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CFB Picks Week 10: One Unbeaten BCS Team Will Fall

November 7, 2008

Hey Football Fiends!

Mark my words: One of the Unbeaten BCS teams will go down this weekend. It’s not Utah, they’ve already won. Will it be Texas Tech in a hangover from last week’s last minute victory over Texas? Will it be the Crimson Tide when they go on down to Baton Rouge? Or will Penn State’s Nittany Lions get surprised by that team from Iowa?

To tell you the truth–I am not sure. I think Texas Tech will lose either this week or next week against Oklahoma. Bama and LSU–damn. I’m not impressed with LSU this season in the same way that many are not impressed with USC. Yes LSU is a good team. But they just aren’t firing on all the cylinders they need to be to win the SEC.  The two games the Tigers have lost (Georgia and Florida) they’ve lost big. And Bama has already beat the Bulldogs.

But who am I underestimating? The Red Raiders? The Cowboys? The Tigers? The Crimson Tide? Or is it the Nittany Lions who will finally prove fallible?

God I love College Football!

Any Given Saturday. That’s what I keep telling myself. So without further editorializing, my CFB Picks for Week 10.

UTAH over TCU 13-10

USC over CAL

Wisconsin over Indiana

Ohio State over Northwestern 45-10

Florida over Vanderbilt 42-14

Georgia over Kentucky 42-38

Oregon State over UCLA

Arizona over WA State

Texas over Baylor 45-21

Minnesota over Michigan

Nebraska over  Kansas

Mizzou over K State 41-24

Michigan State over Purdue 21-7

And the 3 Unbeaten Teams left:

Oklahoma State over Texas Tech

Bama over LSU

Penn State over Iowa 24-23

-Your Gridiron Goddess



CFB Picks Week: Halloween & USC Homecoming

October 31, 2008

13-3 on the day!

Hey Football Fiends!
Here are this week’s College Football Picks.
You know the drill. 16 games. 32 teams. 16 winners. 16 losers.

Fresno St over LA Tech

Notre Dame over Pitt

USC over Washington

Oklahoma over Nebraska

Cal over Oregon

Texas Tech over Texas (If anyone’s going to upset the Longhorns this year it’s Tech)

Michigan St over Wisconsin

LSU over Tulane

Utah over New Mexico

Oregon St over ASU

Alabama over Arkansas St

UVA over Miami

Illinois over Iowa

Wake over Duke

Mizzou over Baylor

Mississippi over Auburn

-Your Gridiron Goddess


CFB Picks week 9

October 23, 2008

Week 9?!!! How’d it get to be weeek NINE already, Football Fiends? WOW.

You know the drill. 16 games. 32 teams. 16 winners. 16 losers.

Here are my College Football Picks for Week 9:

Auburn over WVU

Boise State over San Jose State

Illinois over Wisconsin

Texas A&M over Iowa State

Florida over Kentucky

Ole Miss over Arkansas


Vandy over Duke

Cal over UCLA

USC over Arizona (now we all know this is exactly the type of game in which my Trojans have a tendency to stumble. Only they won’t. USC by 3 tds, y’all)

Bama over Tennessee

Oklahoma over Kansas State

South Florida over Louisville

Nebraska over Baylor

Mizzou over Colorado

Ohio State over Penn State

ETA: I’ve been asked “What about Texas-Oklahoma State?” I pondered this and left it off for a reason. I think Oklahoma State will win it. And am not sure if it is because I am Hater or because I truly feel OK St has a shot.

-Your Gridirion Goddess


CFB Picks week 6

October 3, 2008

Wrap up- Well 13-3 is MUCH BETTER than last week!

hey Football Fiends!

Well hmmm. Here’s to hoping this weekend goes better than last weekend for my picks.

