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Big Ten Recap: Bye Bye Forcier?

September 5, 2010

by Oh No Romo

Michigan 30 – UCONN 10- Saturday’s game seemed to be all about Denard Robinson. The quarterback ran for almost 200 yards and passed for 188 yards. It’s safe to say that Robinson will be taking on the starting quarterback role for the rest of the season.

However, while a window opened for Robinson, the door slammed shut on Tate Forcier. Word out of Ann Arbor is that Forcier is transferring out of Michigan. Forcier reportedly said “all you need to know is I’m out,” as reported by However, latest word from Forcier’s father is that the QB will be staying in Ann Arbor.

If this move were to happen, Forcier wouldn’t be the first quarterback to transfer out of Michigan (see Mallet, Ryan).

Forcier came on strong early last season, guiding the Wolverines to a 4-0 start. Only in the game against Eastern Michigan did Forcier have a QB rating under 100 and threw less than 20 passes.

Despite the losses for Michigan last season, Forcier’s numbers weren’t terrible. His worst game by far was the four interception performance against Ohio State. Is Forcier to blame? Is he to blame when the defense gave up 23 of 39 touchdowns in their last five games, including six against Wisconsin?

Robinson might be the more ideal fit for Rich Rodriguez’s offense, though. Even UCONN coach Randy Edsall thought of Pat White when talking about Robinson.

There’s no telling what will come next in the Forcier drama. I have no idea what to expect from Michigan, but they better get ready for Notre Dame next week.

Notre Dame 23 – Purdue 12- Wow Robert Marve can launch the ball! But he threw two picks! You can’t do that if you’re going to be a Purdue quarterback. Notre Dame though, seemed a bit fresher under their new head coach Brian Kelly. I don’t think they miss Charlie Weis in South Bend.

Ooh and Mike Mayock did great as NBC’s new Notre Dame analyst. He’s done a terrific job with the NFL Network, doing a better job rating prospects than a certain helmut-haired aficionado. He was more enjoyable to listen to than his counterpart on the day, Matt Millen. Keep up the good work, Mike!

Penn State 44 – Youngstown State 14- This was close at halftime, but the Nittany Lions pulled away. Oh and they started a true freshmen quarterback in Robert Bolden, thus proving me wrong in the preview. I can be an idiot sometimes. Next up is Alabama for Penn State!

Iowa 37 – Eastern Illinois 7- Who needs Brandon Wegher! Adam Robinson rushed for three touchdowns in the first half of the Hawkeyes victory. More than anything else, this is a warm-up game as they take on Iowa State in the annual CyHawk game.

Northwestern 23 – Vanderbilt 21- While I’m happy that the Wildcats pulled off the win, there’s no doubt the questionable personal foul call against the Commodores ended in Northwestern’s favor.

It’s an ugly way to win, but still a win nonetheless. So I’ll take the win, but the Wildcats can’t be having this close of games.

Missouri 23 – Illinois 13- And that’s another loss for Illinois over Missouri. That’s six straight for Missouri over the Illini. FIRE RON ZOOK ALREADY!!!! This team is well on their way to a 1-11 season. This is going to be a painful year if I have to watch Ron Zook on the sidelines wearing Illini Blue and Orange this season!


College Football Picks – Week 6: The Big Florida-LSU showdown

October 8, 2009

Week 6 Final: 14-2

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

I’m sitting here pondering this weekend’s matchups. I’d LOVE to see LSU beat Tim Tebow and company. I’d love to see The Gators take a big ol’ face plant. Why? Because they are over rated. Oh they are good for sure. Possibly even the best College team in the country (ratings be damned and all). But take a closer look folks, they are decidedly mediocre. These are not last year’s Gators and I just have a feeling they are going to be exposed for the weaknesses the team has.

