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Attention all 2008 USC Trojan opponents:

July 13, 2008

You are about to be Maualugaed.

Urban Dictionary has just added this term to it’s growing lexicon.  And how flipping appropriate it is.

Rey Maualuga,  USC’s ubiquitous middle linebacker, is known for his hard hitting, punishing ways. And he doesn’t limit it to opponents either.  He even does it to his own teammates in practices. (Dear Patrick Turner, how’s that shoulder stinger Rey inflicted in practice?)

Maualuga has 194 tackles to date.  He is a senior standing 6’2 and weighing in at 260lbs. He is on the “watch list” for the 2008 Lombardi Award and Bronko Nagurski Award.   

UVA, Ohio State, Notre Dame, UCLA, UW, Wash State, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, ASU, Cal, Stanford: You’ve been warned.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Practice makes perfect!

October 4, 2007

Fellow football fiends, today I found myself in the coolest of all possible cool places. Where is that you ask? At USC’s football practice down on campus. And YES, it was just as the media is always reporting. The players and coaching staff were as relaxed as reported. They were laughing and having fun and calling each other by their nicknames and it was so much freaking fun!

John David Booty crossed THIS close to me, y’all. He’s not that tall–well, let me qualify that, I am 5’9″, so he wasn’t all that much taller than my near Amazonian butt. But Patrick Turner, that boy walks like a gazelle. He’s got a bit of the Willie Gault in his stride, that’s for sure.  

But what really struck me, well after the Trojan Pride thing–when I pushed open the door to the practice field and the Sports Information guy was asking people who they were with and I just said “I’m an alumni, I just wanted to watch for a bit”–well I was welcomed with open arms. What really struck me is how YOUNG these boys are. You forget watching them week after week in their dominance and strength that these kids are 18, 19, 20 years old.

While the Trojan football team was running through their exercises, the band was practicing on the adjacent field and it was all just so…Trojan-riffic. So collegiate. So Southern California perfect.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Let’s get one thing straight…

October 3, 2007

These rumors about Pete Carroll and the Chargers? Are just that, rumors. IF and that is a big IF Pete Carroll were considering the Head Coach job in San Diego there is no way in hell he’d be giving any press to it or much thought to it during the Trojan’s season. He is too loyal, too focused, too smart and has far too much fun coaching Southern California to let gossip and rumors distract him from the job at hand– winning the 2007 BCS National Championship, OK. So all you sports writers and fans out there can yammer on about Carroll and or Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkissian leaving for the Chargers but it just ain’t gonna happen. It for sure ain’t gonna happen during the season. And I’d place money on the fact that come the kick off of the Trojan’s 2008 season against the Cavaliers of UVA, Pete Carroll will still be our head coach.

Ah, getting that off my chest is such a relief. Hello Fellow Football Fiends! I am so happy to hear so many of you did well in your office pools using my NFL picks! I’ll put them up on the site on Fridays all season for you and will be sure to note which ones I am not sure about so you can make a determination on those.

Also in USC Football news, tailback C.J. Gable is out for the season with his groin injury. He will be taking a medical redshirt and undergoing surgery to correct his injury. Best of luck and super fast healing goes out to C.J.!

Fortunately my Trojans are so loaded that losing a stellar player like Gable should be barely a wrinkle in our offense.

The Guys over at EDSBS have my favorite quote of the week so far:

“USC’s backups have backups that fart lightning and sweat pure liquid awesome into their silken robes of excellence”

But it only beats out this EDSBS quote by a fraction

“USC has become so consistently good that we, as observers, have cruised past the offramp to boredom and instead gone deep into the territory serviced by the highway of absurdity. It’s nice out here, really…”

Indeed boys, indeed, it IS nice out here. And I hope your Gators kick the crap out of Les Miles’ Tigers of LSU this weekend.

My Cubs currently trail the D’backs by 1 in game one of the NLDS. Come on Zambrano, pull a win out for the Cubbies and their loyal fans!!!

-Your Gridiron Goddess, still going with the McNabb sacked pics.


CFB wrap up #2: Further thoughts on the Wacky Weekend that was

September 30, 2007

Hello fellow football fiends, my Ny/Day-quil haze has lifted a bit and in thinking about the CARAZY day that Saturday was for the top 25, hell, especially for the top 10, I have a few thoughts:

1. Urban Meyer’s vaunted offense is being exposed as a one-trick show. He relies on athletic QB’s. That seems to be it. Florida has no truly reliable stand out receivers or running backs despite recruiting such blue chip players as Percy Harvin. Shut down Tim Tebow as Auburn’s defense did on Saturday, and the Meyer offense stalls. But look back to Meyer’s days at Utah, it was all about Alex Smith and what he could do and the most talked about running back spoken of in the same breath as Smith/Utah was USC’s Reggie Bush and how he and Smith played on the same High School team in San Diego.

Tebow is a mightily talented athlete. But he cannot carry an entire offense on his shoulders and he should not have to.

2. The only team that can beat USC is USC. How else do you explain 16 penalties for 160 yards, the loss of two key offensive players and a respectable opponent in the vastly improved Washington Huskies and yet they still manage to eke out a win? Now, should USC play like that against Cal, or Oregon or ASU or LSU–would they be able to eke out that win? Maybe, maybe not, but let it be known, Washington did not even come close to outplaying USC last night. What they did was take advantage of the uncharacteristic mistakes USC made.

3. Speaking of USC: they need 2 things right now. A receiver to emerge as the dominant go to guy. Right now Fred Davis, the tight end is Booty’s go to guy. And while Patrick Turner had a better than usual for this season night last night, he still drops too many balls for this Trojan fan’s liking. You can’t do that at this level. Secondly, our defense needs to get to work on creating turnovers like the 2004 and 2005 squads did. Man, those defenses were exciting to watch.

4. LSU is not looking as freakishly dominant as they did in their first few games. They had to battle back from a 3-9 deficit at halftime to post that final 34-9 score that looks like they were in charge the whole time. QB Matt Flynn does seem to be the weakest link thus far, having none of former starting QB JaMarcus Russell’s firepower to date.

5. USC plays Cal at Cal and Oregon at Autzen Stadium. Autzen Stadium scares me.

6. The Florida-Auburn situation creates an interesting SEC possibility. Florida was beaten by Auburn focusing on controlling Tebow. Auburn does not have remotely the kind of strong defense that LSU does. Offensively, LSU is showing some chinks in their armor. Can Auburn beat LSU? Hmmmm. Can Flordia beat LSU? One looks possible, the other one, not so much.

7. Did you notice something in FSU’s win over Bama? When Bowden took slow, plodding, boring, QB Drew Weatherford out and put Xavier Lee in, their offense came to life. Could this signal a new era for the ‘Noles? It SHOULD.

8. Did you notice how Notre Dame managed to find an offense and score a whopping 19 points once Coach Weis took QB Jimmy Clausen OUT and put Evan Sharpley in? Note to Demetrius Jones, maybe you jumped ship a bit quickly?
-Your Gridiron Goddess, trying NOT to focus on the fact that the Eagles are losing.