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NFL Picks – Week 3: Not sure about that Indy-AZ game

September 24, 2009

Week 3 Final 10-6

Week 2 Final: 9-7

Week 1 Final: 12-4

Hey Football Fiends!

I am so not sure what to do about the Indianapolis-Arizona game. Not sure at all. As of the moment of writing this post, I’m going with AZ. However, I MAY change my mind before game time. It’s only fair to let you know. My Pick Em league lets me change my pick up to 5 minutes before the start of the game. If I do change my mind I will note it with an asterick.

TN over Jets – am not changing again. Decided no team of Jeff Fischer’s is going to lose 3 in a row.

Texas over Jax

Eagles over KC

Baltimore over Cleveland

NY Giants over Bucs

Redskins over Lions

Green Bay over Rams

Vikings over San Fransisco

New England over Atlanta

Chicago over Seattle

New Orleans over Buffalo

San Diego over Miami

Pittsburgh over Cincinatti

Oakland over Denver

Arizona over Indianapolis

Dallas over Carolina

-Your Gridiron Goddess



Random Thoughts on the 2009 NFL Season

September 9, 2009

Hey Football Fiends!

That long dry period of no real football games (pre-season so doesn’t count!) is just about over. Before I post my picks, I have some random thoughts on the season, Favre, Vick, certain rookies and the Detroit Lions.

  • Brett Favre. Oh man. Hey I get it, I do – he loves the game, its hard to let go and once he retires for good, life as he knows it will change forever. That said, dude is damaging his legacy, looks ridiculous and is not making any fans in Green Bay by being a part of NFC North rival Minnesota Vikings.
  • Michael Vick. OK. Sure. Everyone deserves a second chance. I will keep my opinion about his reprehensible unforgivable behavior to a minimum. That said, I so don’t buy the manufactured goodwill there supposedly is between Donovan McNabb and Mike Vick. And while most pundits are saying the Eagles will vy for the NFC Championship once again this year – I’m not buying it. One thing the Eagles do well is choke. One thing McNabb does well is get injured. And funny that, one thing Mike Vick does well is choke and get injured.
  • Mark Sanchez has been looking quite impressive behind center for the New York Jets. His poise and calmness belie the fact that he’s a rookie. I’m looking forward to see how he develops this season.
  • Beanie Wells will be fantastic for the Arizona Cardinals offense. Another weapon to add to Warner’s cache. With Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Dominique Byrd, Steve Breaston and now Wells? AZ is getting DEPTH, y’all.
  • Look for the NFC East and the NFC North to be the dominant divisions this year.
  • Detroit Lions. Last season’s “perfect” zero win season was a thing of tragic beauty. New Head Coach Jim Schwartz will bring change — and wins — to Detroit — it just might not be this year. Installing their #1 overall draft pick Matthew Stafford as the starting QB is a start. Word has it Stafford has some strong chemistry with 3rd year WR Calvin Johnson.  The Lions have to use Stafford. I mean, they can’t do any worse than last season so why not take all sorts of chances?
  • Lions Coach Jim Schwartz was last the Defensive Coordinator at Tennessee and has also worked under Bill Belichick when he was at the Browns
  • The Lions are the Chicago Cubs of football at this point. And unfortunately they play in what will be one of the two toughest divisions in the NFL this year.  The best chances the Lions have to rack up one (or more) win this season are:  November 1 vs St. Louis, December 6th against the Bengals, November 22 against the Browns and December 27th against San Francisco. Unfortunately another winless season looks like a very distinct possibility.

I’ll be back on Thursday with my Week 1 NFL picks!

-Your Gridiron Goddess



Former USC standout Kenechi Udeze to retire

July 30, 2009

D041175011.JPGHello Football Fiends-

Minnesota Vikining and former USC Trojan DE Kenechi Udeze announced his retirement today. Udeze was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2008 and missed the 2008-09 season while he sought treatment for his cancer.

Udeze felt well enough to work out and attend the mini camps in the spring. He was expected to report to training camp for the Vikings on July 31st.

Udeze made a statement earlier today:

“… I am well. Unfortunately, however, I have decided to retire due to certain side effects from my pre-transplant treatment. I would like to thank the Wilf family and the Minnesota Vikings organization for their support. I would also like to thank my fans, friends and family for supporting me through everything. Last but not least, I would like to thank all of the medical professionals and staff in Minnesota who worked tirelessly to give me a second chance at life. God bless.”

Udeze was the Viking’s first round draft pick in 2004.  At USC from 2001-2003 Udeze had 135 tackles with 51 of them for a loss, 28 sacks, 14 forced fumbles,3 fumble recoveries, 1 interception, 5 pass deflections, and 2 blocked kicks.

I wish Kenechi the best of luck in his continued fight against and recovery from leukemia. Fight On Kenechi!

-Your Gridiron Goddess



NFL Picks – Week 3

September 19, 2008

Hey Football Fiends,
Well damn. This is an odd and hard to pick slate of games. Stephen (of Your Fantasy Football Reality Check) and I went over and over and over them again and came to the conclusion that all but maybe two games are completely unpredictable. LOL

Atlanta over KC 38-14

Bills over Raiders 24-23

Tennessee over Texans 31-12

Giants over Bengals 26-23

Washington over Arizona 24-17

Patriots over Miami 38-13

Bears over Tampa 27-24

Vikings over Panthers 20-10

Seahawks over Rams 37-13

San Francisco over Detroit 31-13

Denver over New Orleans 34-31

Philly over Pittsburgh 15-6

Jaguars over Colts 23-21

Browns over Ravens 28-10

Dallas over Green Bay

Chargers over Jets

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL Picks – Week 2

September 12, 2008

WRAP UP: Stinking up the joint so far w these picks!! 8-7-1 (postponed). Worst week ever for my picks.

hey Football Fiends!

