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Guest Post: ByronVolFan with the 2010 SEC Football Preview

August 6, 2010

Hey there football fiends!

ByronVolFan is back for the fourth year in a row with his SEC Football preview.

2010 SEC Football Preview

by Byron Earnheart aka ByronVolFan of the Gridiron Goddess’ Harem

It is time.  I was watching the re-showing of “America’s Got Talent” last Sunday night (because my wife is 9 months pregnant and controls what we watch) and there it was…the announcement…the NFL’s Hall of Fame Game kicking off in 1 week.  The most useless overhyped football game of all football games…and I nearly cried.  It means my beloved sport…the new American pastime…is coming to recall us back from the brink of becoming a soccer-crazed nation.  Yes, I got soccer fever for awhile, but it left me lagging like a Daniel Lincoln field goal.  The game has abandoned Tiger Woods…LeBron has joined forces in Miami and will forever have any victory tainted by the fact he is on the NBA’s equivalent to the New York Yankees.  What a terrible summer!

But, fear not, Gridiron Goddess fans…there is hope.  She is a bright and shining star beckoning you to stay the course…the North Star in a turbulent sea.  She is football…and she will make you laugh, cry, bleed, and laugh…all at once.  This is especially true for us SEC fanatics.  The time of monitoring spring practice and the idiots who post useless information on the whims of 18 year olds is over.  It is time for football.  It is time to be filled with pride when your team takes the field to defend the honor of your state against those infidels across the state line.  It is a time for revenge or to taste the smarting sting of shameful defeat once more.  But it is time…

So, allow me to set down my mint julep, light a cigar, recline in my rocking chair on the porch in my seersucker pants, and tell you what I think about everything about this upcoming year.

SEC Championship Game:  Alabama over Florida.  This year, it is these two teams at the top and everyone else clawing behind them.  And I hate that.  My Volunteer heart burns at this fact…but it is true.  Alabama is still too good and Florida is too green.  Alabama will have a tougher schedule as the West is much deadlier than the East…but the division titles are these two teams’ to lose.  Don’t be surprised if Urban Meyer cries at the end of this game…partly from chest pains and partly because he realizes he probably should have redshirted Tim Tebow.

Now, in their predicted order of finish within the division, here are my thoughts on the rest of the league by division:

SEC West:

The best division in the league this year and possibly the country.  Yeah, I said it.

1)      Alabama: As stated before, it’s theirs to lose.  2 MONSTER RB’s returning and a VERY adequate and tested quarterback.  On D, I always like stellar linebackers and ‘Bama is stacked there too.  Yes, McClain is gone…but Hightower is a beast too.  Very talented.  Expect the name “Nick” to outpace “Bubba”, “Junior”, “Larry”, “Hank”, and “Garth” in baby names in the state of Alabama in 2011.

2)      Arkansas:  This is the year for them.  If Petrino can get enough credibility to move on to his next mercenary position, this is the year for him to do it.  Mallett is  a stud.  That’s all there is to it.  Don’t be fooled by the Liberty Bowl performance.  I was at that game…and cold doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Nobody could have performed well in those conditions…and ECU isn’t that bad of a team.  Their game, at home, against Bama is for the West…but don’t get too excited.  Key losses in the D-line will hurt and I just don’t see the Hogs stopping Ingram and Co.  But take heart, your “Woooo Pig Soey” (or however you spell that) will be just as ignorant at the Capital One Bowl  or Cotton Bowl as it would be in the Sugar Bowl.

3)      LSU: This is no reflection on my belief in LSU talent or coaching.  As predicted, last year, Les Miles began to show his true ignorance.  This is a team that has been living on borrowed time since Saban left.  “Yeah, but they won a National Title”.  Yes, they have the distinct privilege of being the first 2 loss national champion, violating every reasonable football strategy, and still winning.  There is such a thing as “Reversion to the Mean” in football and when you tempt fate as much as the Miles has…it will bite you as it did last year. ..and last year could have been worse.  LSU was beaten at Mississippi State and if not for a rookie mistake from Mullen with a QB who might be 5’8”, the Bulldogs would have been bowl bound and we might have been talking about the Malzahn era at LSU.

