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The Sports Diva Nation: 2009 Big Ten Preview

July 22, 2009


Hello Football Fiends!

My friend Cherie from The Sports Diva Nation is one kick ass sports fan. The only downside? She’s an Ohio State fan. But hey, we can’t all be perfect, right?

Gridiron Goddess has partnered with The Sports Diva Nation to bring you the 2009 Big Ten Preview.

2009 Big Ten Preview

The Big Ten has gone through a bit of a rough patch in recent years. It has garnered nicknames like Slow 10 and Little 11. The last time they were able to hold their heads up high was on November 18, 2006. That was when Ohio State and Michigan entered THE GAME ranked #1 and #2. All was right with the world. But then it began. Michigan was embarrassed by USC in the Rose Bowl and Ohio State was “just too slow” for Florida in the national championship game. It did not help matters when #5 Michigan lost their home opener that next season to FCS (or DIV 1-AA) opponent Appalachian State. Then Ohio State backed their way into the national championship to lose to yet another SEC opponent LSU. And in the 2008-2009 season the Big Ten went 1-6 in bowl games. It hasn’t been pretty. There were some games that brought a little smile to Big Ten fans like Michigan over Florida (2008 Capital One Bowl), Penn State over Tennessee (Outback Bowl 2007), Wisconsin over Arkansas (Capital One Bowl 2007) and Iowa over South Carolina (Outback Bowl 2009). But that wasn’t enough.

And this upcoming season isn’t going to be any easier. If you look at the non-conference schedules of the teams in the Big Ten you may want to laugh. There are only a few games that can be called tough. The SEC may be able to get away with not scheduling tough because of how strong their conference is but the Big Ten can’t. Not right now. Until they can get back to being the mighty Big Ten they should look to schedule tougher teams than Montana State and Wofford. So how good is the Big Ten this year? Who knows. The state of the league rest on the shoulders of Ohio State when they face off against USC on September 12th. A win will help the Big Ten tremendously. A loss will just be deja vu. Now I’m sure you may be sick of the Big Ten so we will go through my preseason rankings quickly. Road games are very important when I look at how a team might fair in the upcoming season.

Preseason Rankings:
1.  Ohio State because I’m a Buckeye fan (I know that’s what you’re thinking). But seriously it is true when they say that Ohio State doesn’t rebuild, they reload. Most of their tough games are at home but that game on November 7th at Penn State is key. And we can’t forget about Michigan on November 21st. Michigan is still Michigan.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: USC Conference: @ Penn State

2.  Penn State because they will be good. Maybe great? If they do get past their not so cupcake road games (Illinois, Michigan, Northwestern, Michigan State) and tough home games against Iowa and Ohio State they could end up in the national championship. Of course they may have to hope for a Buckeye victory on September 12th for that to happen. No one outside of the Big Ten wants to see a remake of the 06-07 & 07-08 national championship games. Even if they are with a different team in the conference.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: Syracuse Conference: Ohio State

3.  Michigan State because Dantonio may have something here. If Michigan State wants to turn things around they need to have back to back 9 or more win seasons. They get their rivals Michigan and Penn State at home but have to travel to Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Purdue.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: @ Notre Dame Conference: Penn State

4.  Illinois because Ron Zook can recruit. He has the athletes now all he has to do is coach. Tough road games at Ohio State and Minnesota (their new stadium opens this year. Can’t hide in the dome anymore) won’t be easy.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: Missouri Conference: @ Ohio State

5.  Iowa because their road games are not going to be easy. Road games against Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Ohio State. The only team that won a bowl game last season probably deserves to be higher but their road schedule is just too tough.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: Arizona Conference: @ Penn State

6.  Wisconsin because I’m not a fan of their coach. The Badgers have declined year after year after year. Their coach is on the hot seat. Road games against Minnesota, Ohio State, Indiana and Northwestern. Penn State is off the schedule but they have tough home games against Michigan State and Iowa. If they win Coach Bielema’s seat gets cooler. If their season is worse than last years, will he be run out of town?
Games to Watch. Non-Conference:@ Hawaii Conference: @ Minnesota