Here are your NFL Picks for week 2

Oakland over KC 23-8

Bengals over Titans 24-7 (I am officially over the Bengals)

Colts over Vikings 18-15

Saints over Redskins 29-24

Packers over Lions 48-25

Bears over Panthers 20-17

Giants over Rams 41-13

Bucs over Falcons 24-9

Jaguars over Bills 20-16

Seahawks over 49ers 33-30

Arizona over Miami 31-10

Jets over Patriots 19-10. Way to go Matt Cassel!

Chargers over Broncos 39-38 Really San Diego? 2 weeks in a row by 1 point? Really?

Steelers over Browns 10-6


Cowboys over Eagles

Ravens over Texans

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL Week 1 Picks

September 6, 2008

Week 1 Wrap Up: 11-5 Ugh, I can do so much better!

Hey there football fiends,

Here are your Week 1 NFL picks:


Giants over Redskins


Lions over Falcons

Bengals over Ravens

Seahawks over Bills

Jets over Dolphins

Pats over Chiefs

Saints over Bucs

Eagles over Rams

Steelers over Texans

Titans over Jaguars

Cowboys over Browns

Chargers over Panthers

Cards over 49ers

Colts over Bears


Packers over Vikings

Broncos over Raiders

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Harem of the Goddess Post: Walker Sports on the NFC North

August 7, 2008

Football fiends, friend of the Gridiron Goddess Walker Sports is back to share his views on the NFC North with us.

Walker-Sports:NFC North Preview

Welcome back everybody. Walker-Sports NFL Preview is in full swing. Today we will attempt to tackle the confusing NFC North. By this time everyone knows about the Brett Favre saga and obviously that has a huge impact on the outcome in the division. Nonetheless, Walker-Sports think we know where Brett will end up, and so we feel safe moving ahead and forecasting the division.

Minnesota Vikings: This is a team that has been in the headlines since the Favre controversy began to kick up back in early July. However, even without the services of number 4 the Vikings are a stacked team that took enormous steps in the right direction last season, and there is no doubt they will build on that in 2008. Adrian Peterson is obviously a Pro-Bowl player and an absolute stud. As long as he can stay healthy (and that is a big if) the Vikings have a chance to control the ball and stay in any game. Tavaris Jackson will be called on to play quarterback and honestly he is not very good. No other way to put it, watching his mechanics it is obvious that he has some problems with his throwing motion. In addition he struggles reading coverage’s and making decisions under pressure. Throw in the fact that his targets are not at the elite level and the Vikings passing game will struggle to get anything done. On defense, the Vikings are young but maturing very quickly. Their linebacking core has gelled very well in the last 12 months and will be a force to be reckoned with, the question is will their offense leave them in a good enough position to perform?

Green Bay Packers:
Walker-Sports realize that Favre won’t be there this season, but Aaron Rodgers has shown the potential to be a solid starting QB. And if he cannot get the job done there is a good chance that Chris Simms or Brian Griese will be there to back him up (oops did we just say where Brett is going?). The real key signing the Packers have to make is getting Ryan Grant back onto the field. When Grant emerged as the starter last season, he gave the Packers offense the stability they needed to make it to within a throw of the Super Bowl. I love the core of receivers Green Bay has. Their ability to take a short route and turn it into a big game is something that every team should look for. I’m also in love with the Packers defense I believe this is one of the most overlooked units in the league. Considering their opposition in the NFC North, they should have another standout year. The only reason I don’t like the Packers to win this division is because of the early season distraction of Brett, and a second possible QB switch.

Chicago Bears: It’s amazing that the Bears front office is able to remain employed. The Bears have been searching for a starting QB since 2000 and yet again the chose not to draft anyone who could step in and fill that role. Instead they used a coin flip to decide if Grossman or Orton would take the opening snaps in training camp. Not exactly the vote of confidence you want if you’re a QB. In addition the Bears allowed themselves to be held hostage by Devin Hester who held out to get a bigger deal, then insisted that he did not want to play offense. Hope he takes a look at Dante Hall’s career as a one dimensional return man. All around poor moves by the front office will cost them sooner than later. Nonetheless the Bears are back and their defense should be healthy. This will at least keep them competitive throughout the season. Look for them to slush their way through the division and miss out on the post season.

Detroit Lions: Jon Kitna made a promise and for a brief moment it looked as if he was going to live up to it. However, reality set in, and the Lions stumbled down the stretch to a 7-9 season. I’ve said it 1000 times Jon Kitna is the QB to get you up to the mountain top but he cannot cross over. 8-8 is the max he can give a team and because of that the Lions will continue to suffer in mediocrity. Granted the full blame cannot all be placed on Kina, the Lions running game is non existent and the slew of highly rated draft picks at wideouts continue to underachieve. The Lions will have a few moments when they look like gang busters this season, but they will not be able to maintain that level of excellence over the long haul and they will once again fall short of making the post season.