4)      Mississippi State:  See above.  This is a team on the rise.  Great young talent that’s gotten some good game experience and, arguably, one of the top 5 coaches in the SEC.  Mullen did a great job with almost no talent last year and, if not for a freakish defensive play on a questionable offensive call, they would have beaten LSU and been in a bowl.  “But, you attacked Miles’ coaching and praising Mullen’s”.  Yes, because Miles has coached longer, won a title, and is at a “better” program.  I’ll give Mullen one call…Miles has had years of stupidity to prove my point.  Back to State…great QB talent in the hands of a great QB coach…mean defense coached by an up and coming DC.  If you follow Southern football at all, you’ll admit that MTSU had a fairly good defense…well, that guy is at State which means exponentially better players playing in an aggressive style.  Regardless, State will beat Ole Miss and, in any year, that’s all that really matters.

5)      Auburn:  This was the toughest call for me.  For one, I didn’t really watch much of Auburn last year.  They always seemed to be playing when a more interesting game was on.  Yet, they managed to do MUCH better than anyone expected.  I put them behind MS State only because I watched more of them than Auburn.  Truthfully, 3-5 on this list could be put in any order you wish and will probably be close.  I don’t know where the wins/losses will be, but, at first glance, Auburn should pull 7 games out this year.

6)      Ole Miss: My, how the high and mighty have fallen.  Masoli will not save this team.  Name me the last great QB that Nutt ever produced?  Matt Jones, right?  Well, that’s an assumption in calling him a QB and not the precursor to a Wildcat formation.  The amount of talent this team has lost is astounding.  I’m sorry, but this will be a bitter year for the Rebels.  I hope the warm embrace of their new mascot (Which I’m sure will be ridiculous…Admiral Ackbar was almost there!) will keep them warm along with their toddies.  And the really sad thing is that they may start 5-0.  However, it only gets easier when UL Lafayette comes to Oxford.  6-6…and that’s a stretch…but not a good SEC showing.

The East:

It’s Florida’s year…and the rest are there to keep Urban Meyer’s medication flowing.  (That’s just wrong…I’m sorry)

1)      Florida: Tebow is gone but this team is still stacked.  The East is theirs to lose.  Meyer, all health related jokes aside, is a heck of a coach and recruiter.  Kermit the Frog could coach this team and still get it to Atlanta for the SEC game.  Brantley will do just fine at QB and A.J. Jones will be great at LB.  It will be a tougher road than in previous year, sure, but with the East as down as it is…

2)      South Carolina:  Man, this kills me.  Robert Johnson…I mean Coach Spurrier…has got to be on the way out.  What’s he done for the program?  Yet (and this is sad) he has the best returning QB in the East in Garcia.  However, losing a beast like Norwood at LB will be tough, an easy SEC East schedule should make up for that.  Being 2nd in this division is like being 2nd in “Rock of Love”…you’re still nasty and horrible.  (I’ve got to stop watching the reality TV my wife forces on me!)

3)      Georgia: Drunk texting from the AD?!  Nice!  The only way it could be worse would be if their players held up a student while wearing their practice jerseys!  Ha ha ha ha…um, wait a minute, that’s us.  Anyway, what can I say…underperformed last year…but AJ Green, to me, is still a stud.  He’ll get the touches and get yards.  Moving to the 3-4 should be good for a fairly solid LB corp and Easley proved to be fair as the RB.  Don’t get too excited…

4)      Tennessee: I have been dreading this paragraph for months now.  The incident with “he who shall remain nameless” has deeply set my beloved program back.  Bravado is one thing…but making Spurrier’s deal with the devil look innocent is something else entirely.  As Amy is a friend of mine and putting my thoughts and opinions on her website, that’s all I can say about that!  Seriously, this will be one of the “rebuilding years”.  We have the number one punter and kicker coming in, so that’s good.  Seriously, there’s some talent on this team…but too much is untested and green.  The D will be serviceable and if the offense can occasionally get some first downs, we should be fair.  I have no idea how good Dooley will be.  The Big Orange Kool-Aid is like Guinness…the further one gets from Knoxville, the worst it tastes.  If I was hesitant about “he who shall remain nameless” until the first game, (And by and large, I was) then it will take a few games for Dooley.  If you’re looking for some sort of quantitative analysis…we might make a bowl…we might not.  That’s what I got for you there.

