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College Football Picks – Week 6: The Big Florida-LSU showdown

October 8, 2009

Week 6 Final: 14-2

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

I’m sitting here pondering this weekend’s matchups. I’d LOVE to see LSU beat Tim Tebow and company. I’d love to see The Gators take a big ol’ face plant. Why? Because they are over rated. Oh they are good for sure. Possibly even the best College team in the country (ratings be damned and all). But take a closer look folks, they are decidedly mediocre. These are not last year’s Gators and I just have a feeling they are going to be exposed for the weaknesses the team has.

West Virginia over Syracuse

Michigan State over Illinois

VA Tech over BC

Wake Forest over Maryland

Pitt over Connecticut

Alabama over Ole Miss

Florida over LSU  (If Tebow doesn’t play, LSU will win)

Washington over Arizona

Stanford over Oregon State

GA Tech over FSU

Ohio State over Wisconsin (tho am contemplating an upset here as well football fiends)

Oregon over UCLA

ASU over Wazzou

Auburn over Arkansas

Fresno State over Hawaii (I’m calling this one before its over as it is 42-3 Fresno State at the start of the 4th qtr)


-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks Week 5: Who will go down this weekend

October 1, 2009

Week 5 Final: 11-6

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

My money is on Miami beating Oklahoma. Of course I don’t really EXPECT the ‘Canes to beat the Sooners, but I sure HOPE they do!

BYU over Utah State

Pitt over Louisville

South Florida over Syracuse

Florida State over BC

Bama over Kentucky

Ole Miss over Vandy

Notre Dame over Washington

LSU over UGA

Oklahoma over Miami

ASU over Oregon State

UCLA over Stanford

USC over Cal

Tennessee over Auburn

Michigan over Michigan State

Penn State over Illinois

GA Tech over Mississippi State

Wake Forest over NC State

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks – Week 5: USC will win but take Wazzou and the points

September 24, 2009

Week 4 Final:11-5

Week 3 Final: 14-2

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends-

It’s that time of the week again and this Trojan alum finds herself in a familiar place. Unsure of which USC football team is going to show up to play Saturday night in the Coliseum. USC is a 46.5 favorite over Washington State and as past years have shown – this isn’t a great place to be in. That said, Matt Barkely is starting and USC will win the game. I just don’t think our offense has gelled enough to beat that point spread.

USC over Washington State

Mizzou over Nevada

Ohio State over Illinois

Wisconsin over Michigan State

LSU over Mississippi State

Alabama over Arkansas

Florida over Kentucky

UGA over ASU  (I think the Sundevils have a real shot here and I hope they do win! I just, hmmm, am not sure.)

Cal over Oregon

Florida State over South Florida

GA Tech over UNC

U of Miami over VA Tech

Notre Dame over Purdue

Penn State over Iowa

Oregon State over Arizona

Utah over Louisville

-Your Gridiron Goddess



College Football Picks – Week 2

September 11, 2009

Week 2 Final: 11 – 4

Week 1 Final: 10 – 4

Hey Football Fiends!

Another weekend, another full slate of college football games. My Trojans travel to Columbus to take on the Buckeyes at the Horseshoe. Honestly? I am not worried at all. USC will beat them with their speed.

USC over Ohio State

Penn State over Syracuse

Stanford over Wake Forest

Tennessee over UCLA

Georgia over South Carolina

Oregon over Purdue

Notre Dame over Michigan

Oklahoma State over Houston

LSU over Vanderbilt

Utah over San Jose State

Oregon State over UNLV

South Florida over Western Kentucky

Florida over Troy

TCU over Virginia

Pitt over Buffalo

-Your Gridiron Goddess



CFB Picks week The Season has flown by too fast

November 21, 2008

Hey Football Fiends!

Did ya hear? is one of the Top 100 College Sports Blogs. Pretty f-in cool, eh?

I’m in Salt Lake City and getting ready to head out to the stadium to check out the set up for the showdown between undefeated Utah and their cross-town rival BYU. These folks out here are SERIOUS about this rivalry. It’s like USC-UCLA, but with colder weather. Holy Mother of God it’s cold here. I will not complain about 80 degree Southern California and Southern Nevada November temperatures again.

USC has the weekend off. And so you know, I am picking Oregon State to lose. And I will until they do. So take that for what it’s worth. Currently Arizona is favored by 2.5.

Utah over BYU

Ohio State over Michigan

Vandy over Tennessee

Ole Miss over LSU

Notre Dame over Syracuse

Washington over Wazzou

Oklahoma over Texas Tech

Penn State over Michigan State

Cal over Stanford

Arizona over Oregon State


Florida State over Maryland

VA Tech over Duke

Purdue over Indiana

-Your Gridiron Goddess, who has lived in warm climates since she was 12 and doesn’t even own socks.



College Football Week 3 – Picks

September 12, 2008

WRAP UP: 13-3

hey Football Fiends!

It’s the BIG WEEKEND for the Trojans and Buckeyes and I’ll definitely have some thoughts on that before kick off tomorrow.

But for now, here are your picks. 16 games. 32 teams. 16 winners. 16 losers. You know the drill.

USC over Ohio State

South Florida over Kansas 37-34

Mizzou over Nevada-Reno 69-17


Georgia over South Carolina (Is it just me or is So Car shaping up to be 2008’s bipolar team? So FL was 2007’s) 14-7

Oregon State over Hawaii

Fresno State over Wisconsin

Michigan over Notre Dame (is anyone outside of Ann Arbor and South Bend even interested in this battle of the bad?) 35-17

ECU over Tulane 28-24

LSU over North Texas (way to schedule those tough games LSU!)

