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Gruden out at Tampa…

January 16, 2009

Tampa Bay Bucs fired Jon Gruden today.  Unconfirmed rumors have Mike Shanahan as the leading contender for the job.

General Manager Bruce Allen was also fired.

Hey Bucs! I’m available! And I have family in Tampa.

ETA: Raheem Morris is the new Head Coach in Tampa


Harem of the Gridiron Goddess: Walker Sports on the NFC South

September 2, 2008

Football fiends, friend of the Gridiron Goddess Walker Sports is back to share his views on the NFC South with us.

Walker-Sports NFC South Preview

After short break Walker-Sports is back and we are picking up right were we left off, talking about football. This time we are looking at the NFC South. Now I’ll be the first one to throw this out, but this may be the worse division in the league. Sorry fans, but I’m just not impressed by this division. Nonetheless let’s take a look and see if we can find some good here.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jeff Garcia looks to be the starting QB in 08, but Tampa has about 5 QB’s on the roster so that can change at any moment. More importantly the Bucs have Cadillac Williams who proved to be a stud in his rookie year. Last season he experienced a bit of sophomore slump but that should behind him. The key to the Bucs success will be their conditioning mainly cans this older team stay healthy for the entire 2008 season. If they can, Tampa will make another trip to the postseason.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints were devastated last season by injuries. The moment that Deuce McAllister went down with a knee injury everyone knew their season would be in jeopardy. Reggie Bush is a talented athlete but he is not an every down back. They need McAllister to come back healthy to run between the tackles and help change the pace in the running game. N.O. Also added Jeremy Shockey to their lineup this week, and he will be a valued addition to a lackluster passing attack. Colston is quickly becoming a top receiver but he is not there yet. Shockey will give Quarterback Drew Brees a needed weapon, and he will serve as a safety valve. The Saints will be a tough out.

Carolina Panthers: Jake Delhomme is returning after missing time last season with elbow surgery. The Panthers will need him to be on target and ready to go if they want to have success this year. Because of his age and the way his body is now breaking down that is why the Panthers have slipped to the third spot on this pole. DeShawn Foster will handle the bulk of the carries, and I believe he is poised for a break out season, after being relegated to returns and spot duty much of last season. Steve Smith is still a threat on the outside although he will never be able to regain the gaudy numbers he put up a couple seasons ago. Despite that he is a still a great deep threat. The Panthers had an eventful off-season that saw them lose the bulk of their defensive line. That is something that will definitely hurt them in the upcoming season. The Panthers went to the Super Bowl because of their defense and if they want to taste any bit of success they will need to rebuild their defense.

Atlanta Falcons: Well the Vick saga is finally behind them. That was followed up by the Bobby Petrino coaching debacle. Needless to say Atlanta has had their share of problems, and they won’t be going away anytime soon. This is a team with two second string QBs and two second string RB’s on the offensive side of the ball. Honestly the defense doesn’t look much better. The best Atlanta can do is hold on tight, wait for next years draft and be glad that Mike Vick’s contract is no longer on the books.


Wild Card Weekend!

January 3, 2008

Hey Football Fiends!

Sorry for the light posting lately I am enjoying an extended Holiday break and visiting my BFF and her crew in Salt Lake City. It is so cold here it HURTS TO BREATHE. I’ll be back in the sunny climes of Southern California soon and will be working on a plan of what to do here on Gridiron during the offseason.

But right now? It’s WILD CARD WEEKEND PICKS!

Washington AT Seattle – The Redskins are on a roll lately but I expect the spotty Seahawks to step up to the plate. SEATTLE is my pick

Jacksonville AT Pittsburgh — Steelers all the way here. Jags are another team that looked good late in the season, but Pittsburgh is cold in January and the home field advantage will be key here. PITTSBURGH is my pick. ETA: OK yeah, I should have gone w Jax, but I really did think the Steelers would pull it out, and they ALMOST did, of course, ALMOST doesn’t count. lol

NY Giants AT Tampa Bay — I’ve been mulling this one over all day. Gotta go with my gut–GIANTS and Elisha are my pick. heh heh heh ALL the Fox pre-game guys took TB. I WIN!

Tennessee AT San DiegoChargers all the way my babies! SAN DIEGO is my pick!

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL Picks! Get your Week 16 NFL picks here!

December 20, 2007


Hey football fiends!

Can you BELIEVE it is week 16 already? Where did the season go?