5)      Kentucky: Another team on the rise…but just can’t find the apex.  Randall Cobb is coming up on his 15th year in college football and should be good again.  They’ll be like last year…good solid 7 win season but nothing flashy but exceeding expectations and keeping the boosters happy until Calipari can falsify some more SAT scores for his basketball team.

6.) Vanderbilt:  Who cares?  Really, I’m sorry.  I know you lost your beloved coach who barely sniffed at .500 during his time there.  You had Cutler.  You beat Tennessee once.  Good job.  But when I read the returning starters list for the ‘Dores, it’s like reading a list of the Federal Reserve


PAC 10 PREVIEW: ASU Sun Devils

August 31, 2009

Hey Football Fiends!

My good friend Pat Rajsky has agreed to preview his beloved ASU Sun Devils for us.

PAC 10 PREVIEW: ASU Sun Devils

by Patrick Rajsky

asu-logoSo there I was, at Arizona State University, on a glorious November afternoon in sunny Tempe, AZ in 1988. My main focus for that afternoon was staying in the bar as long as possible, yet arriving at the game in time for kick off. My other goal was to not lose the shirt I bought from some kid in my dorm.  We were playing USC, and the shirt exclaimed, in large red letters on a white background, “Rodney Peete is Devil Meat.”

Three hours later, I was staring at the scoreboard that read USC 50, ASU 0.  (Gridiron Goddess says: And it should not surprise any of you that I mock Pat’s Devils for this 21 year old game TO THIS VERY DAY) Somehow, the shirt migrated to the bottom of a rag pile in my parent’s garage.

Fast-forward to 2009—my good friend, the Gridiron Goddess, asked me to preview the Upcoming ASU football season. This requires me to write for the first time in 18 years, so bear with me.

Coach Dennis Erickson leads the team for his third year at ASU. Coming off a disappointing 5-7 year in 2008, there is no place to go but up.

New starter Danny Sullivan leads the Sundevil offense, which according to Coach Erickson, shall consist of “spreading people out and running the short passing game.” This is a new system and it will take some productive practices to keep the ball moving.

Wide Receivers Chris McGaha and T.J. Simpson lead the way in the new system. Running Backs Dimitri Nance and Keegan Herring will try to improve on last year’s lackluster running game. Place Kicker Thomas Weber is a Grazo Award finalist for the county’s top kicker.

The defense is anchored by a strong linebacking group led by Mike Nixon. It will be an improved defense, but Erickson is worried about the depth.

ASU’s 2009 schedule begins with a home game against Idaho State, followed by Louisiana-Monroe. Hopefully these two “wins” will prep them for an away game down south against Georgia. Later in the schedule we play three tough games in a row against Cal (N.12), USC (N.4), and Oregon (N.16).

In this fan’s opinion, I believe 7-5 season would be respectable. If all else fails, a win on November 28th against the Arizona Puddycats would get me through the off season with a smile on my face.

Go Devils!


Hey! There is football on my TV right now!

August 13, 2009

Holy Crap Football Fiends!

It may just be preseason and it may be my two least favorite NFL teams but IT IS FOOTBALL AND I WILL TAKE IT.

In other news:

  • Vick to the Eagles? Really?  NY Giants NFC East Champs. Mark My Words. Vick and McNabb (insert head shaking here). Now THERE’S a confidence inspiring lineup. (Not.)
  • I miss John Madden. Football is on but I am not hearing the dulcet tones of his voice.
  • Other NFL Predictions coming soon. I’ve got 2 more BCS Conferences and ND to preview.  Lots of content coming your way these next 3 weeks.
  • Yes, I know. Aaron Corp, USC QB out 1-3 weeks with cracked kneecap. I have no comment at this time. I was, however at practice last Sunday and I must say I like what I saw of frosh phenom Matt Barkely.

    It’s FOOTBALL SEASON AGAIN!!!! Thank you God!

    -Your Gridiron Goddess



    Walker Sports: 2009 Big East Preview

    July 26, 2009

    Big EastHey Football Fiends!

