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Charlie Weis is a classless jackass

December 6, 2009

Hello Football Fiends,
It’s late and it’s been a hard day of football –hell, it’s been a hard season of football for this Trojan — but I cannot let this pass by.

In an interview posted on, former Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis makes some very inflammatory accusations about USC Coach Pete Carroll’s personal life.

Let us not forget, Weis has famously controlled all media access to his family and his special needs daughter. He’s declared them off limits. So why the fuck is he going on a national forum to tell stories about Carroll’s personal business? It’s not even about whether it is TRUE or not. It’s Carroll’s business, not Weis’s. It has nothing to do with Pete’s ability to do the job he was hired for. It is a non-issue to anyone outside of PC’s own family.

And as to WHY Notre Dame might have a problem with Weis swearing, let alone carrying on an alleged affair — well is he really that fucking stupid? He was employed by a Catholic University with very high standards. Did he really think he wouldn’t be held to a higher standard of behavior than coaches like Carroll or Nick Saban or Les Miles or Jeff Tedford or any number of FBS coaches at non-denominational universities?!

And REALLY, if Carroll were doing what Weis has alleged he is doing, BELIEVE ME PEOPLE WOULD KNOW. Not that it is any of our business.


Link to Fan House Story in case Rivals (wisley IMO) edits their version of things.

-Your Gridiron Goddess, who prefers not to think about this 4 loss season right now, thanks.


Guest Post: Charlie Weis is deluded

February 13, 2008
Alright loyal followers of Gridiron Goddess, as you might have seen the other day our fearless leader is moving away from So Cal. As soon as she gets out from under the pile on the right, she’ll be back. In the meanwhile I’ll be covering the football portion of her blog, for the hot chick portion you are just gonna have to bookmark her profile.

I can’t think of a better way to kick things off than with a post about the only program that rivals UCLA for my venom, Notre Dame.

So Charlie Weis is handing over play-calling duties and blah, blah, blah.Wies actually said ‘Play-calling is my greatest strength, But I’m the head coach. When you’re play-calling on offense, you might not necessarily be the best head coach.’Hey Moron!! it isn’t like you had some prolific scoring machine, but didn’t manage to coach up the rest of the team because you were so focused on the offense. Notre Dame came in at a resounding #119 in the country for overall offense. Yeah that is just in front of… no one. DEAD LAST.While it’s amazing that the Pillsbury Dome boy, managed to drop that stupid comment, it is more amazing that isn’t even the dumbest thing he said in that interview.When asked about Dana Jacobsen’s comments at the Mike and Mike roast, which Jacobsen was suspended for. ‘I was both personally and professionally offended by her comments,’ said Weis, who attended the function. ‘And if the situation were reversed, and that were me saying them, two things would have happened. I would have been the lead story on SportsCenter, and I would have been fired.’You have mired a legendary College football program in the bottom of the competitive muck. Making the Golden Domers such a laughing stock, that even Lou Holtz can’t seriously pick them week in and week out this season(right?). Yet you haven’t managed to get canned , you think some silly comments are going to get the job done. Somehow I doubt it Stay-Puft.
Feel free to leave your hatemail on my blog Oh and if your hate stems from the fact you are a Notre Dame fan, you’re not even a person to me so don’t bother.


HA HA HA HA Notre Dame

November 4, 2007

Hello Football Fiends! Just got back to my brother’s place from my hs reunion and wow a great time was had by all.

I could not resist dropping in and HA HA HA HA HA-ing Notre Dame’s loss to Navy.

OK first of all can I just say how impressed I am with my posting and coding skills when WASTED. hee hee

Notre Dame drops to 1-8 and is the first time in 43 years that they’ve lost to Navy.

Good God is the Athletic Director seeing that Charlie Weis is not their Savior?

And I simply must say I am taking perverse pleasure in Notre Dame’s pitiful season.

My Trojans walloped the Beavers (heh heh she said beavers) of Oregon State 24-3.

