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College Football Picks – Week 2

September 11, 2009

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

Another weekend, another full slate of college football games. My Trojans travel to Columbus to take on the Buckeyes at the Horseshoe. Honestly? I am not worried at all. USC will beat them with their speed.

USC over Ohio State

Penn State over Syracuse

Stanford over Wake Forest

Tennessee over UCLA

Georgia over South Carolina

Oregon over Purdue

Notre Dame over Michigan

Oklahoma State over Houston

LSU over Vanderbilt

Utah over San Jose State

Oregon State over UNLV

South Florida over Western Kentucky

Florida over Troy

TCU over Virginia

Pitt over Buffalo

-Your Gridiron Goddess



CFB Picks: Week 1

September 4, 2009

Final Week 1 stats 10-4

Hey Football Fiends!

It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR once again! College football is back!!!!

I’m instituting a new policy this year. If your FBS team is taking on an FCS team to pad their win record, I am NOT picking that game in my weekly lineup. It is time FBS and especially BCS teams step up to the plate and stop playing “directional schools.”  And yes, I am looking at you #1 ranked Florida. Shame on you for scheduling Charleston Southern. And don’t think you escape scrutiny#2 Texas for scheduling Louisiana-Monroe.

Hell, it would be nice if LSU would play a Pac-10 team with a winning record. Scheduling Washington isn’t much better than scheduling a “directional school.”  Why not play Cal? Oregon? Or, hell, even USC. Why not settle this once and for ALL LSU? FTR, LSU’s last loss to a Pac 10 school was to USC. In 1979. They have not played us since.

Oh and Oregon player LeGerrette Blount should be throw off the team and have all scholarships revoked, IMHO.

So, without further ado, I bring you my Week 1 College Football Picks:

Alabama over VA Tech

USC over San Jose State


Ohio State over Navy

Oklahoma over BYU

Mizzou over Illinois

Stanford over Wazzou

Cal over Maryland

LSU over Washington

Colorado over Colorado State

Rutgers over Cincy

-Your Gridiron Goddess



Congratulations Florida!

January 9, 2009

Congratulations to the Florida Gators on their BCS Championship.

Now do I think USC and Utah could beat both Florida and Oklahoma? ABSOLUTELY.

Have my Brother (of Your Fantasy Football Reality Check fame) and I worked out a complicated scenario whereby UTAH is the One True National Champion? Oh yes, we sure have. It goes something like this:

Utah beat Oregon State who beat USC who beat Ohio State who beat Texas…

I will reconstruct the full wine fueled madness and post it in a few days.


And pollsters and sportswriters? Maybe next year you won’t underrate the Pac-10 so badly. 5-0 in Bowl Games and 3 teams in the top 25 at season’s end.

And USC @ #3. That’s what?  SEVEN years in a row with a top 4 finish? God, I love Pete Carroll.

-Your Gridiron Goddess, who will now mourn College Football season until next August.



Guest post: College Football Preview – UGA #1 team in BCS

June 30, 2008

I want to start by introducing myself. I am ‘eneffell’ (NFL) and I am the author of The I-Form (be sure to visit it) and secondly, I would like to thank Amy for letting me contribute on her blog. I am here to tell you why the Georgia Bulldogs are the number one team college football.

The main summary of Georgia’s 41-10 beating of Hawaii is sacks. If you remember the 2008 Sugar Bowl

correctly, your mind will conjure up visions of Colt Brennan on the ground with a Georgia D-Lineman standing triumphantly over him.

Georgia sacked Brennan eight times and knocked him down 20+ times. He couldn’t get the ball off. Reports surfaced that Brennan now sleeps with a night-light because he thinks Marcus Howard is in his closet or under his bed. Howard was the first defensive player to be Sugar Bowl MVP

Now, Howard is gone, but most of the offense and defense is back. And with a Top 5 Recruiting Class, the Bulldogs are definitely a pre-season Top 5 Team along with the likes of Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, and Florida (not necessarily in that order) if not the best.

And, in the expert opinion of Todd McShay, Knowshon Moreno and Matt Stafford are Top 5 Picks in next years draft. And, in my amateur opinion, I think they are both Heisman candidates for next year as well. Both are young, and both are very good.

But, there are possible problems down the road. Georgia does have a very tough schedule. Combined with SEC Conference play, which is always difficult, they have to go to Arizona State to play the Sun Devils, who are also a Pre-Season Top 25 team. Then, on top of that, they have road games at LSU and Auburn.

I like my Dawgs a lot this season. The Gridiron Goddess would tell you that USC is better. But, UGA would tell you ‘Go Dawgs’

– eneffell, Author of

Note from Your Gridiron Goddess: eneffell is right about one thing, I do think USC is better. But I also think the top two teams in the country are not Florida and Ohio State (the choke master 1) or Florida and LSU or Florida and Oklahoma (the choke master 2) The top two teams in College Football heading into the season are USC and Georgia.