    I’ve once again teamed up with Walker Sports to bring you the best college football previews online.

    2009 Big East Preview

    College football is inching ever so closer and here at Walker-Sports we are continuing our college football previews. We’ve gone through the ACC, which is always near and dear to our hearts and we like hanging on the East Coast so much we figured why not talk some Big East today.

    Thanks to the reorganization of the BCS conferences earlier this decade, the Big East is bigger and more exciting than ever. Unfortunately for the teams in the Big East, they are the wild west of football with no dominate power and anyone can win on any given Saturday. Granted the Big East as a football conference will never be as powerful as it is as a basketball conference. But that being said, it is just as exciting.

    Pittsburgh Panthers: Dave Wannstedt is entering the fifth year of tenure at Pitt, and he is hoping all of his efforts will pay off this year. During his time in Pittsburgh Wannstedt has done a great job of acquiring talent, but his players have not been able to perform on the field. That being said, last season the Panthers got to nine wins and reached the Sun Bowl. The 2009 Pittsburgh Panthers are looking to build on last year’s success.

    On offense the Panthers lost LeSean McCoy to the NFL and with that they lost a good chunk of their offensive production. At the quarterback position, Pittsburgh has a couple options with incumbent starter Bill Stull and 2007 start Pat Bostick. Stull will get the nod as the starting quarterback, but Wannstedt will not hesitate to pull the plug on him and give Bostick a chance.

    The Pitt Panthers have a light out of conference schedule that will allow the Panthers to rack up some easy wins. Getting to the top of the Big East will be difficult, for Pittsburgh but they should have enough talent on their squad to navigate the choppy waters.

    South Florida Bulls: The Bulls are the greatest underachieving team the Big East has ever seen. Once again South Florida is prepared to do battle in the 2009 season with some familiar faces. Matt Grothe is under center at quarterback for his final campaign. Despite having some great stats over the course of his career, Grothe will not see his tenor complete if he fails to bring home a BCS Game win. Grothe will have some help from his defense which is once again anchored by George Selvie who is a senior and a returning All American. All together the South Florida defensive line features 75 combined starts.

    Once again South Florida has the horses to be a contender in the Big East and on the national scene. The problem is South Florida always finds a way to shoot themselves in the foot, and collapse coming down the stretch. I find it hard to believe the Bulls will have the mental discipline to stay focus for the whole season and finish what they started.

    West Virginia Mountaineers: Bill Stewart nearly stirred his high powered offense into the ditch last season, but thanks to Pat White and Noel Devine the Mountaineers were able to overcome a sluggish start and finish with a 9 win season. This year there is no Pat White, but Stewart will look to open up his offense some more by increasing his teams passing production,

    Truth is told West Virginia still has some talented athletes roaming around Morgantown. The key to their season will be getting off to a strong start. With early season games against Liberty, ECU, at Syracuse, Marshall and UConn. This means WVU has the chance to jump out to a 6-1 start depending on a few games against Colorado and Auburn. If West Virginia can keep their heads straight for the opening half of their schedule, they could end up making a push for the Big East Championship.

    Cincinnati Bearcats: Last year the Bearcats experienced a breakout season that earned them a Big East Championship and a trip to the Orange Bowl. In 2009, Cincinnati has an outside chance of repeating that feat once again. The Bearcats experienced heavy losses on defense. It was those losses that have caused them to drop so far on our list.

    Despite their losses on defense, the Bearcats cannot be counted out of the race for the Big East because of the talent they have on offense. Tony Pike is a seasoned quarterback who has a slew of weapons on the outside. The Bearcats success will be based what Pike and company can get done on offense. It would be in Cincinnati’s interest to take on a Big 12 mentality and try to outgun every opponent they face because a defensive battle will not end well for them.

    Rutgers Scarlet Knights: The Scarlet Knights are returning 13 starters from last year’s squad. That’s a unit that won seven straight games coming down the stretch, including a school record third consecutive bowl game. Despite being ranked fifth in the Big East in this poll, Rutgers will still figure to factor into the overall picture. The key will play at the quarterback position. If Rutgers can find consistent play from senior Domenic Natale they could find themselves sniffing for a Big East championship when West Virginia comes to town.

