to anyone who watches this conference. The Hokies have won the last three consecutive ACC Championships and the 2009 campaign will see Virginia Tech continue their dominance. Once again the Hokies will find success with the strength of their defense. Bud Foster has been an absolute genius finding and molding talent in Blacksburg. Last year the Hokies had one of the top 10 defenses in the country. In 2009 they are returning the bulk of their defensive stars. The Hokies will be led by their defensive front four and their ability to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

The question mark for the Hokies is their offense. Last season the Hokies ranked 99 in total offense. Virginia Tech split their quarterbacks playing time last season by platooning the traditional Sean Glennon and the athletic Tyrod Taylor both took snaps under center. This year, Glennon is gone and Taylor is the lone signal caller. Like every other athletic quarterback to go through Blacksburg in the last eight years, everyone expects Taylor to be the next Mike Vick. Let me tell you right now, that’s not happening, but that does not mean that Taylor is a talented quarterback. If Tyrod Taylor can become an efficient passer, it will go a long way to helping his cause. He already has the legs to be a threat running the ball, combine that with a dangerous running back in Darren Evans and the Hokies have a potentially dangerous backfield.

While it will not be pretty, Virginia Tech should not have a difficult time bringing home another ACC Championship.

Record: 9-3 Key Games: Alabama, NC State, at Ga. Tech

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: This is Paul Johnson’s second year at Georgia Tech, and he is to prove to the critics that last season’s stellar performance was not a fluke. The Yellow jackets ranked fourth in the nation in rushing last season, and with Jonathan Dwyer returning as the ACC’s leading rusher you can believe that Georgia Tech’s option attack will have them tops in the country once again. The ACC got a healthy dose of Georgia Tech’s rushing attack last season, and they will be better prepared for defending it this time around. The key the Yellow jackets success will be the nine returning starters, and their ability to keep things fresh by showing different fronts and schemes.

It won’t be easy and Georgia Tech, will be in a lot of close games but they have enough in the tank to hold off the rest of the Coastal Division.

Record: 8-4 Key Games: At Florida State, Virginia Tech

Miami Hurricanes: Don’t get too up in arms over this pick; in all honesty the third through the fifth spot in the Coastal

Division are all interchangeable with one another. So for the sake of argument, I’m giving the Hurricanes the nod as the third place team. Once again the Canes have changed their coordinators, with new offensive and defensive play callers in place. If nothing else the new coordinators have brought some new life and excitement to the Miami players. This could spell trouble for the rest of the ACC. While Miami has not always performed well on the field they still have some of the best athletes in the country. If they can get together on the same page, then the Hurricanes can make some noise in the weak ACC.

The key for Miami this season will be getting out to a strong start. With games against Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma to kick things off, the Canes must win two of those games if they want to stay afloat on the year.

Record: 7-5 Key Games: Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, South Florida

North Carolina Tar Heels: Butch Davis has his Tar Heels developing nicely and he is hoping this year his hard work will come to foliation on the field. The Tar Heels strength is their defense which returns an ACC leading 9 starters. North Carolina has one of the fastest defensive units in the country. Linebacker Zach Brown clocked a 4.26 40-Yard dash this spring and he is just one of the speeders lurking the Tar Heel defense.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing to watch this season will be the maturation of quarterback T.J. Yates. Two years ago Yates was the talk of campus when he lit up the field for over 2,600 yards passing and 14 touchdowns, both of which are North Carolina single season records. However, Yates ended his freshmen year early with a shoulder injury and he missed last season with a broken ankle. Yet, when healthy T.J. Yates is the catalyst to jumpstart a sluggish Tar Heels offense.

Record 6-6 Key Games: East Carolina, Virginia, at NC. State

Virginia Cavaliers: There was plenty of change in Charlottesville this offseason, and for Al Groh’s sake, he better hope they made enough key changes that will positively affect the Cavaliers play on the football field. Last year’s 5-7 campaign was simply embarrassing and it cost Mike Groh his job as Virginia’s offensive coordinator. Enter Greg Brandon and the spread attack, something new for the Virginia Cavaliers. UVA ranked 114th in scoring last season, that will have to change with their new spread attack.