7.  Michigan because you can’t do worse than 3-9, right? Rich-Rod SHOULD fair better in his second year at The Big House. The goal for this team should be to get back to a bowl game. That’s not the standards at Michigan but neither is going 3-9. Their road games are against Michigan State, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: Notre Dame Conference: Ohio State

8.  Minnesota because it takes time. Coach Brewster went from 1-11 to 7-6. A nice turn around but a bit disappointing. They lost their last 5 games. We will have to wait and see what Brewster will be able to do with this team in their new outdoor stadium.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: California Conference: Wisconsin

9.  Northwestern because I’ll have to see it to believe it. The Wildcats went 9-4 and 5-3 in the Big Ten last season. Although they don’t meet Ohio State or Michigan this season they do have tough road games against Michigan State, Iowa and Illinois.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: @ Syracuse Conference: Michigan State

10.  Purdue because they are rebuilding. New coach. Inexperienced QB and wide receivers. They don’t play Penn State and Iowa this year but home games against Ohio State and Michigan State won’t be simple.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: @ Oregon Conference: Northwestern

11.  Indiana because bye bye Kellen Lewis. Kellen Lewis moved from QB to wide receiver to off the team roster. He could have known as their best player. We will have to see how the offense fairs without him. They have a tough schedule with road games against Michigan, Iowa and Penn State.
Games to Watch. Non-Conference: @ Akron Conference: Purdue


CFB Picks week 6

October 3, 2008

Wrap up- Well 13-3 is MUCH BETTER than last week!

hey Football Fiends!

Well hmmm. Here’s to hoping this weekend goes better than last weekend for my picks.

WV over Rutgers

Penn State over Purdue

Mich State over Iowa

Ole Miss over South Carolina

Auburn over Vandy

Mizzou over Nebraska

Texas over Colorado

Cal over ASU

Arizona over Washington

Oklahoma over Baylor

Fresno State over Hawaii

USC over Oregon

VA Tech over W. Kentucky

Ohio State over Wisconsin (tho I am tempted to pick Wisc–definitely go w Wisc if you’re betting the 1.5 point spread)

Tennessee over N. Illinois

UCLA over Wazzou

-Your Gridiron Goddess


College Football Week 3 – Picks

September 12, 2008

WRAP UP: 13-3

hey Football Fiends!

It’s the BIG WEEKEND for the Trojans and Buckeyes and I’ll definitely have some thoughts on that before kick off tomorrow.

But for now, here are your picks. 16 games. 32 teams. 16 winners. 16 losers. You know the drill.

USC over Ohio State

South Florida over Kansas 37-34

Mizzou over Nevada-Reno 69-17


Georgia over South Carolina (Is it just me or is So Car shaping up to be 2008’s bipolar team? So FL was 2007’s) 14-7

Oregon State over Hawaii

Fresno State over Wisconsin

Michigan over Notre Dame (is anyone outside of Ann Arbor and South Bend even interested in this battle of the bad?) 35-17

ECU over Tulane 28-24

LSU over North Texas (way to schedule those tough games LSU!)

California over Maryland 35-27

Virginia Tech over Georgia Tech 20-17

Penn State over Syracuse

Oregon over Purdue

Auburn over Mississippi State

Iowa over Iowa State (that one’s for my pal Tracy) 17-5

-Your Gridiron Goddess



August 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up 13-4

Football Fiends!

The LONG — 40 weeks! We should have built an Ark to get us through the long, dry, desert known as the weeks without college football–wait is over!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS TODAY. (Go ahead, I’ll give you time to digest that info.)

It’s going to be an all college football weekend this Labor Day and I can’t wait.