    Connecticut Huskies: It’s pretty obvious the Huskies lost some serious firepower on offense last season, everyone knows that. The interesting part will be how UConn handles the transition to their new offensive scheme in 2009. Like so many other teams across the NCAA the Huskies are looking to run a no huddle spread formation. This means they want to speed up the pace of things and try to open up some more scoring opportunities. When it’s all said and done, the Huskies have some talent on their squad. They will most likely win six games and make a bowl game, but it is doubtful they factor into the overall Big East race.

    Louisville Cardinals: The arrival of Steve Kragthrope has done anything for the Louisville Cardinals. Since his arrival in 2007, The Cardinals have gone 11-13. This season will be all about Kragthrope and what he can do to transform his stagnant offense. Kragthrope has named himself offensive coordinator this year, and in many ways his reputation and his job are on the line. Last season Louisville went 5-7, chances are they are going to end up around that same mark in 2009. If the Cardinals are lucky they will reach the six win mark.

    Syracuse Orange: Doug Marrone has come in to restore some hope to the Syracuse Orange program. Unfortunately for Marrone, the Orange fan base running rapid with aspirations of greatness, many of which exceed the reality of the situation. Much like UConn, and WVU, Syracuse will employ a spread offense. The Orange version of the spread won’t like be high power but it could prove to be deadly if the boys are able to grasp the nuances of the scheme early in the season. This is a transition year for Syracuse, but I can assure you thinks will be looking up for them. Marrone will experience some growing pains, but things are on the up and up for the Orange.


    Walker Sports: ACC Atlantic Division Preview

    July 12, 2009

    ACC Logo

    Hey Football Fiends!

    Once again has partnered with Walker Sports to bring you the best football previews around.  This week we’re tackling the ACC thanks to Walker Sports.

    2009 ACC Atlantic Division Preview

    I don’t know about you, but I am like a kid in a candy shop, and I know the rest of the Walker-Sports crew feels the same way. Why are we so excited? We are less than four fortnights away from the kickoff of college football season, the greatest sporting season of all.

    Earlier this week we began our college football previews with the ACC Coastal Division. Today, we will continue our look at the ACC, by examining the ACC Atlantic division. Personally I was not sure it was possible, but the Atlantic Division is actually weaker than the Costal. For the time being, this will be a rough season for the ACC.

    North Carolina State Wolfpack: Last year I sat here and I bashed the Wolfpack for having a bad team, but I also warned that head coach Tom O’Brian would resurrect the program and make them a contender sooner than later. Little did I know that O’Brian would have his boys ready to play in the 09 season. The Wolfpack suffered through an up and down campaign last year that saw them finish on a four game win streak and become bowl eligible. There is no doubt that this year’s team will build on that success.

    North Carolina State will draw their strength from a very good offensive unit. The offense is led by Russell Wilson who is without a doubt the ACC’s best quarterback. Behind Russell there are pair of seasoned running backs who will be more than capable of taking some pressure off the stud QB, and keeping opposing defenses honest. This is a well seasoned unit, and they will have no problem putting points up on the board.

    One thing is for sure, when Tom O’Brian is coaching a team they are going to tough, and they are going to be gritty. That means the Wolfpack will be able to fight it out in the close games the encounter during their ACC schedule.

    Record: 9-3

    Key Games: Pittsburgh, At Virginia Tech, At Florida State

    Florida State Seminoles: I never thought I would say this but I actually feel sorry for a Florida State team. Well, actually I feel sorry for FSU’s head coach Bobby Bowden. It has been a while since the Seminoles have been relevant, but they were on cusp of reclaiming some of their past glory this season. The offensive guru’s Bowden brought in a few seasons ago were starting to show some promise. Florida State is returning seven offensive starters including their quarterback Christian Ponder and the entire offensive line is back. The Seminoles are going to need the experience of this unit to carry them throughout the season. On the defensive side of the ball Florida State is young. As usual they lost some good talent to the NFL last season, and they just don’t have the coffers to restock like they used to.

