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R.I.P. Uga VI

June 28, 2008

Sad News College Football Fans.

Uga VI

The University of Georgia’s beloved mascot, Uga VI ,died Friday of congestive heart failure at his home in Savannah. A true Southern gentleman, the handsome Dawg was 9 years old. He will be buried in a vault at Sanford Stadium with Ugas I-V.

You all know what a devoted Trojan I am, but like when Bevo XIII died in 2006, I am HEARTBROKEN.

I am a big softie for animals and Traveler, Uga and Bevo (and George Tirebiter, of course!) are my favorite mascots. Forget the guys in the big furry costumes with over sized melons, (or Oranges) give me a real live animal mascot with heart and soul and personality any day.

REST IN PEACE Uga VI. Condolences go out to the Bulldog Nation tonight. “Bite On” to all y’all from George Tirebiter and the entire Trojan Nation.

-Your Gridiron Goddess