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NFL Picks – Week 3: Not sure about that Indy-AZ game

September 24, 2009

Week 3 Final 10-6

Week 2 Final: 9-7

Week 1 Final: 12-4

Hey Football Fiends!

I am so not sure what to do about the Indianapolis-Arizona game. Not sure at all. As of the moment of writing this post, I’m going with AZ. However, I MAY change my mind before game time. It’s only fair to let you know. My Pick Em league lets me change my pick up to 5 minutes before the start of the game. If I do change my mind I will note it with an asterick.

TN over Jets – am not changing again. Decided no team of Jeff Fischer’s is going to lose 3 in a row.

Texas over Jax

Eagles over KC

Baltimore over Cleveland

NY Giants over Bucs

Redskins over Lions

Green Bay over Rams

Vikings over San Fransisco

New England over Atlanta

Chicago over Seattle

New Orleans over Buffalo

San Diego over Miami

Pittsburgh over Cincinatti

Oakland over Denver

Arizona over Indianapolis

Dallas over Carolina

-Your Gridiron Goddess



NFL Preview: 2009 San Diego Chargers

September 14, 2009


by Sidney McCoy

I think I’m missing something – it may be presumptuous to declare a team the Super Bowl champions before the first game of the season, but isn’t it an annual tradition now for all the commentators and analyst to rave about the San Diego Chargers’ embarrassment of overflowing talent? Could this really be the year the Chargers live up to their promise and dominate?

Let’s see, Philip Rivers is last season’s highest ranked passer and signs a huge contract ($92m over 6 years with $38m in guarantees); LaDanian Tomlinson is healthy and plays pre-season to establish rhythm, Shawne Merriman returns healthy (and DA has dropped the charges), talented running backs & receivers galore,  the defense & special teams are notable, there is depth at key positions (Darren Sproles, Billy Volek, etc.). . . . . Shouldn’t this season be something of a non-stop highlight reel?

Okay, maybe it’s all that stiff competition in the AFC West – the Oakland Raiders pin their hopes on quarterback JaMarcus Russel (no Jeff Garcia? But Bruce Gradkowski even changed his number twice for Jeff) and running back
Darren McFadden (and maybe Michael Bush / Justin Fargas). However, they’ll be overcoming history (Chargers have won the last 11 meetings) and glaring team weaknesses.

The Denver Broncos fire Mike Shanahan on New Year’s Eve and trade (?superstar?) Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton (huh?). Josh McDaniels (former Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach for New England for past eight seasons) suspends Brandon Marshall (Shanahan has said he wanted to trade/fire him).

Is the emerging star of the Kansas City Chiefs really Dustin Colquitt (the punter)? Rookie Coach Todd Haley (former AZ Cardinal Offensive Coordinator) fired the Chiefs’ Offensive Coordinator two weeks ago and assumed his own play calling–just as franchise-hopeful Matt Cassel sprains his left knee preseason against the Seahawks. With cornerback Brandon Flowers inactive, veteran Dolphin linebacker Zach Thomas cut, Giants veteran receiver Amani Toomer released, veteran safety Bernard Pollard released, and veteran defensive end Alfonso Boone released … it’s pretty safe to proclaim this the “Rebuilding Season” for the Chiefs.

Therefore, other than the obvious necessity of actually playing this season’s games, I’m officially starting to save my pennies for play off tickets … who’s with me?


NFL Picks Week 5

October 3, 2008

Colts over Texans

Ravens over Titans

Chargers over Dolphins

Panthers over Chiefs

Eagles over Redskins

Bears over Lions

Giants over Seahawks

Broncos over Bucs

Pats over 49ers

Bills over Cardinals

Cowboys over Bengals

Steelers over Jags

Packers over Falcons

New Orleans over Minnesota


NFL Picks – Week 3

September 19, 2008

Hey Football Fiends,
Well damn. This is an odd and hard to pick slate of games. Stephen (of Your Fantasy Football Reality Check) and I went over and over and over them again and came to the conclusion that all but maybe two games are completely unpredictable. LOL

Atlanta over KC 38-14

Bills over Raiders 24-23

Tennessee over Texans 31-12

Giants over Bengals 26-23

Washington over Arizona 24-17

Patriots over Miami 38-13

Bears over Tampa 27-24

Vikings over Panthers 20-10

Seahawks over Rams 37-13

San Francisco over Detroit 31-13

Denver over New Orleans 34-31

Philly over Pittsburgh 15-6

Jaguars over Colts 23-21

Browns over Ravens 28-10

Dallas over Green Bay

Chargers over Jets

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL Picks – Week 2

September 12, 2008

WRAP UP: Stinking up the joint so far w these picks!! 8-7-1 (postponed). Worst week ever for my picks.

hey Football Fiends!