Pittsburgh over St. Louis 41-24

Dallas over Carolina

Jacksonville over Oakland

Minnesota over Redskins

Patriots over Dolphins

Lions over Chiefs

Browns over Bengals

Packers over Bears

Giants over Bills

Indy over Houston

Arizona over Atlanta

Seattle over Baltimore

Eagles over Saints

Titans over Jets

Tampa over San Francisco

San Diego over Denver

-Your Gridiron Goddess



December 6, 2007

UPDATE: 13-2 on the weekend!

Hello football fiends! I apologize for the dearth of posting this week, but all I can say is AL GORE MUST HATE ME because his Interwebs are not working for me at home. Did my router die? Did my modem die? Or did I just not pay the bill in my unemployed state? I’ll leave that one a mystery but as my mother would say “You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.” LOLOLOL

So I bring you this week’s picks direct from the lovely free wireless of the Los Angeles Public Library. It’s nice to get out of the house once in awhile, you know?

I’ll put up at least two posts between now and Sunday night, not counting my recaps of the NFL scores. I WILL CONQUER MY INTERWEBS ISSUES! 😉 hee hee

OK Week 14. I think the burning questions for this weekend’s slate of games are:

How many times will Donovan McNabb be sacked?

Will I pick with my heart or my head on the Bears-Redskins game? Is there even a difference?

AND, of course, the big question of the week:

Will my pal Jimi_Thing’s Patriots keep their win streak alive against the Steelers?

All these questions and more will be answered by Monday night my fellow football fiends.
And now, my Picks.

Bears over Redskins 24-16

Bills over Dolphins 38-17

Bengals over Rams 19-10

Cowboys over Lions 28-27

Packers over Raiders 38-7

Chargers over Titans 23-17

Giants over Eagles 16-13

Jaguars over Panthers 37-6

Bucs over Texans 28-14

Vikings over 49ers 27-7

Seahawks over Cardinals 42-21

Broncos over Chiefs 41-7

Patriots over Steelers 34-13

Browns over Jets 24-18

Colts over Ravens 44-20

Saints over Falcons 34-14

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL Scoring updates (Final, 11.5.07)

November 4, 2007

I’m delurking again to post updates to the Goddess’ NFL pick-ems..

First and foremost, the Goddess went 11-3 for this week’s picks… I bow down to her greatness…

Second, I’m glad that Chad Johnson of the Bengals appears to be ok. I’ve seen the hit he took several times and it did not look pretty. The fact they immobilized his neck causes concern. I remember where I was when Michael Irvin suffered his career-ending neck injury while playing Philly. And to this day, will constantly cheer against them because of the cheers the fans raised when he was hurt…

Moving on… here are the latest updates:

49ers over Falcons –> 16-20
Bills over Bengals -> 33-21
Broncos over Lions –> 7-44
Titans over Panthers –> 20-7
Packers over Chiefs –> 33-22
Chargers over Vikings –> 17-35
Saints over Jaguars –> 41-24
Redskins over Jets –> 23-20
Bucs over Cardinals –> 17-10

Patriots over Colts –> 24-20
Texans over Raiders –> 24-17
Browns over Seahawks –> 33-30
Cowboys over Eagles –> 38-17
Steelers over Ravens –> 38-7

Did anyone see the missed field goal returned for a touchdown? I believe the return was 109 yards, which eclipses the 108 yard return by Nathan Vasher..

Respectfully submitted,


NFL picks, get your NFL picks here…

November 2, 2007

Hi Football Fiends-

Well it is 1am, I leave in the morning, my dress is not done, I am so packing it to finish altering once I get there. Fortunately I am driving.

I was 11-2 last week!

No KROQ for me tomorrow, so here are my NFL picks, just straight up–

Pats over Colts — game of the week. Brady and Co will emerge victorious.

49ers over Falcons

Bills over Bengals — Yes I switched this folks, it was a typo. I picked the Bills and then typed it wrong as it was 2am when I put this post up

Broncos over Lions

Titans over Panthers – The Carolina Cats have no offense. Sorry, Nacho, Brethren, Mammy and Cap’n Pappy. You know it is true.

Packers over Chiefs

Chargers over Vikings

Saints over Jaguars

Redskins over Jets

Bucs over Cardinals

Browns over Seahawks. Seattle SHOULD win this one. But they are just mysteriously off so far this season.

Texans over Raiders

Cowboys over Eagles

Steelers over Ravens

-Your Gridiron Goddess