WV over Rutgers

Penn State over Purdue

Mich State over Iowa

Ole Miss over South Carolina

Auburn over Vandy

Mizzou over Nebraska

Texas over Colorado

Cal over ASU

Arizona over Washington

Oklahoma over Baylor

Fresno State over Hawaii

USC over Oregon

VA Tech over W. Kentucky

Ohio State over Wisconsin (tho I am tempted to pick Wisc–definitely go w Wisc if you’re betting the 1.5 point spread)

Tennessee over N. Illinois

UCLA over Wazzou

-Your Gridiron Goddess


CFB Week 4 Picks

September 24, 2008

Hey Football Fiends!

You know the drill. 16 games. 32 teams. 16 winners and 16 losers.

USC over Oregon State

Georgia over Alabama

Miami (FL) over UNC

Michigan State over Indiana

Florida over Ole Miss

LSU over Mississippi State

Purdue over Notre Dame

Nebraska over Virginia Tech

Stanford over Washington

Cal over Colorado State

Auburn over Tennessee

Wisconsin over Michigan

Fresno State over UCLA

Oklahoma over TCU

Oregon over Washington State

Penn State over Illinois

-Your Gridiron Goddess



August 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up 13-4

Football Fiends!

The LONG — 40 weeks! We should have built an Ark to get us through the long, dry, desert known as the weeks without college football–wait is over!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS TODAY. (Go ahead, I’ll give you time to digest that info.)

It’s going to be an all college football weekend this Labor Day and I can’t wait.

Without further ado, here are my Week 1 picks:

Thursday Games:

  • Wake Forest over Baylor 41-13
  • South Carolina over NC State 34-0
  • Oregon State over Stanford (I had a feeling about this game and almost went with Stanford, first “trust my instinct” lesson of the 2008 season) 38-26

Saturday Games:

  • Utah over Michigan ( I just can’t shake the feeling that RichRod’s Wolverines are still in a bit of chaos) 25-23
  • USC over Virginia (Prediction for final score: 31-14) 52-7
  • Florida over Hawaii (The spread here is Hawaii +34–not quite the Colt Brennan/June Jones days anymore, is it?) 56-10
  • Clemson over Alabama 34-10
  • Mizzou over Illinois 52-41
  • ASU over Northern AZ 30-13
  • UNLV over Utah State (Utah State is getting 12.5 points. UNLV won 2 games last year. Yeah.) 27-17
  • Oregon over Washington 44-10
  • Boise State over Idaho State 49-7
  • Nebraska over Western Michigan 47-24
  • Ole Miss over Memphis 41-24
  • California over Michigan State (Kevin Riley’s getting the start for Cal, not Nate Longshore, this should be interesting.) 38-31

Monday Games:

  • Tennessee over UCLA 27-24
  • Rutgers over Fresno State 27-4 (Lesson #2 of trusting my instincts right here folks. Oh well)

I’ll be checking in throughout the weekend to update the wins and losses and comment. ENJOY the first weekend of the College Football Season! Only 11 more! (So sad, isn’t it? Shortest season in sports.)

-Your Gridiron Goddess


A Harem of the Gridiron Goddess post: Walker Sports on ACC Preview 2008 – Coastal Division

July 12, 2008

Gridiron Goddess welcomes back Walker Sports with his ACC Coastal Division Preview.

Your ACC Preview – Coastal Division

by Walker Sports

Welcome back to part two of Walker-Sports ACC preview. In this section we will take a look at the Coastal Division. Of the two divisions the Coatal is without a doubt the tightest, and will prove to be the most competitive. It could also make for some interesting results come November once all these teams have tangled and a couple upsets go down.

Virginia Tech Hokies: The Hokies have been a terror to the ACC since the day they arrived in the league. They have played in 3 out of 4 ACC Championships. There is no doubt the ACC made the right move bringing these guys in. This year the Hokies are likely the only legitimate threat to the Clemson Tigers if the two can meet in the ACC Championship game. However, this year will take a little more effort than Beamer and company are used to. The Hokies lost several key players on both sides of the ball including star running back Brandon Ore and linebackers Xavier Adibi. The Hokies will also continue their battle at quarterback that began last season between Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor. Lucky for the Hokies they have the best of both worlds with these guys, Glennon being a scrambler and Taylor a drop back passer.