Without further ado, here are my Week 1 picks:

Thursday Games:

  • Wake Forest over Baylor 41-13
  • South Carolina over NC State 34-0
  • Oregon State over Stanford (I had a feeling about this game and almost went with Stanford, first “trust my instinct” lesson of the 2008 season) 38-26

Saturday Games:

  • Utah over Michigan ( I just can’t shake the feeling that RichRod’s Wolverines are still in a bit of chaos) 25-23
  • USC over Virginia (Prediction for final score: 31-14) 52-7
  • Florida over Hawaii (The spread here is Hawaii +34–not quite the Colt Brennan/June Jones days anymore, is it?) 56-10
  • Clemson over Alabama 34-10
  • Mizzou over Illinois 52-41
  • ASU over Northern AZ 30-13
  • UNLV over Utah State (Utah State is getting 12.5 points. UNLV won 2 games last year. Yeah.) 27-17
  • Oregon over Washington 44-10
  • Boise State over Idaho State 49-7
  • Nebraska over Western Michigan 47-24
  • Ole Miss over Memphis 41-24
  • California over Michigan State (Kevin Riley’s getting the start for Cal, not Nate Longshore, this should be interesting.) 38-31

Monday Games:

  • Tennessee over UCLA 27-24
  • Rutgers over Fresno State 27-4 (Lesson #2 of trusting my instincts right here folks. Oh well)

I’ll be checking in throughout the weekend to update the wins and losses and comment. ENJOY the first weekend of the College Football Season! Only 11 more! (So sad, isn’t it? Shortest season in sports.)

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Your 2008 Pac-10 Preview

July 24, 2008

Your 2008 Pac-10 Preview

by Amy Lamare of

I can make this real quick football fiends: USC will win its 7th straight Pac 10 championship and head to a BCS bowl game.

And that concludes your 2008 Pac-10 Preview. UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona and Arizona State – all y’all might as well stay home. Rey Maualuga, Mark Sanchez, Joe McKnight and the boys have got this one sewn up.

In all seriousness though, the Pac-10 does not back down from a challenge when scheduling its non-conference games. This year teams in the Pac-10 face: Ohio State, Georgia, Tennessee, BYU, Boise State, Oklahoma, Penn State and Purdue, just to name a handful. No 1-AA cupcake rivals here!


It’s do or die time for Coach Mike Stoops. He’s going to have to get his Wildcats to win 6 games to at least have a shot at keeping his job. If he can do this, Arizona will get to Bear Down for their first bowl game since 1998. I’m betting in Stoops’ favor since his non-conference lineup is fairly easy with games against Idaho and Toledo and at New Mexico.

Senior QB Willie Tuitama is going to have to step it up and generate some scoring this season for the Wildcats to be competitive in the Pac-10. The defense returns only 3 starters, and that’s not the only bad news for the Wildcat D. Their most experienced defensive lineman, Jonathan Turner, was suspended from the team’s summer practices after being charged with sexual assault last spring. He is awaiting his trial.

Junior college transfer Nick Booth hopes to boost the Arizona running game. This 225 pound running back joins Nic Grisby, Xavier Smith and true freshman Keola Antolin on the Wildcat depth chart.

Arizona‘s Non Conference Schedule: Idaho, Toledo, New Mexico

Arizona reports to pre-season camp on August 4th


ASU was picked to finish 2nd behind USC in the pre-season Pac-10 poll. The Sun Devils are prepping for their second season under Coach Dennis Erickson and they have one MAJOR issue: The Offensive Line. They don’t have one. Seriously, last season QB Rudy Carpenter spent so much time on his back that I started to wonder if those were not linemen lined up in front of him, but rather, Fatheads.

Dennis Erickson is incorporating a quick release spread offense this season to help Carpenter’s protection. A good portion of his 55 sacks last season were due to him holding onto the ball too long. Five players have left the team since the conclusion of spring practices, including tight end Dane Guthrie. (Academic reasons for former defensive end Guthrie.)

ASU plays a doozy of a non conference game when it faces Georgia on September 20th. If the Sun Devils do not solve their offensive line woes before then, they will not get out of that game alive. Ditto for their conference games against USC and Oregon.

If Carpenter gets the protection he needs either from his O-Line or the new offense, look out Tempe, your Sun Devils could crack the AP/USA Today top 10 with potentially their only losses coming at the hands of Georgia and USC. A Holiday Bowl berth, or should USC play for the BCS title, a Rose Bowl berth is yours for the taking.