A big huge thanks to Michael for updating my CFB scores today!!! I will post a CFB wrap up either tomorrow or Monday, pending hangover. Hey, a girl only gets a 20th reunion once in her life, right? LOL Other than that I must say am too drunk to continue typing in any sort of legible manner. So Goodnight. 🙂

-Your Gridiron Goddess, who hopes to be hangover free tomorrow, (HA HA HA fat chance!) but will be hanging out in Vegas for a couple more days despite only bringing 3 days of clothes with her. HA HA HA


CFB wrap up #2: Further thoughts on the Wacky Weekend that was

September 30, 2007

Hello fellow football fiends, my Ny/Day-quil haze has lifted a bit and in thinking about the CARAZY day that Saturday was for the top 25, hell, especially for the top 10, I have a few thoughts:

1. Urban Meyer’s vaunted offense is being exposed as a one-trick show. He relies on athletic QB’s. That seems to be it. Florida has no truly reliable stand out receivers or running backs despite recruiting such blue chip players as Percy Harvin. Shut down Tim Tebow as Auburn’s defense did on Saturday, and the Meyer offense stalls. But look back to Meyer’s days at Utah, it was all about Alex Smith and what he could do and the most talked about running back spoken of in the same breath as Smith/Utah was USC’s Reggie Bush and how he and Smith played on the same High School team in San Diego.

Tebow is a mightily talented athlete. But he cannot carry an entire offense on his shoulders and he should not have to.

2. The only team that can beat USC is USC. How else do you explain 16 penalties for 160 yards, the loss of two key offensive players and a respectable opponent in the vastly improved Washington Huskies and yet they still manage to eke out a win? Now, should USC play like that against Cal, or Oregon or ASU or LSU–would they be able to eke out that win? Maybe, maybe not, but let it be known, Washington did not even come close to outplaying USC last night. What they did was take advantage of the uncharacteristic mistakes USC made.

3. Speaking of USC: they need 2 things right now. A receiver to emerge as the dominant go to guy. Right now Fred Davis, the tight end is Booty’s go to guy. And while Patrick Turner had a better than usual for this season night last night, he still drops too many balls for this Trojan fan’s liking. You can’t do that at this level. Secondly, our defense needs to get to work on creating turnovers like the 2004 and 2005 squads did. Man, those defenses were exciting to watch.

4. LSU is not looking as freakishly dominant as they did in their first few games. They had to battle back from a 3-9 deficit at halftime to post that final 34-9 score that looks like they were in charge the whole time. QB Matt Flynn does seem to be the weakest link thus far, having none of former starting QB JaMarcus Russell’s firepower to date.

5. USC plays Cal at Cal and Oregon at Autzen Stadium. Autzen Stadium scares me.

6. The Florida-Auburn situation creates an interesting SEC possibility. Florida was beaten by Auburn focusing on controlling Tebow. Auburn does not have remotely the kind of strong defense that LSU does. Offensively, LSU is showing some chinks in their armor. Can Auburn beat LSU? Hmmmm. Can Flordia beat LSU? One looks possible, the other one, not so much.

7. Did you notice something in FSU’s win over Bama? When Bowden took slow, plodding, boring, QB Drew Weatherford out and put Xavier Lee in, their offense came to life. Could this signal a new era for the ‘Noles? It SHOULD.

8. Did you notice how Notre Dame managed to find an offense and score a whopping 19 points once Coach Weis took QB Jimmy Clausen OUT and put Evan Sharpley in? Note to Demetrius Jones, maybe you jumped ship a bit quickly?
-Your Gridiron Goddess, trying NOT to focus on the fact that the Eagles are losing.


Tap those kegs, it’s time for some CFB action

September 28, 2007

Hey there Fellow Football Fiends!! Happy Friday!!! I just got home from my stint on the radio and it was so much fun!! Many many thanks to the gang over at KROQ and The Kevin and Bean show for having me in. And, if you’ve found your way here after listening to me dork out on all things football on 106.7 this morning–WELCOME to my corner of Al Gore’s Internet. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Let’s get down to the business of my college football picks for the weekend.

