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A Harem of the Gridiron Goddess Post: Walker Sports with ACC Preview 2008 – Atlantic Division

July 9, 2008

Your Gridiron Goddess is happy to welcome Walker Sports to with the ACC Preview for the Atlantic Division. He’ll be back on Saturday with the ACC Coastal Division preview. Enjoy!

Your ACC Preview – Atlantic Division

by Walker Sports

College football season is just over 50 days away, and I cannot wait. While traditionally Saturday is a Rugby day in Walker-Sports land, even rugby takes a back seat to college football. Walker-Sports originates in ACC territory and lives and breathes ACC football, yes the conference is now 10 years removed from their glory days, but better days are coming, and as out of conference scheduling picks up for many schools the ACC will soon be flexing their muscles for all the NCAA to see once again.

So saddle up, make yourself a pull pork sandwich, pour yourself a shot of Southern Comfort (or a glass of Merlot if you’re at a UVA game) and get ready to watch to some ACC football the way it was meant to be. Tough and gritty with a wide open race to the finish.

ACC Preseason Preview Atlantic Division

Clemson Tigers: There is no doubt that the Clemson Tigers are the cream of the crop when it comes to ACC football, they may even be among the elites in the NCAA. However, there is one small problem. They are the Clemson Tigers, their coach is Tommy Bowden and we have all heard this story before and it always has the same sad ending. The Tigers are stacked with talent Cullen Harper at QB is a stud who completes a high percentage of his passes. At tailback Clemson has arguably the best two tailbacks in the ACC with James Davis and C.J. Spiller. On the defensive side Clemson is returning eight starters and will look to use their speed to apply pressure to opposing teams and knock them off their game plan early.

The biggest problem Clemson will face will be keeping focus and finishing what they started. Too often Bowden’s crew has been the most talented team in the ACC, but not the most disciplined team and the result is another, 8-4 season; great if you’re Duke, but a waste if you were thinking BCS in the preseason. Let’s hope they don’t do the same this year.

Record: 10-1

Key Games: Alabama, Florida State,

Florida State Seminoles: Okay, so this was a tough one, and I’ll be the first to admit that the ‘Noles got the nod because of who they are and prior reputation, but nonetheless they made it into the second spot. Drew Weatherford has been in college since about 1990 it feels like. By now he has to be the most experienced QB in the NCAA, and that will be a big help. Weatherford was aided by the addition of Jimbo fisher as an offensive coordinator last year, and he will look to build on that previous success.

The biggest asset for Florida State is a weak schedule. They open with four consecutive home games. Matter of fact the ‘Noles won’t leave the state of Florida till mid October. This means Florida State has a good chance to rack up some quality wins at home and that could go a long way in an average ACC conference.

Record: 8-4

Key Games: Colorado, Virginia Tech, Clemson,

Wake forest Demon Deacons: Wake is in the middle of their greatest run in school history. While the coffers don’t have the talent they once had two seasons ago, they still have enough to get the job done. That means they will be .500 at the very least and with a little bit of luck they can jump into the second spot in the Atlantic Division. The bulk of their success will depend on if they can move the all on offense. Last year the Demon Deacons were routinely out gained and it cost them.

Record: 7-5

Key Games: Clemson, Virginia, Boston College

Maryland Terrapins: The Terps have struggled the past few seasons. The bulk of their problems have resulted from inconsistency at the quarterback position. Despite the instability the Terps are a tough out especially for ACC opponents. Ralph Friedgen seems to get his teams to play just well enough to keep his job. That means the Terps will be playing spoiler to a couple of ACC opponents. I would like to say that dropping WVU from the schedule would help Maryland this season, but adding Cal is no cakewalk. Look for the Terps to upset some ACC’s teams bid for a title, just hope it’s not yours.

Record 6-6

Key Games: Cal, Boston College, Wake forest

Boston College Eagles: The honeymoon is over for Coach Jagodzinski and company. Last year Jags was a first year coach and he feasted on the fruits of Tom O’Brian’s labor, mainly his grooming of QB Matt Ryan. Now Ryan along with a load of other talent is gone, and the Eagles are ready to return to earth. BC is only returning 10 starters meaning they will be very inexperienced and that leads to mistakes and close loses. As usual BC will be solid on both lines, but they just won’t have enough fire power to be in the mix. This will be one Boston team that does not bring home a championship.