Virginia lacks the playmakers to truly make the spread offense run, but that does not mean they will fall on their face. The Cavaliers have two possible quarterbacks in Jameel Sewel and Vick Hall, two very talented and experienced quarterbacks who will thrive in the new scheme.

Record 6-6 Key Games: At Maryland, Boston College, Georgia Tech

Duke Blue Devils: David Cutcliffe is in year two of his tenure at Duke, and he is looking to make an even bigger splash in his second year. Last year the Blue Devils earned four victories which matched their combined mark from the previous four years. If the Blue Devils want to build on last year’s success they will need to up their offensive production. This will be easier said than done. Thad Davis returns as quarterback and he will need to get used to throwing the ball to some new faces, with last year’s leading receiver departing.

Duke is a well coached team under David Cutcliffe, and he will do everything he can to improve his team’s mark. Unfortunately for Cutcliffe he simply does not have the horses to compete just yet. It will be another year at the bottom for the Blue Devils.
Record: 3-9 Key Games: Wake Forest, At Virginia


Walker Sports: ACC Atlantic Division Preview

July 12, 2009

ACC Logo

Hey Football Fiends!

Once again has partnered with Walker Sports to bring you the best football previews around.  This week we’re tackling the ACC thanks to Walker Sports.

2009 ACC Atlantic Division Preview

I don’t know about you, but I am like a kid in a candy shop, and I know the rest of the Walker-Sports crew feels the same way. Why are we so excited? We are less than four fortnights away from the kickoff of college football season, the greatest sporting season of all.

Earlier this week we began our college football previews with the ACC Coastal Division. Today, we will continue our look at the ACC, by examining the ACC Atlantic division. Personally I was not sure it was possible, but the Atlantic Division is actually weaker than the Costal. For the time being, this will be a rough season for the ACC.

North Carolina State Wolfpack: Last year I sat here and I bashed the Wolfpack for having a bad team, but I also warned that head coach Tom O’Brian would resurrect the program and make them a contender sooner than later. Little did I know that O’Brian would have his boys ready to play in the 09 season. The Wolfpack suffered through an up and down campaign last year that saw them finish on a four game win streak and become bowl eligible. There is no doubt that this year’s team will build on that success.

North Carolina State will draw their strength from a very good offensive unit. The offense is led by Russell Wilson who is without a doubt the ACC’s best quarterback. Behind Russell there are pair of seasoned running backs who will be more than capable of taking some pressure off the stud QB, and keeping opposing defenses honest. This is a well seasoned unit, and they will have no problem putting points up on the board.

One thing is for sure, when Tom O’Brian is coaching a team they are going to tough, and they are going to be gritty. That means the Wolfpack will be able to fight it out in the close games the encounter during their ACC schedule.

Record: 9-3

Key Games: Pittsburgh, At Virginia Tech, At Florida State

Florida State Seminoles: I never thought I would say this but I actually feel sorry for a Florida State team. Well, actually I feel sorry for FSU’s head coach Bobby Bowden. It has been a while since the Seminoles have been relevant, but they were on cusp of reclaiming some of their past glory this season. The offensive guru’s Bowden brought in a few seasons ago were starting to show some promise. Florida State is returning seven offensive starters including their quarterback Christian Ponder and the entire offensive line is back. The Seminoles are going to need the experience of this unit to carry them throughout the season. On the defensive side of the ball Florida State is young. As usual they lost some good talent to the NFL last season, and they just don’t have the coffers to restock like they used to.

As usual Florida State will have some tremendous talent on their roster. In addition they have the coaching staff in place to guide coach up the players. The Florida State Seminoles run into trouble with their off the field issues. The sanctions and NCAA probation placed against them will take their toll for sure. In addition they also have the mess of Bobby Bowden trying to retain the victories that he has earned. All in all, the distractions are just too much for Seminoles to overcome. On another sad note, I believe the off the field issues will be too much for Bowden to handle and he will actually retire after this season.