32 teams. 16 games. 16 winners. 16 losers. Here’s how I think it will all shake down:

Purdue over Notre Dame — The season of atrocity continues for fans of the Irish UPDATE: Pudue wins 33-19

LSU over Tulane – Like taking candy from a baby, this pick is. UPDATE: LSU wins 34-9

Penn State over Illinois – JoePa and his Nittany Lions keep on rollin’ along. UPDATE: Illinois wins 27-20

Michigan over Northwestern – You know, I would not be too surprised if Northwestern pulls off the upset. UPDATE: Michigan wins 28-16

Oklahoma over Colorado – The Sooners look stronger and stronger and Sam Bradford is developing into way more of an offensive leader than former Heisman winning QB Jason White was. UPDATE: Colorado wins 27-24

Rutgers over Maryland – Greg Schiano’s Scarlet Knights are a force to be reckoned with in the Big East. UPDATE: Maryland wins 34-24

Michigan State over Wisconsin – I just have a feeling about this one. UPDATE: Wisconsin wins 37-34

Texas over Kansas State – Bevo’s Boys will rack up another win UPDATE: KSU wins 41-21

Louisville over NC State – Look for the Cardinals to stop their downward spiral and avenge their loss to Syracuse. UPDATE: L’ville wins 29-10

Bama over FSU – some hoopla is being made about Alabama Native Son Bobby Bowden coaching against Bama for the first time in his career. But Saban’s Crimson Tide will be too much for FSU’s broken offense to handle UPDATE: Florida State wins 21-14 and welcomes in the era of QB Xavier Lee.

UCLA over Oregon State – Olson returns to the lineup as QB as Cowan has a partial tear of his MCL. UPDATE: UCLA wins 40-14

UVA over Pitt – Al Groh and the Cavaliers are off to a 3-1 start this season. UPDATE: UVA wins 44-14

USC over Washington – does anyone out there doubt this one? The spread is USC -21. ‘Nuff said. UPDATE: USC wins 27-24 and looks like crap doing it.

Florida over Auburn – Tim Tebow and the Gators will preside in this SEC matchup. UPDATE: Auburn wins 20-17

Ohio State over Minnesota – Buckeyes are too much for the Golden Gophers to handle. UPDATE: Ohio State wins 30-7

Oregon over Cal – I struggled with this one, it could go either way and should be a HELL of a good game. UPDATE: Cal wins 31-24

Special Bonus Friday Night Pick ‘Em:

South Florida over West Virginia – yeah I said it. USF did it last year, and are a stronger team this year so I am throwing my support behind the Bulls of South Florida. UPDATE: USF wins 21-13

Those are my picks, as usual I will update them tomorrow as the day develops. And now my football fiends, I am off to San Diego with Nacho Friendly to see the Dave Matthew Band concert tonight. If there is one thing I love as much or almost as much as football, it is DMB concerts.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


College Game Day starts at Gridiron

September 14, 2007

Fellow football fiends! How’s it hangin’ on this fine Friday night? I must say I had quite the enjoyable evening with one of my bestest pals in the whole wide world, Ashley. She’s in town from St. Thomas USVI, is a UF Gator alum, and a Delta Gamma like me. She rocks. Which reminds me, I have a funny story to tell y’all about from when I went to visit Ash down in the Virgin Islands over my last birthday in April. It starts out something like – what do you do when one Trojan alum and one Gator alum, both sorority girls, are confronted with an 18 year old high school senior who just committed to Notre Dame? And yeah, it may or may not have involved the bunny ears we are wearing in this pic. We’re FUN, y’all. LOL


It’s a great story. And I think y’all will laugh and laugh and laugh. But for now, it’s been a hell of a long day, there was wine and possibly french fries involved this evening and yo-College Game Day starts at freaking 7am out here on the left coast. And I’ll be up for it, especially since it is taking place at Nebraska, where my beloved Trojans are playing tomorrow.


So, I am gonna quit my yammering now and just get down to my picks.


USC over Nebraska – UPDATE USC wins 49-31 I kind of hate it when late TDs are scored against our 2nd and 3rd string, but I also don’t believe in leaving first string in when you are so far ahead just to run up the score. It is a conundrum my friends.