    As usual Florida State will have some tremendous talent on their roster. In addition they have the coaching staff in place to guide coach up the players. The Florida State Seminoles run into trouble with their off the field issues. The sanctions and NCAA probation placed against them will take their toll for sure. In addition they also have the mess of Bobby Bowden trying to retain the victories that he has earned. All in all, the distractions are just too much for Seminoles to overcome. On another sad note, I believe the off the field issues will be too much for Bowden to handle and he will actually retire after this season.

    Record 8-4

    Key Games at BYU, Georgia Tech,

    Wake Forest Demon Deacons: Wake Forest is in the midst of the greatest run in the school’s history. However, the Demon Deacs will suffer from a bit of a backslide this season. Last year the Wake Forest offensive was sketchy due to problems with the offensive line. All of those starters are returning for this season and hopefully with a year under their belt they will be able to hold off opposing defenses and give their backs some holes to run through. Jim Grobe teams typically have a dangerous running game, but that is all contingent on how well the offensive line holds up.

    Last season the Demon Deacons found success thanks to the efforts of their defense. Then again, what team would not have success with Aaron Curry anchoring their unit. Now Curry has moved and so have the rest of his running mates. What the Wake Forest defense does have this year is talent, what they are lacking is game time experience. The 2009 season will be a true test to Jim Grobe’s philosophy of redshirting all freshmen and allowing them to mature. At the end of the day, a majority of the time the Demon Deacons will be playing 22 year old men against 18 year old boys.

    Record 7-5

    Key Games North Carolina State, At Georgia Tech

    Clemson Tigers: Some people have running back C.J. Spiller pegged as the top running back in the country. Clemson Tiger fans should hope that Spiller is the best back in the country, as he will be the anchor of the Tiger’s attack in the 09 season. It should be interesting to see how C.J. Spiller transitions into the role of feature back. He has shared the spotlight the past two seasons with teammate James Davis. The Tigers could have a bit of a battle for the starting quarterback with Willy Korn and Kyle Parker battling for reps all spring. Korn stepped in last season to take some snaps when stud QB Cullen Harper apparently went off the reservation for a while. Willy Korn has the experience and the talent to be the Tigers starting quarterback. Kyle Parker was a redshirt last season, and he is looking to figure into the mix this year. Parker is a strong armed quarterback who is more than capable of stepping in if Korn should stumble.

    The key for the Clemson Tigers will be getting off to a fast start. Football reigns supreme down in Death Valley, and the fans will turn on their team in a heartbeat if things fail to go their way. Tommy Tubberville discovered this last season when his highly regarded team dropped three of their first six games, including an embarrassing season opener against Alabama. This is Dabo Swinney’s first full season as head coach. Last year he was able to get the fans behind him and the Tigers found some success of the field. He will need to make the most of his early schedule to keep the fans on his side, or else Swinney will find himself suffering from the same fate his predecessor did last season.

    Record 6-6

    Key Games TCU, At Miami, At North Carolina State

    Boston College Eagles: Just a few years ago Boston College was one of the top teams in the country. Hell, they have played (and lost) in back to back ACC Championship games. It was a good run for the Eagles, but all of that will come to a crashing halt this year. Boston College lost a lot of talent on the field and in their coaching staff during the last offseason. Frank Spaziani is a very loyal man, and Boston College rewarded him by naming him as head coach. Unfortunately for Boston College, Spaziani is not head coach material and the Eagles will suffer for it.

    On the field Boston College has sported a strong defense the past few seasons, but many of their top players have moved on to the NFL, and there is no one left to fill the shoes of a B.J. Raji. College football is all about adjusting to change and dealing with turnovers in personnel. Boston College does return 13 starters between their offense and defense, however the players that are missing will leave too big of holes to plug.

    Record 5-7

    Key Games at Notre Dame, At Virginia

    Maryland Terrapins: It amazing me that year after year Ralph Friedgen continues to be employed. He along with Virginia’s Al Groh should sell their secret for keeping a job despite underachieving year after year. Ralph Friedgen will earn his paycheck this season that is for sure. Maryland lost 30 players to graduation this offseason, and they now feature 61 scholarship players who have at least three years of eligibility left. That means the Terrapins are young and inexperienced. Judging by the recent inconstancy with this program a young team could prove to wildly entertaining.