ASU’s Non Conference Schedule: Northern Arizona, UNLV, Georgia

Arizona State reports to pre-season camp on August 4th


Last season Cal went from #2 in the country to losing six of its eight final games to end up 7-6. A QB controversy rages in Berkeley, and it’s looking at the moment like we have a Sam Keller/Rudy Carpenter ASU flip flop of QBs brewing.

At the Pac-10 Media Day, Coach Jeff Tedford said:

“We’ll pick a starter probably the week of the first game… It may take both of them to help us reach our goals…They are both going to get some game time.”

Really Tedford? Look I know Longshore flailed around a lot in the second half of last season while he battled his ankle injury. And Kevin Riley lit it up in your Bowl Game. Against Air Force. Air Force. Is Riley really the guy you want facing USC and Oregon, or is seasoned senior Longshore your guy? Just remember Arizona 2006, Coach Koetter, Sam Keller and Rudy Carpenter and what a mess that whole situation was.

It seems from all I’ve heard and read that Tedford is leaning towards Riley. And sure, he knows things we do not know. Whoever gets the nod as QB has a whole new group of WRs to throw to. Juco transfer RB Javid Best comes with hype, but he’s also undersized.

Tedford and Co have a lot to address offensively. That said, they should finish in the top ½ of the Pac-10s final standings.

Cal‘s Non Conference Schedule: Michigan State, Maryland, Colorado State

Cal reports to pre-season camp on August 4th


Oregon lost their star QB Dennis Dixon to the NFL, but expect to reload quickly with new QB Nate Costa.

Oregon has a powerful defense with one of the best secondaries in the nation. Last year, Oregon ended up 9-4, largely due to Dixon’s season ending injury against Arizona, sending the Ducks into a 3 game losing streak.

Three Ducks are recovering from off season knee surgeries and are expected to be good to go by the first game. (QB Costa, TB Jeremiah Johnson, LB John Bacon) Tight End Na’Derris Ward, a UGA transfer joins juco transfers Jeremiah Masoli (QB) and Ellis Krout (WR) as new Ducks this season.

Oregon’s secondary is scary. Three Ducks are on the Thorpe Award Watch list: Patrick Chung, Walter Thurmond III, and Jarius Boyd.

Oregon was voted #3 in the Pac-10 pre-season poll. Look for them to challenge ASU for #2 behind USC.

Oregon‘s Non Conference Schedule: Utah State, Purdue, Boise State

Oregon reports to pre-season camp on August 4th


Oregon State’s program has put up an impressive 19 wins in the past 2 seasons, including a 2006 upset of USC. Their strong defense has been the key to their success of late. The Beavers face a challenge going into this season as they have to completely rebuild the front seven on their D, including S Brian Payton. Payton left the program this summer with no explanation. Beavs and Trojans alike may remember him as the player who had the key interception in the Beavers 2006 upset of Troy. So, good news for Trojans! (Like we need more good news, eh?)

Big things are expected of true freshman WR Jordan Bishop from West Salem (OR) H.S. Ditto to DE and juco transfer Simi Kuli, he is being touted as the key to making the new D-Line gel.

Good news for the OSU Squad: Guard Jeremy Perry is expected to be ready to play by the start of the season. He is one of, if not the best guards in the Pac-10. Perry missed most of 2007 with a broken leg and is recovering from knee surgery this spring.

The Beavers have a tough schedule, not only do they face conference rivals USC, ASU and Oregon; they have a rough non-conference schedule this year as well. I expect the Beavers to finish near the middle of the Pac. (Pun intended)

OSU’s Non Conference Schedule: Penn State, Hawaii, Utah

Oregon State reports to pre-season camp on August 1st.


Yes I know. We were 41 point favorites. Yes I know, biggest upset in college football. (but? Really? Michigan-Appalachian State comes to mind as being a bigger upset.) But I point out that John David Booty should have sat out when he broke his finger, not thrown 4 interceptions.