No matter who is at the helm at QB you can bank that Virginia Tech will play solid defense and great special teams. That will make them a top contender in the ACC and a possible factor in the BCS.

Record: 10-2

Key Games: East Carolina, Nebraska, Florida State

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Change was the theme of the off-season for the Yellow Jackets. Paul Johnson’s option offense scared off a couple players, but they will be stronger because of it. Josh Nesbitt will be charged with running the offensive this season, and he has the tools to make it happen, if he stays healthy, a groin injury has sidelined him for much of the spring.

What the Rambling Wreck will do very well this year, is attack opposing offenses. The Yellow Jackets have one of the top ends and one of the top tackles in the league, Michael Johnson and Vance Walker will test any offensive line. The D-Line alone will keep the Yellow Jackets in most any game they play this season.

Record: 7-5

Key Games: Florida State, Mississippi State, Georgia

Miami Hurricanes: Don’t go crazy with this one, the ‘Canes fell into this spot by accident, not because they have done anything special. Miami will be pretty much all freshmen or first year players. Lucky for them their freshmen tend to be better than an average teams seniors.

The Hurricanes are moving in the right direction, and they appear to be doing it the right way. That meant getting rid of a lot of players and coaches. That will lead to disappointment in the short term, but if the Alumni can hang in there and just trust in their coach, they will find themselves back on track, especially with this talented group of freshmen.

Record: 7-5

Key Games: UCF, Virginia, Texas A&M

Virginia Cavaliers: Al Groh must go, was the chant heard round Charlottesville after an embarrassing opening lost on the road to Wyoming. However, a 9-4 campaign seemed to make many Cavalier fans forget Groh’s shortcomings and he even received a contract extension. However, after a meltdown in the Gator Bowl and an embarrassing off season that saw seven players kicked out of school perhaps Groh’s job should still be on the line.

Despite all the setbacks the Cavaliers are looking to employ a more wide open attack and actually toss the ball down field some this year, Combine a revamped passing game with the return of Cedric Peermen and Mikell Simpson at running back and the Cav’s could have a decent offense, but don’t hold your breath.

Seven wins this season would be a phenomenal achievement. (Your Gridiron Goddess says: ESPECIALLY since they open their season against USC.)

Record 6-6

Key Games: Miami, East Carolina, Clemson, USC

North Carolina Tar Heels: Butch Davis is entering his second year as head coach in Chapel Hill, and while that does mean something, Davis alone is not enough to put the Tar Heels back on the winning track. The Heels will be much better than their 4-8 mark of their last year, however due to a tough schedule; the improvement may not be seen in the win column. Out of conference games against Rutgers, Notre Dame and UConn can mean trouble for the Heels.

The bulk of their success will depend on how their backfield gels together. Greg Little is the sophomore who moved to tailback from receiver late last year and he will carry the load this season. T.J. Yates is supposed to be the starter at QB comes August, but he has not thrown much at all since shoulder surgery in December. If he is unable to go the Tar Heels will depend on backups Paulus and Sexton to step up and run the offense.

Record: 5-7

Key Games: UConn, Boston College, North Carolina State

Duke Blue Devils: I won’t lie this is just hard to do because, I don’t want to be too tongue and cheek, and Walker-Sports is not about sugar coat anything, so sorry Blue Devil fans. David Cuttcliffe has challenged his team to improve their fitness, and their team speed. To this point the team has responded well. However, Duke simply does not have the athletes to compete at the high levels of the ACC. Nonetheless, the Blue Devils will be an improved team.
Record: 2-10

Key Games, James Madison, Northwestern

ACC Championship Game: Clemson vs. Virginia Tech

Clemson wins ACC Title and Tommy Bowden goes to the Orange Bowl where the ACC can hopefully regain some respect on the national level.

That’s it for me, hope you enjoyed the preview feel free to drop a line with your comments. This is going to be a special year in college football, there’s a lot of variables out there, and a lot of new faces on the scene so buckle up and get ready for what will be a hellUVA a ride.