    What Maryland does have going for themselves is a pretty good offense that ranked third in the ACC last season  AWhat the Terps do have is Chris Turner returning at quarterback, and he is a big game performer. In addition the Terps also have Da’Rel Scott at running back that should be able to carry the load provided his offensive line can open some holes for him.

    Record 4-8

    Key Games at Wake Forest, Virginia


    Friday night Blog Lines 8/1/08

    August 1, 2008

    Hello Football Fiends-

    Welcome to the inaugural edition of Friday Night Blog Lines here at Gridiron! Feel free to submit interesting sports blogging posts to me each week for inclusion in this feature.

    This weekend I’ll be back at work on my BCS Previews, I’ve got some Brett Favre karaoke coming up, as well as some thoughts on Mike Williams getting cut from the Tennessee Titans.

    So Until then, I remain-

    -Your Gridiron Goddess


    A Gridiron Goddess Administrative Note: BCS Previews

    July 23, 2008

    Hello Football Fiends!

    I am currently working on the Pac 10 Preview and hope to get it up tonight. Tomorrow I will be working on the Big 10 preview. Sunday on either the Big East or Big 12, next Tues on whichever is left. ND will be in there somewhere.

    I’ve been hard at work on some of the exciting things I have planned for this football season here at!

    For now I’ll leave you with a question: Do you think UCLA is going to crash and burn as badly as I do? Sure I am admittedly biased, but consider the QB situation–or lack thereof, and then consider that UCLA has about the worst O-Line in the Pac-10. And anyone who watched ASU’s Rudy Carpenter get repeatedly sacked last year knows that to be worse than ASU’s O-Line is a very bad no good thing.

    So, UCLA crash and burn or not? Do we expect a 5 win or less season?

    -Your Gridiron Goddess


    A Harem of the Gridiron Goddess Post: Walker Sports with ACC Preview 2008 – Atlantic Division

    July 9, 2008

    Your Gridiron Goddess is happy to welcome Walker Sports to with the ACC Preview for the Atlantic Division. He’ll be back on Saturday with the ACC Coastal Division preview. Enjoy!

    Your ACC Preview – Atlantic Division

    by Walker Sports

    College football season is just over 50 days away, and I cannot wait. While traditionally Saturday is a Rugby day in Walker-Sports land, even rugby takes a back seat to college football. Walker-Sports originates in ACC territory and lives and breathes ACC football, yes the conference is now 10 years removed from their glory days, but better days are coming, and as out of conference scheduling picks up for many schools the ACC will soon be flexing their muscles for all the NCAA to see once again.

    So saddle up, make yourself a pull pork sandwich, pour yourself a shot of Southern Comfort (or a glass of Merlot if you’re at a UVA game) and get ready to watch to some ACC football the way it was meant to be. Tough and gritty with a wide open race to the finish.

    ACC Preseason Preview Atlantic Division

    Clemson Tigers: There is no doubt that the Clemson Tigers are the cream of the crop when it comes to ACC football, they may even be among the elites in the NCAA. However, there is one small problem. They are the Clemson Tigers, their coach is Tommy Bowden and we have all heard this story before and it always has the same sad ending. The Tigers are stacked with talent Cullen Harper at QB is a stud who completes a high percentage of his passes. At tailback Clemson has arguably the best two tailbacks in the ACC with James Davis and C.J. Spiller. On the defensive side Clemson is returning eight starters and will look to use their speed to apply pressure to opposing teams and knock them off their game plan early.

    The biggest problem Clemson will face will be keeping focus and finishing what they started. Too often Bowden’s crew has been the most talented team in the ACC, but not the most disciplined team and the result is another, 8-4 season; great if you’re Duke, but a waste if you were thinking BCS in the preseason. Let’s hope they don’t do the same this year.

    Record: 10-1

    Key Games: Alabama, Florida State,

    Florida State Seminoles: Okay, so this was a tough one, and I’ll be the first to admit that the ‘Noles got the nod because of who they are and prior reputation, but nonetheless they made it into the second spot. Drew Weatherford has been in college since about 1990 it feels like. By now he has to be the most experienced QB in the NCAA, and that will be a big help. Weatherford was aided by the addition of Jimbo fisher as an offensive coordinator last year, and he will look to build on that previous success.