Florida over Tennessee UPDATE: Florida wins 59-20 I disagree completely with Urban Meyer leaving Tebow in so long, it smacks of a potential Bama-Tyrone Prothro tragedy all over again. LOVED the Gator’s backup QB-What a character! Looking forward to seeing more of him. And for the record, I think it is classless to run up the score. I do realize it IS done regularly in some conferences, I am just used to the Pac-10 way of doing things.


Georgia Tech over BC UPDATE: BC wins 24-10


Louisville over Kentucky – though I must say, I am very tempted to go with Kentucky here UPDATE: Kentucky wins 40-34. Another barn burner


Virginia Tech over Ohio UPDATE VT wins 28-7

Iowa over Iowa State UPDATE: Iowa State wins 15-13

Oklahoma over Utah State UPDATE: Oklahoma wins 54-3

Oregon over Fresno State UPDATE: Oregon wins 52-21

LSU over MTSU UPDATE: LSU wins 44-0

Washington over Ohio State – yep, I am serious. Willingham’s team has got the mojo right now. UPDATE: Ohio State wins 33-14

Bama over Arkansas UPDATE: Bama wins 41-38 in a total nail biting barn-burner 4th qtr! YAY!

Cal over Louisiana Tech UPDATE: Cal wins 42-12

UCLA over Utah UPDATE: Utah wins 44-6. Am so not unhappy to have wrongly predicted this one. 😉 hee hee

Michigan over Notre Dame UPDATE: Michigan wins 38-0 Wow. There truly are no words for how bad ND is, especially on offense.

Florida State over Colorado UPDATE: Florida State wins 16-6 Is it just me or was this the longest game in history? Or maybe it’s just because it is my 16th hour of football today now?

Hawaii over UNLV UPDATE: Hawaii wins 49-14

and I am gonna go out on a limb and say:

Virginia over UNC UPDATE: Virginia wins 22-20

OK, Your Gridiron Goddess must get her beauty sleep for she has a whole day of NCAA football ahead of her.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Coming Next Week: A Battle for the Bottom of the Barrell

September 8, 2007

Well, as I suspected Michigan lost to the Ducks of Oregon 39-7 and Notre Dame got spanked by Penn State 31-10 and Notre Dame’s impotent offense has yet to score a touchdown.

It could be heard on the sidelines of the Big House “Well I’m pretty sure we can beat Notre Dame next week.” Pretty sure, is that the best you can do Michigan? They are totally demoralized and the fault lies with the staff. It’s been clear over the past 3-4 years that the once proud Wolverine program which boasts the best all time winning percentage in college football has failed to evolve with the times.

While other marquee programs such as Ohio State, Texas and USC have adopted the spread and developed lightning fast runners on both sides of the ball, Michigan has stayed mired in Bo Schembechler’s past era of football strategy. This certainly portends some major coaching changes in Ann Arbor by season’s end.

No pun intended, but to add injury to insult QB Chad Henne went out with a leg injury and is doubtful for next weekend’s date with Notre Dame.

Over in South Bend, I don’t know what they are going to do. Charlie Weis has that fat…contract extension (so not what you thought I was gonna say, right? LOL). Notre Dame’s upcoming schedule does not bode well for salvaging their season. Consider:

Sept 15 @ Michigan

Sept 22 Michigan State

Sept 29 @ Purdue

Oct 6 @ UCLA

Oct 13 Boston College

Oct 20 USC

Nov 3 Navy

Nov 10 Air Force

Nov 17 Duke

Nov 24 Stanford


It’s not pretty. Hopefully they can pick up a couple of wins with Duke and Stanford.

Meanwhile, some poetic justice was served when Tyrone Willingham’s Washington Huskies snapped Boise State’s winning streak by beating them 24-10.

South Carolina beat #11 UGA. South Florida beat Auburn @ Jordan Hare Stadium and Les Miles’ explosive LSU defense sent Virginia Tech into apocalyptic fits down in the Bayou of Baton Rouge.

That’s all from here for now fellow football fiends! Tomorrow my marquee game is Bears at Chargers. I am working on my Week 1 picks and will post them later.

-Your Gridiron Goddess