West Virginia over Syracuse

Michigan State over Illinois

VA Tech over BC

Wake Forest over Maryland

Pitt over Connecticut

Alabama over Ole Miss

Florida over LSU  (If Tebow doesn’t play, LSU will win)

Washington over Arizona

Stanford over Oregon State

GA Tech over FSU

Ohio State over Wisconsin (tho am contemplating an upset here as well football fiends)

Oregon over UCLA

ASU over Wazzou

Auburn over Arkansas

Fresno State over Hawaii (I’m calling this one before its over as it is 42-3 Fresno State at the start of the 4th qtr)


-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks Week 5: Who will go down this weekend

October 1, 2009

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

My money is on Miami beating Oklahoma. Of course I don’t really EXPECT the ‘Canes to beat the Sooners, but I sure HOPE they do!

BYU over Utah State

Pitt over Louisville

South Florida over Syracuse

Florida State over BC

Bama over Kentucky

Ole Miss over Vandy

Notre Dame over Washington

LSU over UGA

Oklahoma over Miami

ASU over Oregon State

UCLA over Stanford

USC over Cal

Tennessee over Auburn

Michigan over Michigan State

Penn State over Illinois

GA Tech over Mississippi State

Wake Forest over NC State

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks – Week 5: USC will win but take Wazzou and the points

September 24, 2009

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends-

It’s that time of the week again and this Trojan alum finds herself in a familiar place. Unsure of which USC football team is going to show up to play Saturday night in the Coliseum. USC is a 46.5 favorite over Washington State and as past years have shown – this isn’t a great place to be in. That said, Matt Barkely is starting and USC will win the game. I just don’t think our offense has gelled enough to beat that point spread.

USC over Washington State

Mizzou over Nevada

Ohio State over Illinois

Wisconsin over Michigan State

LSU over Mississippi State

Alabama over Arkansas

Florida over Kentucky

UGA over ASU  (I think the Sundevils have a real shot here and I hope they do win! I just, hmmm, am not sure.)

Cal over Oregon

Florida State over South Florida

GA Tech over UNC

U of Miami over VA Tech

Notre Dame over Purdue

Penn State over Iowa

Oregon State over Arizona

Utah over Louisville

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks: Week 3

September 18, 2009

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends –

Here are my CFB picks for week 3.  I don’t expect USC to even miss a beat with Aaron Corp in at QB in place of the aaron-corp-pictures-2injured Matt Barkley. Corp is a mobile QB and it will be great to see how our offense operates with him under center.

I’d love to see Florida and Texas lose of course. Texas, especially. (old grudges die hard and all). I just don’t think it’s going to happen. The game I am least confident about is Oregon-Utah. Oregon barely squeaked out a win last week vs Purdue and, of course, lost to Boise State in the season opener. Utah, on the other hand needed until the 4th quarter to pull ahead of San Jose State and win.  I’m going with Oregon because all things considered, they’ve played better teams so far this season and will be more prepared for what Utah will bring than Utah’s competition thus far has prepared them for the Ducks at Autzen Stadium.

Boise State over Fresno State

Mississippi State over Vandy

Oregon over Utah

USC over Washington $^%^*$()*$^#%@%%@ Corp was AWFUL. The D needs Taylor Mays. More thoughts later, MAYBE. I need to go punch something first.

UCLA over Kansas State

VA Tech over Nebraska

Notre Dame over Michigan State

Florida over Tennessee

Cal over Minnesota

UCF over Buffalo

Oklahoma over Tulsa

Kentucky over Lousiville

BYU over FSU

Georgia over Arkansas

Texas over Texas Tech

Stanford over SJSU

-Your Gridiron Goddess



Thoughts on USC at the Horseshoe…

September 11, 2009
USC QB Matt Barkley

USC QB Matt Barkley

Hey there Football Fiends-

We’re less than 24 hours away from kickoff in Columbus. USC vs Ohio State. The Rematch. Collision in Columbus. Showdown at the ‘shoe. Call it what you will, but fully expect USC to dominate on both sides of the ball.