Here are your NFL Picks for week 2

Oakland over KC 23-8

Bengals over Titans 24-7 (I am officially over the Bengals)

Colts over Vikings 18-15

Saints over Redskins 29-24

Packers over Lions 48-25

Bears over Panthers 20-17

Giants over Rams 41-13

Bucs over Falcons 24-9

Jaguars over Bills 20-16

Seahawks over 49ers 33-30

Arizona over Miami 31-10

Jets over Patriots 19-10. Way to go Matt Cassel!

Chargers over Broncos 39-38 Really San Diego? 2 weeks in a row by 1 point? Really?

Steelers over Browns 10-6


Cowboys over Eagles

Ravens over Texans

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL Week 1 Picks

September 6, 2008

Week 1 Wrap Up: 11-5 Ugh, I can do so much better!

Hey there football fiends,

Here are your Week 1 NFL picks:


Giants over Redskins


Lions over Falcons

Bengals over Ravens

Seahawks over Bills

Jets over Dolphins

Pats over Chiefs

Saints over Bucs

Eagles over Rams

Steelers over Texans

Titans over Jaguars

Cowboys over Browns

Chargers over Panthers

Cards over 49ers

Colts over Bears


Packers over Vikings

Broncos over Raiders

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Harem of the Goddess: Walker Sports on AFC West

August 17, 2008

Football fiends, friend of the Gridiron Goddess Walker Sports is back to share his views on the AFC West with us.

Walker-Sports:AFC West Preview

Coming down the home stretch, we are almost done with our NFL preview. We are wrapping up our coverage out on the left coast and talking about the AFC West. This is by far one of my favorite divisions in football, got to love the 4 PM game on CBS with Jim Nance.

San Diego Chargers: The Chargers got off to a rocky start in 2007 but coming down the stretch they were as good as any team in football. Philip Rivers might be an ass, but he is a great quarterback. In fact his emergence as such a strong leader could lead to some dissent within the Chargers. Rivers is becoming the face of the team but L.T. is still there and after L.T.’s no show in the playoffs, the team has shifted even more into Rivers favor. And L.T. needs to have a redeeming moment. Even with this mini rivalry the Chargers are a very talented team. The one weakness would be at the wide out position, where the Chargers still lack a deep threat. Gates will be healthy at the T.E. spot and that will help to loosen up defenses and keep them from sticking 9 guys in the box. At the end of the day there is one looming factor that Charger fans have to aware of; Norv Turner. Norv is an interesting character, and he is good for 4 wins on his own as well as a 5 game losing streak.

Denver Broncos
: The Broncos have been limping through the past 4 seasons and this year will be no different. This has to be considered a make or break year with Jay Cutler at the quarterback position. This is his team; Shannhan is letting the reigns go and giving him a chance to make it happen. I’ve always been a fan of Cutler, but the system he has played in has kept him from showcasing his ability. The Broncos have produced seemingly dozens of running backs and they are attempting to do that again, but in reality the talent well has run dry. Denver’s rushing attack just does not have the big play ability it did six seasons ago, and the rest of the offense will suffer as a result. The one thing Denver does have is the best pair of corners in the league. Bly and Bailey will lock down most any receiver duo in the league. That is important because it will give time to the D-Line when they are attacking the QB.

Kansas City Chiefs
: Okay Okay, I cannot defend the guy any more. Herm Edwards just is not a good coach. At first I blamed it on Pennington’s arm and then on Larry Johnson’s holdout, but now I just think it’s his strategy. Edwards is very old school and likes to run his backs into the ground. Johnson already has a history of injury and a 400 plus carry season will ruin him. Brody Croyle is a good QB but nothing to get excited about. Dwayne Bowe was a great story last year. But as teams got used to him his numbers dropped and they will continue to drop this season. The Chiefs best asset will be their home field advantage, but that will not be enough to make the post season.

Oakland Raiders:
Al Davis still owns this team and that’s all you really need to know. Russell is there to run the show, McFadden will carry to the load as a running back, but honestly I don’t think he will be half the talent that most expect. His vision was terrible in college and I doubt he has done anything to improve that in recent months. Expect another lackluster year and an early draft pick.