    The biggest asset for Florida State is a weak schedule. They open with four consecutive home games. Matter of fact the ‘Noles won’t leave the state of Florida till mid October. This means Florida State has a good chance to rack up some quality wins at home and that could go a long way in an average ACC conference.

    Record: 8-4

    Key Games: Colorado, Virginia Tech, Clemson,

    Wake forest Demon Deacons: Wake is in the middle of their greatest run in school history. While the coffers don’t have the talent they once had two seasons ago, they still have enough to get the job done. That means they will be .500 at the very least and with a little bit of luck they can jump into the second spot in the Atlantic Division. The bulk of their success will depend on if they can move the all on offense. Last year the Demon Deacons were routinely out gained and it cost them.

    Record: 7-5

    Key Games: Clemson, Virginia, Boston College

    Maryland Terrapins: The Terps have struggled the past few seasons. The bulk of their problems have resulted from inconsistency at the quarterback position. Despite the instability the Terps are a tough out especially for ACC opponents. Ralph Friedgen seems to get his teams to play just well enough to keep his job. That means the Terps will be playing spoiler to a couple of ACC opponents. I would like to say that dropping WVU from the schedule would help Maryland this season, but adding Cal is no cakewalk. Look for the Terps to upset some ACC’s teams bid for a title, just hope it’s not yours.

    Record 6-6

    Key Games: Cal, Boston College, Wake forest

    Boston College Eagles: The honeymoon is over for Coach Jagodzinski and company. Last year Jags was a first year coach and he feasted on the fruits of Tom O’Brian’s labor, mainly his grooming of QB Matt Ryan. Now Ryan along with a load of other talent is gone, and the Eagles are ready to return to earth. BC is only returning 10 starters meaning they will be very inexperienced and that leads to mistakes and close loses. As usual BC will be solid on both lines, but they just won’t have enough fire power to be in the mix. This will be one Boston team that does not bring home a championship.

    Record 5-7

    Key Games: UCF, North Carolina, Wake forest

    North Carolina State Wolfpack: Tom O’Brian is a hell of a coach, and he will be put to the test with this NC State team. They lost 10 starters from a 5-7 team, and they only have freshmen to replace them. Combine that with a brutal non-conference schedule and you can bet the Pack will slide before they are ready to climb again. But hang in there NC State supporters, this year may be rough but positive results will be coming down the pike very soon.

    Record: 3-9

    Key Games: Wake forest, East Carolina


    A Gridiron Goddess Administrative Post: Updated Schedule

    July 9, 2008

    A quickie my football fiends–

    Tonight the ACC Preview will go up.
    Tomorrow the first Your Fantasy Football Reality Check with Stephen Lamare will debut

    The rest of the BCS after that.

    Have a fantastic day!

    -Your Gridiron Goddess


    Happy 4th of July!!!!!

    July 4, 2008

    Hey Football Fiends–

    Happy 4th of July!! I hope everyone is enjoying our country’s birthday the American way– with BBQ!

    This is the LAST U.S. Holiday before FOOTBALL comes back, y’all! By Labor Day we’ll know who won the contest between the Trojans of Southern California and the Cavaliers of Virginia.

    AND…in news:

    • BCS Previews kick off Monday night with the SEC (this changed from Pac 10)
    • Wednesday, July 9th the ACC Atlantic Division Preview goes up
    • Thursday, July 10th, Your Fantasy Football Reality Check with Stephen Lamare debuts
    • Friday, July 11th, Notre Dame Preview goes up
    • Saturday, July 13th the ACC  Coastal DivisionPreview goes up
    • 2008 NFL Schedule will be posted sometime in the next week. It will replace the 2007 NFL Page.

    And more good things to come later, such as:

    • Weekly columns from Stephen Lamare, Your Fantasy Football Reality Check specialist.
    • Previews of the Big 10, Notre Dame, Big East and Big 12.
    • NFL camp coverage
    • Previews of each NFL division
    •’s 1st birthday on July 16th!

    Have a fun and safe weekend!

    -Your Gridiron Goddess