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It’s TROY WEEK: Even kids know fUCLA!

November 25, 2009

(Thanks to Trojan Wire for the image!)



Happy Thanksgiving from Gridiron Goddess

November 27, 2008

Football Fiends,

I hope this holiday finds you surrounded with friends, family, good food and good times. My pals over at Trojan Wire said it so perfectly that I am going to echo them here:

Happy Thanksgiving from TrojanWire

We’re thankful for many things, from Coach Carroll to the nastiest defense in all the land. But most of all, we’re just thankful to not be UCLA, Notre Dame or Detroit Lions fans.

-Your Gridiron Goddess



Four Days until the Showdown in the LA Coliseum

September 9, 2008

And USC is currently favored by 10.

I know I’m biased (HA HA HA HA HA), but right now, I sincerely feel not only will USC win, but they will cover the spread.

Crack Those Nuts!

(Thanks to Trojan Wire and Mob Scene for the video!)

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Hey Joe!

September 5, 2008

Hey Football Fiends!

USC has a bye week and is preparing for the Buckeyes of Ohio State. But that’s no reason you can’t see some of the stunning footwork of Joe McKnight.

(Thanks to Rory MacDonald of Trojan Wire)

-Your Gridiron Goddess


the end of an SC Era…

May 1, 2008

As reported by Trojan Wire, tonight at 10pm, USC’s on campus bar, Traditions, or Traddies as it is known to students, will serve it’s last drink.

Check out the article here.

-Your Gridiron Goddess, who has many many memories of good times at Traddies


My brackets are only 1/4 broken…and other psychological warfare

April 1, 2008

Hey football fiends,

Yeah I know I kind of dropped the ball on the whole March Madness thing, but you would too if you were in the grips of the worst multi day struggle to breathe that you’ve had since high school. (ie: Gridiron Goddess now remembers why she never returned to her hometown post college, she likes to be able to BREATHE without constant intake of albuterol, but I digress…)

My original brackets had the final four as:





I have UCLA winning it all in a match up with UNC.

Now, other things going on behind the scenes here at Gridiron Goddess are a plan to get on the Draft coverage and get to a 3-4 posts a week off season schedule.

Check out  Trojan Wire’s post on how Al Groh is preparing his Virginia Cavaliers for their season openers against the mighty Trojans of Southern California (Oh how I want to be at this game!)

-Your Gridiron Goddess, officially one of Trojan Wire’s Hottest Student/Alumnae Bodies, lol


USC #2 Hottest Student Body and Alums…

March 31, 2008

Check out this post at Trojan Wire

Notice who’s featured in Hot Alums.

-Your ever so humble Gridiron Goddess