Oh sure, there are articles all over the internet that call up the Ghosts of Seasons past and bring up GASP Vince Young and the 2006 Rose Bowl. Which, I feel the need to point out was FOUR SEASONS AGO.  Do you not think that Pete Carroll, one of the finest and craftiest coaches in the NCAA, hasn’t changed the way his team prepares for a mobile QB? I can assure you that he has. And that the speed and agility of USC’s defense will knock the isht out of Ohio State’s already holey and suspect Offensive Line.

Terrelle Pryor – We’ve got your number and we’re coming for you.

Let’s just run down a few stats. I’m not going to go into a whole USC vs Ohio State by the numbers thing. That’s not my style. I’m just going to throw a few facts out and then we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

USC has 22 consecutive non-conference victories.

USC has won seven straight road openers – Colorado, Auburn, VA Tech, Hawaii, Arkansas, Nebraska and Virginia. Not a FCS team amongst them (Take notice Florida, Texas, et al)

The scores of those seven straight road openers:

  • 2002 USC 40  Colorado 3
  • 2003 USC 23  Auburn 0
  • 2004 USC 24  VA Tech 13
  • 2005 USC 63  Hawaii 17
  • 2006 USC 50 Arkansas 15
  • 2007 USC 49  Nebraska 31
  • 2008 USC 52 Virginia 7

QBs Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, John David Booty and Mark Sanchez were all brand new at one point. Carroll did not play them conservatively in their first road openers and do not expect him to play true freshman Matt Barkley conservatively, either.

In 2003 Matt Leinart made his road debut at Auburn. The Tigers were heavily favored. Leinart went 17 for 30 passing with 192 yards.

In 2006 John David Booty made his road debut at Arkansas. He made bacon out of the Hogs, throwing for 261 yards, 3uscosu TDs and 0 INTs.

In 2008 Mark Sanchez went into his first non conference road game at Virginia and set Charlottesville on fire with 338 yards and 3 TDs. Not to mention what he did to the Buckeyes at the Coliseum 2 weeks later.

Do I even need to mention the score of last year’s USC v Ohio State game? It was 35 – 3 for those who may have forgotten.

Let’s take a look at USC vs the Big Ten in this decade:

  • 2002   The 2003 Orange Bowl vs Iowa.  USC 38  Iowa 17
  • 2003  The 2004 Rose Bowl vs Michigan  USC 28 Michigan 17
  • 2006 The 2007 Rose Bowl vs Michigan  USC 32 Michigan 18
  • 2007  The 2008 Rose Bowl vs Illinois USC 49  Illinois 17
  • 2008  The 2009 Rose Bowl vs Penn State  USC 38  Penn State 24

Matt Barkley is young sure. But he also steps into a program that has proven it can reload year after year with barely a hiccup. Big games are not where USC struggles.  USC excels in Big Games.

Ohio State is a Big Game.

My prediction: USC 31  Ohio State 13

-Your Gridiron Goddess



CFB Picks week The Season has flown by too fast

November 21, 2008

Hey Football Fiends!

Did ya hear? is one of the Top 100 College Sports Blogs. Pretty f-in cool, eh?

I’m in Salt Lake City and getting ready to head out to the stadium to check out the set up for the showdown between undefeated Utah and their cross-town rival BYU. These folks out here are SERIOUS about this rivalry. It’s like USC-UCLA, but with colder weather. Holy Mother of God it’s cold here. I will not complain about 80 degree Southern California and Southern Nevada November temperatures again.

USC has the weekend off. And so you know, I am picking Oregon State to lose. And I will until they do. So take that for what it’s worth. Currently Arizona is favored by 2.5.

Utah over BYU

Ohio State over Michigan

Vandy over Tennessee

Ole Miss over LSU

Notre Dame over Syracuse

Washington over Wazzou

Oklahoma over Texas Tech

Penn State over Michigan State

Cal over Stanford

Arizona over Oregon State


Florida State over Maryland

VA Tech over Duke

Purdue over Indiana

-Your Gridiron Goddess, who has lived in warm climates since she was 12 and doesn’t even own socks.