CFB Pick ‘Em (Final Update)

November 3, 2007

And another day of college football comes to an end. Here are the final scores. For the record, the Goddess went 10-6.

Consider it a history-making weekend… 43 years ago, a Midshipman named Roger lead Navy over Notre Dame. Tonight, another midshipman makes history. Navy beats Notre Dame (and snaps a NCAA record losing streak)
Ohio State over Wisconsin –> 38-17
Wake Forest over UVA –> 16-17
Florida over Vanderbilt –> 49-22
Kansas over Nebraska –> 76-39
Auburn over Tennessee Tech –>35-3
Michigan over Michigan State –> 28-24
Oklahoma State over Texas –> 35-38 (10 years in a row, Texas has beaten OK State)
LSU over Bama –> 41-34
Maryland over UNC –> 16-13
UCLA over Arizona –> 27-34
South Florida over Cincy –> 33-38
Notre Dame over Navy –> 44-46 (3 overtimes!)

Oregon over ASU –> 35-23
USC over Oregon State –> 24-3 (Game marks the return of J. Booty)
Oklahoma over Texas A&M –> 42-14
BC over Florida State –> 17 – 27 (another victim of the ‘Curse of the #2’)

BTW, the Roger who was the last midshipman to beat Notre Dame? Went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys.. His name was Roger Staubach.

Respectfully submitted,


CFB Wrap up: I need a drink

October 27, 2007

Hello Football Fiends!

Well I said I was either going to be a football genius or crash and burn spectacularly with my CFB picks, did I not? I went 10-8. Sigh.

Yes, my Trojans lost again. I didn’t expect them to lose but I didn’t expect them not to lose either. I tried firmly to just not think about it. HEH And my way of dealing with it is to run away from the internet and this site for 24 hours. But I’m back. And oddly, I thought SC looked good yesterday, despite the loss. They hung in there. Were it not for a few mistakes, perhaps the outcome would be different. Oh well, there’s always next year, right?

Florida bit it in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party matchup against Georgia. I think Florida fans and SC fans are in similar boats this year. There’s always next year Gators! Tebow is only a sophomore after all. Solid. Tim Tebow was playing with a sore shoulder yesterday, that is the Gator’s excuse and I can live with that.

South Florida lost to UConn cementing the thoughts of OVERRATED in the minds of many.

I correctly predicted both here and on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show the demise of UCLA against Washington State.

ASU came from behind to beat Cal and remain unbeaten. Cal drops to a 5-3 record overall, 2-3 in the Pac-1o

And of course Ohio State beat the Nittany Lions. I just wish they hadn’t.

In the new BCS standings Ohio State and BC are still 1 and 2. LSU and ASU are 3 & 4. Oregon is #5. South Florida, USC and Florida come in at 18, 19 and 20 respectively. For all the flack that the Pac-10 gets, we’re the conference with 2 teams in the top 5.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


College Game Day Starts on Thursday this week here at Gridiron

October 25, 2007

Hi Football Fiends!  UPDATE 10-8

In honor of the BC @ Va Tech game tonight I am issuing my college picks early. It is too tempting with the curse of the #2 teams this season so far to pass up getting this game on my weekend roster.

I am either going to be GENIUS with these picks or crash and burn in a spectacular fashion as I am going for a number of high profile upsets.

And, I really really really don’t want to pick the USC-Oregon game.

18 games. 36 teams. 18 winners and 18 losers.

Virginia Tech over #2 Boston College 14-10 Is it just me or have there been more last minute nail biting decisions this season than usual? BC scores with :11 left to win it, thus escaping, at least this week, the curse of #2 IMO, Matt Ryan just cemented his Heisman front runner (with Tebow) status. Ryan had something like 350 yards. 🙂

WVU over Rutgers 31-3

Wisconsin over Indiana 33-3

Texas over Nebraska 28-25

USC over Oregon – I feel like it is bad luck to NOT pick this game. lol Obviously, when it comes to USC games, make your own decisions. Oddly, I am not upset. USC stayed in the game and was competitive. It was an uncomfortably great game to watch.

Auburn over Ole Miss 17-3

Maryland over Clemson 30-17

South Florida over UConn 22-15

Mizzou over Iowa State 42-38

Florida over Georgia 42-30

Michigan over Minnesota 34-10

UVA over NCSU 29-24

Wazzou over UCLA 27-7

Tennessee over South Carolina 27-24

Penn State over Ohio State – yes I did. 37-17

ASU over Cal – I have a hard time believing Cal would lose 3 games in a row. But I have an equally hard time believing ASU is not going to capitalize on Cal’s mistakes and keep their undefeated record. 31-20

Kansas over Texas A&M 19-11

Purdue over Northwestern 35-17

-Your Gridiron Goddess