California over Maryland 35-27

Virginia Tech over Georgia Tech 20-17

Penn State over Syracuse

Oregon over Purdue

Auburn over Mississippi State

Iowa over Iowa State (that one’s for my pal Tracy) 17-5

-Your Gridiron Goddess


College Game Day starts at Gridiron

September 14, 2007

Fellow football fiends! How’s it hangin’ on this fine Friday night? I must say I had quite the enjoyable evening with one of my bestest pals in the whole wide world, Ashley. She’s in town from St. Thomas USVI, is a UF Gator alum, and a Delta Gamma like me. She rocks. Which reminds me, I have a funny story to tell y’all about from when I went to visit Ash down in the Virgin Islands over my last birthday in April. It starts out something like – what do you do when one Trojan alum and one Gator alum, both sorority girls, are confronted with an 18 year old high school senior who just committed to Notre Dame? And yeah, it may or may not have involved the bunny ears we are wearing in this pic. We’re FUN, y’all. LOL


It’s a great story. And I think y’all will laugh and laugh and laugh. But for now, it’s been a hell of a long day, there was wine and possibly french fries involved this evening and yo-College Game Day starts at freaking 7am out here on the left coast. And I’ll be up for it, especially since it is taking place at Nebraska, where my beloved Trojans are playing tomorrow.


So, I am gonna quit my yammering now and just get down to my picks.


USC over Nebraska – UPDATE USC wins 49-31 I kind of hate it when late TDs are scored against our 2nd and 3rd string, but I also don’t believe in leaving first string in when you are so far ahead just to run up the score. It is a conundrum my friends.


Florida over Tennessee UPDATE: Florida wins 59-20 I disagree completely with Urban Meyer leaving Tebow in so long, it smacks of a potential Bama-Tyrone Prothro tragedy all over again. LOVED the Gator’s backup QB-What a character! Looking forward to seeing more of him. And for the record, I think it is classless to run up the score. I do realize it IS done regularly in some conferences, I am just used to the Pac-10 way of doing things.


Georgia Tech over BC UPDATE: BC wins 24-10


Louisville over Kentucky – though I must say, I am very tempted to go with Kentucky here UPDATE: Kentucky wins 40-34. Another barn burner


Virginia Tech over Ohio UPDATE VT wins 28-7

Iowa over Iowa State UPDATE: Iowa State wins 15-13

Oklahoma over Utah State UPDATE: Oklahoma wins 54-3

Oregon over Fresno State UPDATE: Oregon wins 52-21

LSU over MTSU UPDATE: LSU wins 44-0

Washington over Ohio State – yep, I am serious. Willingham’s team has got the mojo right now. UPDATE: Ohio State wins 33-14

Bama over Arkansas UPDATE: Bama wins 41-38 in a total nail biting barn-burner 4th qtr! YAY!

Cal over Louisiana Tech UPDATE: Cal wins 42-12

UCLA over Utah UPDATE: Utah wins 44-6. Am so not unhappy to have wrongly predicted this one. 😉 hee hee

Michigan over Notre Dame UPDATE: Michigan wins 38-0 Wow. There truly are no words for how bad ND is, especially on offense.

Florida State over Colorado UPDATE: Florida State wins 16-6 Is it just me or was this the longest game in history? Or maybe it’s just because it is my 16th hour of football today now?

Hawaii over UNLV UPDATE: Hawaii wins 49-14

and I am gonna go out on a limb and say:

Virginia over UNC UPDATE: Virginia wins 22-20

OK, Your Gridiron Goddess must get her beauty sleep for she has a whole day of NCAA football ahead of her.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Mad Genius of the Week Award goes to: Appalachian State University

September 3, 2007

Football fiends and fans, you know what? Your Gridiron Goddess has got a feeeeeeever and there’s only one prescription for it: More Cowbell.

Oh what, you expected me to make sense in this heat? hahahhaha It is 98 degrees inside, I’ll do my best, but I am pretty sure most of my brain cells have melted away by now. Are my plants supposed to be dancing like they are animated? Oh nevermind… heh heh heh

This may be redundant at this point, but the Gridiron Goddess Mad Genius of the Week Award goes to the Appalachian State Football team and Coaching Staff. Sure, the national exposure and payday associated with playing a Div 1-A (or Bowl Championship Div–dumb name) team such as Michigan seems reason enough to put them on their schedule.

But for one thing, for Michigan’s Powers that Be not to seem to realize that perhaps scheduling the two time reigning National Champions of Div 1-AA (or whatever that new dumb name is) football who very well could compete at a 1-A level if not for the financial aspects may not be the best thing when your defense is slow and full of holes and has been exploited by teams such as, oh, my USC Trojans at Rose Bowls in 2004 and 2007.

Indeed, the App State fellows have made it clear to the press that they studied tons of tape and saw something they could work with. One only has to look at the two Rose Bowls played between the Wolverines and Trojans to see exactly what the Mountaineers staff saw as their opportunity to deliver one of the most shocking upsets in Div. 1-A football.

What this Gridiron Goddess want to know is — am I the only one not too shocked by Michigan’s loss? Sure, the program has not been bad in recent years, but it has not been vying for Nat’l Championships. The Wolverines went 11-2 in 2006, but 7-5 in 2005 and 9-3 in 2004. For a program such as this, that is not good enough. They have the money, visibility and resources to consistently churn out winning, championship vying teams.

Has Lloyd Carr lost his touch? I believe so. It has long been rumored and assumed this season would be his last. Perhaps old Lloyd has one foot out the door and is not quite as in control of his program as he should be, as he once was.

Michigan football has been resting on its laurels and overrated for years now. Perhaps this “shocking” loss is exactly what the Athletic Department needs to shake things up and make positive changes.

Congratulations to the Appalachian State Mountaineers for playing smart, calculated, exciting football. You earned that win through planning and talent. Enjoy it!

-Your Gridiron Goddess