Record 8-4

Key Games at BYU, Georgia Tech,

Wake Forest Demon Deacons: Wake Forest is in the midst of the greatest run in the school’s history. However, the Demon Deacs will suffer from a bit of a backslide this season. Last year the Wake Forest offensive was sketchy due to problems with the offensive line. All of those starters are returning for this season and hopefully with a year under their belt they will be able to hold off opposing defenses and give their backs some holes to run through. Jim Grobe teams typically have a dangerous running game, but that is all contingent on how well the offensive line holds up.

Last season the Demon Deacons found success thanks to the efforts of their defense. Then again, what team would not have success with Aaron Curry anchoring their unit. Now Curry has moved and so have the rest of his running mates. What the Wake Forest defense does have this year is talent, what they are lacking is game time experience. The 2009 season will be a true test to Jim Grobe’s philosophy of redshirting all freshmen and allowing them to mature. At the end of the day, a majority of the time the Demon Deacons will be playing 22 year old men against 18 year old boys.

Record 7-5

Key Games North Carolina State, At Georgia Tech

Clemson Tigers: Some people have running back C.J. Spiller pegged as the top running back in the country. Clemson Tiger fans should hope that Spiller is the best back in the country, as he will be the anchor of the Tiger’s attack in the 09 season. It should be interesting to see how C.J. Spiller transitions into the role of feature back. He has shared the spotlight the past two seasons with teammate James Davis. The Tigers could have a bit of a battle for the starting quarterback with Willy Korn and Kyle Parker battling for reps all spring. Korn stepped in last season to take some snaps when stud QB Cullen Harper apparently went off the reservation for a while. Willy Korn has the experience and the talent to be the Tigers starting quarterback. Kyle Parker was a redshirt last season, and he is looking to figure into the mix this year. Parker is a strong armed quarterback who is more than capable of stepping in if Korn should stumble.

The key for the Clemson Tigers will be getting off to a fast start. Football reigns supreme down in Death Valley, and the fans will turn on their team in a heartbeat if things fail to go their way. Tommy Tubberville discovered this last season when his highly regarded team dropped three of their first six games, including an embarrassing season opener against Alabama. This is Dabo Swinney’s first full season as head coach. Last year he was able to get the fans behind him and the Tigers found some success of the field. He will need to make the most of his early schedule to keep the fans on his side, or else Swinney will find himself suffering from the same fate his predecessor did last season.

Record 6-6

Key Games TCU, At Miami, At North Carolina State

Boston College Eagles: Just a few years ago Boston College was one of the top teams in the country. Hell, they have played (and lost) in back to back ACC Championship games. It was a good run for the Eagles, but all of that will come to a crashing halt this year. Boston College lost a lot of talent on the field and in their coaching staff during the last offseason. Frank Spaziani is a very loyal man, and Boston College rewarded him by naming him as head coach. Unfortunately for Boston College, Spaziani is not head coach material and the Eagles will suffer for it.

On the field Boston College has sported a strong defense the past few seasons, but many of their top players have moved on to the NFL, and there is no one left to fill the shoes of a B.J. Raji. College football is all about adjusting to change and dealing with turnovers in personnel. Boston College does return 13 starters between their offense and defense, however the players that are missing will leave too big of holes to plug.

Record 5-7

Key Games at Notre Dame, At Virginia

Maryland Terrapins: It amazing me that year after year Ralph Friedgen continues to be employed. He along with Virginia’s Al Groh should sell their secret for keeping a job despite underachieving year after year. Ralph Friedgen will earn his paycheck this season that is for sure. Maryland lost 30 players to graduation this offseason, and they now feature 61 scholarship players who have at least three years of eligibility left. That means the Terrapins are young and inexperienced. Judging by the recent inconstancy with this program a young team could prove to wildly entertaining.

What Maryland does have going for themselves is a pretty good offense that ranked third in the ACC last season  AWhat the Terps do have is Chris Turner returning at quarterback, and he is a big game performer. In addition the Terps also have Da’Rel Scott at running back that should be able to carry the load provided his offensive line can open some holes for him.

Record 4-8

Key Games at Wake Forest, Virginia