Record 5-7

Key Games: UCF, North Carolina, Wake forest

North Carolina State Wolfpack: Tom O’Brian is a hell of a coach, and he will be put to the test with this NC State team. They lost 10 starters from a 5-7 team, and they only have freshmen to replace them. Combine that with a brutal non-conference schedule and you can bet the Pack will slide before they are ready to climb again. But hang in there NC State supporters, this year may be rough but positive results will be coming down the pike very soon.

Record: 3-9

Key Games: Wake forest, East Carolina


CFB Pick ‘Em (Final Update)

November 3, 2007

And another day of college football comes to an end. Here are the final scores. For the record, the Goddess went 10-6.

Consider it a history-making weekend… 43 years ago, a Midshipman named Roger lead Navy over Notre Dame. Tonight, another midshipman makes history. Navy beats Notre Dame (and snaps a NCAA record losing streak)
Ohio State over Wisconsin –> 38-17
Wake Forest over UVA –> 16-17
Florida over Vanderbilt –> 49-22
Kansas over Nebraska –> 76-39
Auburn over Tennessee Tech –>35-3
Michigan over Michigan State –> 28-24
Oklahoma State over Texas –> 35-38 (10 years in a row, Texas has beaten OK State)
LSU over Bama –> 41-34
Maryland over UNC –> 16-13
UCLA over Arizona –> 27-34
South Florida over Cincy –> 33-38
Notre Dame over Navy –> 44-46 (3 overtimes!)

Oregon over ASU –> 35-23
USC over Oregon State –> 24-3 (Game marks the return of J. Booty)
Oklahoma over Texas A&M –> 42-14
BC over Florida State –> 17 – 27 (another victim of the ‘Curse of the #2’)

BTW, the Roger who was the last midshipman to beat Notre Dame? Went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys.. His name was Roger Staubach.

Respectfully submitted,


CFB wrapup: MADNESS, I tell you, MADNESS

October 14, 2007

Hey there football fiends-since my BRONCHITIS (lovely, right?) is keeping me up I figured why not write the CFB wrap up now? A win-win…at least until I start coughing up internal organs with this painful bronchial cough thing I have. Ah…fun times here on the couch of your Gridiron Goddess. Fevered dreams of Matt Leinart being madly in love with me aren’t bad, though….

But I digress. I blame the Ny-Quil and diet Coke combo.

College Basketball season kicked off last night around the country with Midnight Madness. Now, had your Gridiron Goddess not been coughing up a lung, I would have trucked my butt down to Southern California’s Galen Center to report on all the O.J. Mayo goodness. But there is plenty of time for that once CFB season is over.

Two weeks ago we had the Wacky Weekend of Upsets. Then #3 Oklahoma lost to an unranked Colorado. Then #7 Texas fell to an unranked Kansas State. Then #10 Rutgers took a dive against unranked Maryland. Then #21 Penn State got beat by unranked Illinois. #22 Alabama got beat by unranked Florida State. Then #4 ranked Florida fell to unranked Auburn. #11 Oregon got beat by then #6 Cal. And my then #1 ranked USC Trojans squeaked past UDub.

At the end of the weekend the top 25, but the top 10 especially, were in disarray and heading into the 5th weekend of the CFB season the top 10 were:

1. LSU

2. USC

3. California

4. Ohio State

5. Wisconsin

6. South Florida

7. Boston College

8. Kentucky

9. Florida

10. Oklahoma

Then LAST WEEKEND, tragedy struck in the heart of Your Gridiron Goddess and her fellow Trojan fans. And I am sure other things went on too, like Florida losing to the hated LSU, but all was eclipsed by my melodramatic heartbreak.

Heading into this weekend, the top 10 was:

1. LSU

2. California

3. Ohio State

4. Boston College

5. South Florida

6. Oklahoma

7. South Carolina

8. West Virginia

9. Oregon

10. USC

Today, more insanity occurred. LSU lost to Kentucky. Cal lost to 3-3 Oregon State. Oklahoma handed Missouri their first loss today in Norman. Penn State drilled Wisconsin. Ohio State and BC won–but Ohio State’s quality win comes against one of the teams at bottom of the Pac-10 ladder: UDub. And who has BC played to convince us they are as strong as they look? No one yet. South Florida beat Auburn at Jordan Hare and beat WVU, so IMO have a more legitimate claim on the #1 position this week.

