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NFL Picks! Get your Week 16 NFL picks here!

December 20, 2007


Hey football fiends!

Can you BELIEVE it is week 16 already? Where did the season go?

Pittsburgh over St. Louis 41-24

Dallas over Carolina

Jacksonville over Oakland

Minnesota over Redskins

Patriots over Dolphins

Lions over Chiefs

Browns over Bengals

Packers over Bears

Giants over Bills

Indy over Houston

Arizona over Atlanta

Seattle over Baltimore

Eagles over Saints

Titans over Jets

Tampa over San Francisco

San Diego over Denver

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL mini mini recap and a CFB note on my new crush

October 21, 2007

Hi Football Fiends!!!

I hope all my Southern California readers are safe and sound and not in any of the many fire zones we’ve got going on here.

I went 9-4 today on my NFL picks and 4-2 on my KROQ Kevin and Bean picks. Damn Steelers kept me from another 5-1 weekend and 10-3 overall for the day. Boo Hiss Steelers!

Full NFL wrap up after MNF tomorrow night.

On the CFB front, I mentioned Mark Sanchez’s smile? Well behold: (first photo credit: LA Times, second photo credit:

-Your Gridiron Goddess, oh yeah baby, new USC QB crush