The Cardinal has some questions in this second season under showboating Coach Jim Harbaugh. Sure they return a conference high sixteen starters from last year’s squad, with seven of those on offense, but who is their QB? And let’s not forget that despite their (fluke) upset of Southern California, this is the offense ranked last in its conference in yards and points per game. So yeah, the Cardinal, he has some questions to be answered. Such as will injured starters Allen Smith (OT, kneecap) and Jim Dray (TE, knee) be ready to play at some point this season. Cardinal blogs report that we may not see either of these players in 2008.

Notre Dame transfer Konrad Reuland is expected to take on the Tight End duties this year; Oct 4 should be interesting for him. (Stanford faces the Fighting Irish on this day.)

The QB slot is a three man battle between Tavita Prichard, Jason Forcier and Alex Loukas, but highly touted freshman recruit Andrew Luck could be the man the Cardinal needs at QB.

This program faces an uphill battle with the high academic standards required just to achieve admission to Leland Stanford Junior University. Can Harbaugh bring wins to Palo Alto? Sure he can-but he’ll need several years of recruiting to do it. After all, he’s not just looking for explosive athletes, he’s also looking for exceptional academics as well.

Look for Stanford to finish 7th or lower in the Pac-10.

Stanford’s Non Conference Schedule: TCU, San Jose State, Notre Dame

Stanford reports to pre-season camp on August 1st.


High up in the hills of Westwood, offensive to the lumberjack’s eyes, Lies the Cal extension campus known as Westwood High. Fight! Fight! Fight! Home of all the Bruin bear cubs, UGLY is its name. The student body’s vile, The campus is a pile, and the football team’s a shame! Fight! Fight! Fight! U. G. L. Y, UGLY Eat my shorts!

At least that’s the way we sing it at USC. In all seriousness though, this is not looking like a good year for those Bruins who wear the powder blue jerseys. It could be considered a successful season if UCLA is bowl eligible at season’s end.

I mean, what are you going to do without a QB or an Offensive Line? Or, more accurately, a just coming off his umpteenth injury QB and no O-Line? Norm Chow may be the guru that helped Coach Carroll resurrect the storied tradition of Trojan football, but you’ve got to have PLAYERS to build a football team.

I am biased, that is not a secret. There is not a lot of love for the Bruins from this Trojan. So let’s just look at some of the facts.

  • They have the 10th ranked offensive line in the Pac-10
  • Both Ben Olson and Patrick Cowan were injured on the same day in Spring practice. Patrick Cowan is out for the season with his injury.
  • Olson is insanely injury prone himself.
  • Rick Neuheisel is in his first year as Head Coach in Westwood. Norm Chow is in his first year as Offensive Coordinator in Westwood (traitor!). Much of the rest of the coaching staff is brand new.
  • The pitiful O-Line needs to replace 4 starters from last year’s so-so squad.
  • Projected starting RT Sean Sheller is out for the season with injuries sustained in an ATV accident. That’s 5 Offensive Linemen needing replacement now.
  • Junior tailback Christian Ramirez will miss the season because he did not meet NCAA eligibility requirements.
  • If QB Olson somehow remains healthy all season and makes it to the USC game, he will most assuredly be Maualugaed.

Do I need to go on? Neuheisel, Chow and co. walk into a bit of a mess over there in Westwood. Do they have the chops to turn it around and return UCLA to glory? Yes, they do. It’s just not going to happen THIS year.

UCLA’s Non Conference Schedule: Tennessee, BYU, Fresno State

UCLA reports to pre-season camp on August 5th.


Look for USC to meet Georgia for the BCS Title. We were anointed the pre-season #1 at the Pac-10 media day today and we are a favorite to win the Nat’l Championship. Not only do we face formidable conference rivals Oregon and ASU but we’ve got a September 20th date with the Buckeyes of Ohio State at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum too.

Do it better than it’s ever been done before and never stop competing. Win Forever. Always Compete.

These are but a few of our team mottoes.