Now, concerning USC, interestingly enough we’re in about the same position as 2003. 1 loss, ranked 10th. That was the year we ended up winning the AP Nat’l Championship while fellow 1 loss teams LSU and Oklahoma played in the BCS Title game.

Um, deja-vu anyone?

This Trojan team we have now is not as strong as 2003’s squad but only for one reason: INJURIES. Our vaunted O-Line is now made up of back ups and in many cases the back ups back up. Our D is decimated, and today we lost the lynchpin of our defense in Rey Maualuga after primo O-Line go to guy Sam Baker went down for duration of the game.

BUT, while our loss last week to Stanford shows the world we ARE beatable, doesn’t this week’s loss by Cal to Oregon State show the same thing and shouldn’t they fall to 10 or below in the rankings while we move up to 9 or higher? I don’t know. LSU, I’d keep them in the top 6 or 7 at the lowest, since their sole loss comes from a strong Kentucky team.

Consider this–every single AP pre-season top 10 team now has at least one loss and it is only October. This is the craziest college football season ever, people.

The first BCS rankings come out in the morning.

It’s not going to be pretty for many of our teams. I have a feeling traditional power houses like LSU and Oklahoma will fare better than South Florida and BC, even though those two teams remain unbeaten.

Is it fair? Nope. But when did I ever proclaim the BCS fair? LSU and Auburn fans would agree with the USC crowd, though for their own reasons, on that statement.

Oh, but I did go 11-5 today, which considering the #1 and #2 ranked teams losing, is pretty flipping good IMO. And now, I must sleep.

-Your Gridiron Goddess, signing off with a picture representative of how I feel right now with this bronchitis thing


CFB wrap up #2: Further thoughts on the Wacky Weekend that was

September 30, 2007

Hello fellow football fiends, my Ny/Day-quil haze has lifted a bit and in thinking about the CARAZY day that Saturday was for the top 25, hell, especially for the top 10, I have a few thoughts:

1. Urban Meyer’s vaunted offense is being exposed as a one-trick show. He relies on athletic QB’s. That seems to be it. Florida has no truly reliable stand out receivers or running backs despite recruiting such blue chip players as Percy Harvin. Shut down Tim Tebow as Auburn’s defense did on Saturday, and the Meyer offense stalls. But look back to Meyer’s days at Utah, it was all about Alex Smith and what he could do and the most talked about running back spoken of in the same breath as Smith/Utah was USC’s Reggie Bush and how he and Smith played on the same High School team in San Diego.

Tebow is a mightily talented athlete. But he cannot carry an entire offense on his shoulders and he should not have to.

2. The only team that can beat USC is USC. How else do you explain 16 penalties for 160 yards, the loss of two key offensive players and a respectable opponent in the vastly improved Washington Huskies and yet they still manage to eke out a win? Now, should USC play like that against Cal, or Oregon or ASU or LSU–would they be able to eke out that win? Maybe, maybe not, but let it be known, Washington did not even come close to outplaying USC last night. What they did was take advantage of the uncharacteristic mistakes USC made.

3. Speaking of USC: they need 2 things right now. A receiver to emerge as the dominant go to guy. Right now Fred Davis, the tight end is Booty’s go to guy. And while Patrick Turner had a better than usual for this season night last night, he still drops too many balls for this Trojan fan’s liking. You can’t do that at this level. Secondly, our defense needs to get to work on creating turnovers like the 2004 and 2005 squads did. Man, those defenses were exciting to watch.

4. LSU is not looking as freakishly dominant as they did in their first few games. They had to battle back from a 3-9 deficit at halftime to post that final 34-9 score that looks like they were in charge the whole time. QB Matt Flynn does seem to be the weakest link thus far, having none of former starting QB JaMarcus Russell’s firepower to date.