Consider these facts. Under Pete Carroll, USC has:

  • Six Consecutive Pac-10 titles
  • A record Six straight BCS bowls
  • A record five BCS bowl wins
  • Three Heisman Trophy Winners
  • Two National Championships
  • A Nationwide high 10 players drafted into the NFL in the 2008 Draft
  • An NCAA record of 63 straight games scoring 20 or more points
  • A national record of 33 straight weeks as the AP #1
  • Six consecutive AP finishes in the top 4.
  • A 76-14 (84.4%) record

The question is not: Will USC be good? The question is: Can USC be beat? And if so, how?

Mark Sanchez, the 6’3″, 223lb junior takes over as QB this year. Coming out of high school in 2004 he was everybody’s All American. One Pac-10 coach said Sanchez was the best QB he’d ever seen on film.

Now he gets a chance to show the Nation how good he is.

Folks, not much needs to be said about my Trojans. We will dominate if we stay focused. And focus is not something Pete Carroll’s teams lack.

In Pete We Trust.

Fight on!

USC’s Non Conference Schedule: Virginia, Ohio State, Notre Dame

USC reports to pre-season camp on August 6th.


Tyrone Willingham is another Pac-10 coach on the hot seat. He meets his former team, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame on October 25th at Husky Stadium but the discomfort of that is nothing compared to the November 15th date the Huskies have with the Bruins. See, Rick Neuheisel is the Anti-Christ to Husky Nation. His very existence reminds U Dub fans of how elite their program once was and what his role was in dismantling it.

Washington has been slow in improving under Willingham’s tutelage. And slow is not what Husky fans want. They want a return to the days of glory. To winning the Pac-10-which they haven’t done since Rick Neuheisel’s second season in 2000. To winning the National Championship-their last was in 1991. Not to another 4-9 season and bottom of the Pac-10 finish.

This is the program Neuheisel destroyed in the eyes of Husky Nation. I hope he has bodyguards for the November 15th game in Seattle.

Look at it like this: Willingham is going into his third season and is 9-16 overall. When Pete Carroll ended his second full season at USC, he was 17-8 overall and coming off an 11-2 season and top 4 AP finish. In his 3rd season USC won a share of the National Championship with a 12-1 record.
This is the sort of thing Husky fans expect from their Coach. Miracles.

For Willingham to be successful at retaining his job-which we’ll define by a 6 win season and bowl berth-he will have to instill confidence in his squad. He will have to imbue them with the will to win. That’s going to be hard to do if he starts off 0-3 which is very likely considering the first three teams the Huskies face are Oregon, BYU and Oklahoma.


On the one hand, you’ve gotta respect a guy with a program trying to battle it’s way up from the doldrums of the conference who goes out and schedules BYU and Oklahoma as two of his team’s three non-conference games. (The third being his date with Notre Dame.)

On the other hand, you’ve got to wonder if he’s drinking some spiked Kool-Aid that makes him think his 2-7 in the Pac-10 last year team can post a winning season with these kinds of odds stacked against them.

It’s going to be interesting to sit back and see how it unfolds this season. Husky fans, you have my sympathy-after all, USC Football in the 1990’s was very painful, I know how it feels.

Washington‘s Non Conference Schedule: BYU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame

Washington reports to pre-season camp on August 4th.


41 year old Paul Wulff is new to the Wazzou coaching job. He’s inheriting a team with issues up the Wazzou. (pun intended.) What Cougar fans will like is that Wulff is a former Cougar player himself. He played offensive line for the Washington State Cougars from 1986 to 1989.

The Cougar’s have a stellar receiver in First Team All Pac-10 senior Brandon Gibson. They have a new QB in 6’7″, 233lb Gary Rogers. And Coach Wulff is bringing a new offense to Pullman. Will Gibson and Rogers be up to Wulff’s no-huddle attack? We’ll know soon enough.

Wulff also has inherited a team with a bunch of off-field issues. They lost eight scholarships when they failed to meet the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate Standards. 25 Cougar players have been arrested in the past 18 months. Safety Xavier Hicks is spending 45 days in jail, and missing the first 3 games of the season after pleading guilty to 2 gross misdemeanors. Defensive lineman Andy Roof’s troubled past has left his fate as a Cougar player up in the air.

But signs of change are already apparent. Coach Wulff cut QB recruit Calvin Schmidtke from the team because of a number of controlled-substance violations.

With the kind of problems this team faces, a former Cougar may just be the man to clean up the face of the program while steadily improving the team. The Cougars were 5-7 last year. I don’t expect much of an improvement this year, though it could be said that maintaining a 5-7 record would be an improvement with all the changes that need to be made and questions that need to be answered in Pullman.

Wazzou’s Non Conference Schedule: Oklahoma State, Baylor, Portland State

Washington State reports to pre-season camp on August 5th.

And that concludes Your 2008 Pac-10 Preview my football fiends. Next up is the Big 10. Give me a couple of days, this one took 2 days to do. (I’m betting because it is MY conference. I’m HOPING because it is MY conference. And because it is over 3,000 words maybe?)

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Guest post: College Football Preview – UGA #1 team in BCS

June 30, 2008

I want to start by introducing myself. I am ‘eneffell’ (NFL) and I am the author of The I-Form (be sure to visit it) and secondly, I would like to thank Amy for letting me contribute on her blog. I am here to tell you why the Georgia Bulldogs are the number one team college football.

The main summary of Georgia’s 41-10 beating of Hawaii is sacks. If you remember the 2008 Sugar Bowl

correctly, your mind will conjure up visions of Colt Brennan on the ground with a Georgia D-Lineman standing triumphantly over him.

Georgia sacked Brennan eight times and knocked him down 20+ times. He couldn’t get the ball off. Reports surfaced that Brennan now sleeps with a night-light because he thinks Marcus Howard is in his closet or under his bed. Howard was the first defensive player to be Sugar Bowl MVP

Now, Howard is gone, but most of the offense and defense is back. And with a Top 5 Recruiting Class, the Bulldogs are definitely a pre-season Top 5 Team along with the likes of Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, and Florida (not necessarily in that order) if not the best.

And, in the expert opinion of Todd McShay, Knowshon Moreno and Matt Stafford are Top 5 Picks in next years draft. And, in my amateur opinion, I think they are both Heisman candidates for next year as well. Both are young, and both are very good.

But, there are possible problems down the road. Georgia does have a very tough schedule. Combined with SEC Conference play, which is always difficult, they have to go to Arizona State to play the Sun Devils, who are also a Pre-Season Top 25 team. Then, on top of that, they have road games at LSU and Auburn.

I like my Dawgs a lot this season. The Gridiron Goddess would tell you that USC is better. But, UGA would tell you ‘Go Dawgs’

– eneffell, Author of

Note from Your Gridiron Goddess: eneffell is right about one thing, I do think USC is better. But I also think the top two teams in the country are not Florida and Ohio State (the choke master 1) or Florida and LSU or Florida and Oklahoma (the choke master 2) The top two teams in College Football heading into the season are USC and Georgia.


College Game day is a little late, but here!

December 1, 2007

hi Football Fiends!!!

I can’t believe this is the last Saturday of the regular CFB season. I am already feeling the withdrawals that will hit next Saturday when I wake up and Corso and Herbstreit aren’t on my T.V. Sigh.

That said- here are my picks for today, and my instinct is telling me there is at least one upset that will happen. Will the Wildcats of Arizona stun the still-beat-up-from-USC Sun Devils of ASU? Will the Vols beat the Tigers? fUCLA will NOT beat USC, I can say that with all the authority of a devout Trojan fan.


USC over UCLA of course.

Oklahoma and Mizzou – guys, I am so not sure about this one. So not sure I am tempted not to pick a winner at all but I will-

Mizzou over Oklahoma

LSU over Tennessee

ASU over Arizona

Oregon State over Oregon

Cal over Stanford

VaTech over BC

Hawaii over Washington

WVU over Pitt

-Your Gridiron Goddess