5. USC plays Cal at Cal and Oregon at Autzen Stadium. Autzen Stadium scares me.

6. The Florida-Auburn situation creates an interesting SEC possibility. Florida was beaten by Auburn focusing on controlling Tebow. Auburn does not have remotely the kind of strong defense that LSU does. Offensively, LSU is showing some chinks in their armor. Can Auburn beat LSU? Hmmmm. Can Flordia beat LSU? One looks possible, the other one, not so much.

7. Did you notice something in FSU’s win over Bama? When Bowden took slow, plodding, boring, QB Drew Weatherford out and put Xavier Lee in, their offense came to life. Could this signal a new era for the ‘Noles? It SHOULD.

8. Did you notice how Notre Dame managed to find an offense and score a whopping 19 points once Coach Weis took QB Jimmy Clausen OUT and put Evan Sharpley in? Note to Demetrius Jones, maybe you jumped ship a bit quickly?
-Your Gridiron Goddess, trying NOT to focus on the fact that the Eagles are losing.


Tap those kegs, it’s time for some CFB action

September 28, 2007

Hey there Fellow Football Fiends!! Happy Friday!!! I just got home from my stint on the radio and it was so much fun!! Many many thanks to the gang over at KROQ and The Kevin and Bean show for having me in. And, if you’ve found your way here after listening to me dork out on all things football on 106.7 this morning–WELCOME to my corner of Al Gore’s Internet. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Let’s get down to the business of my college football picks for the weekend.

32 teams. 16 games. 16 winners. 16 losers. Here’s how I think it will all shake down:

Purdue over Notre Dame — The season of atrocity continues for fans of the Irish UPDATE: Pudue wins 33-19

LSU over Tulane – Like taking candy from a baby, this pick is. UPDATE: LSU wins 34-9

Penn State over Illinois – JoePa and his Nittany Lions keep on rollin’ along. UPDATE: Illinois wins 27-20

Michigan over Northwestern – You know, I would not be too surprised if Northwestern pulls off the upset. UPDATE: Michigan wins 28-16

Oklahoma over Colorado – The Sooners look stronger and stronger and Sam Bradford is developing into way more of an offensive leader than former Heisman winning QB Jason White was. UPDATE: Colorado wins 27-24

Rutgers over Maryland – Greg Schiano’s Scarlet Knights are a force to be reckoned with in the Big East. UPDATE: Maryland wins 34-24

Michigan State over Wisconsin – I just have a feeling about this one. UPDATE: Wisconsin wins 37-34

Texas over Kansas State – Bevo’s Boys will rack up another win UPDATE: KSU wins 41-21

Louisville over NC State – Look for the Cardinals to stop their downward spiral and avenge their loss to Syracuse. UPDATE: L’ville wins 29-10

Bama over FSU – some hoopla is being made about Alabama Native Son Bobby Bowden coaching against Bama for the first time in his career. But Saban’s Crimson Tide will be too much for FSU’s broken offense to handle UPDATE: Florida State wins 21-14 and welcomes in the era of QB Xavier Lee.

UCLA over Oregon State – Olson returns to the lineup as QB as Cowan has a partial tear of his MCL. UPDATE: UCLA wins 40-14

UVA over Pitt – Al Groh and the Cavaliers are off to a 3-1 start this season. UPDATE: UVA wins 44-14

USC over Washington – does anyone out there doubt this one? The spread is USC -21. ‘Nuff said. UPDATE: USC wins 27-24 and looks like crap doing it.

Florida over Auburn – Tim Tebow and the Gators will preside in this SEC matchup. UPDATE: Auburn wins 20-17

Ohio State over Minnesota – Buckeyes are too much for the Golden Gophers to handle. UPDATE: Ohio State wins 30-7

Oregon over Cal – I struggled with this one, it could go either way and should be a HELL of a good game. UPDATE: Cal wins 31-24

Special Bonus Friday Night Pick ‘Em:

South Florida over West Virginia – yeah I said it. USF did it last year, and are a stronger team this year so I am throwing my support behind the Bulls of South Florida. UPDATE: USF wins 21-13

Those are my picks, as usual I will update them tomorrow as the day develops. And now my football fiends, I am off to San Diego with Nacho Friendly to see the Dave Matthew Band concert tonight. If there is one thing I love as much or almost as much as football, it is DMB concerts.

-Your Gridiron Goddess