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The Official Gridiron Goddess CFB Week 3 Picks: USC will be 3-0 but doesn’t look like a 3-0 team

September 17, 2010

Final Count: 11-5

Hey there Football Fiends,

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Let’s get to the CFB Week 3 picks:

The Official Gridiron Goddess CFB Week 3 picks:

USC over Minnesota

Georgia over Arkansas

WVU over Maryland

Ohio State over Ohio

VA Tech over ECU

Mizzou over SDSU

Hawaii over Colorado

BYU over Florida State

Florida over Tennessee

Wazzou over SMU

Wisconsin over ASU

Nebraska over Washington

TCU over Baylor

UCF over Buffalo

Texas over Texas Tech

Houston over the hapless Bruins from UCLA


CFB wrap up: Trojan Smackdown and other goodness

October 20, 2007

Hello Football Fiends!

I went 10-6 in my CFB picks this weekend. But most importantly: USC beat Notre Dame 38-0 –which is the worst beating they’ve taken from us in the entire 79 year history of our inter-sectional rivalry. Also, is the worst loss at home since 1956 when the Irish were beaten 40-0 at home by Oklahoma. The Trojans are back and they mean business.

Oh wait, the Trojans are back IF they are led by QB Mark Sanchez. Sorry JD Booty. That is my opinion based on how our offense suddenly looked like a USC offense today for the first time all season. Granted injured players are healed and returning to the lineup, but come on, this was Sanchez’s second start and he went 21 of 38 for 235 yards and had 4 TDs, O INTs and no sacks. Our offense had 462 total yards. Trojan teams put up 400+ yards of offense.


What’s up with the Bruins? hee hee Are they the most inexplicably inconsistent team in the NCAA or is it just me? And why is Patrick Cowan not their starting QB? He does more for their offense than Ben Olson. But hey, who knows how the strange mind of Karl Dorrell works. His record of 29-20 at UCLA does not inspire a ton of confidence that the Bruins will win out, especially since they still face Oregon, Wazzou, USC and ASU on their schedules.

Cal has unbeaten ASU next week.

HOLY SHIT, did you see the ending of the LSU-Auburn game? What an exciting finish!!!!

YAY Stanford beat Arizona, which may only slightly minutely avenge USC’s loss only to me. LOL

Ohio State rolls on. When do they play someone who can show us whether the Buckeyes are the team of the year or whether they just have a cupcake schedule?

Oh and BTW, USC better be fricking ranked ahead of 2 loss Cal in this weeks BCS and AP polls. I’m just sayin’. I know Notre Dame is particularly ineffective this year, but hello– USC 6-1, Cal 5-2.

I am kind of cracking up at all the “OMG TIM TEBOW FOR HEISMAN AFTER TONIGHT’S PERFORMANCE” talk by the Sports Media. Tebow’s stats tonight? 256 yards and four TDs. He also ran for 78 yards and another score. He had a 40 yard pass to Percy Harvin.

Don’t get me wrong. Tebow had a great game. But compare his stats to Mark Sanchez’s, while keeping in mind that this was Sanchez’s SECOND start, and it puts things in a bit more perspective–and also gives Trojan fans a glimpse of how AWESOME our future is–Sanchez had 235 yards, 4 TDs, rushed for 11 yards (a first down) and had a pass for about 40 yards too.

Now Kentucky’s Andre Woodson– WOW –he was 35-of-50 for 415 yards, 5 TDs and no interceptions. Can we say HELLO HEISMAN.

Heh heh I like Florida and Tebow and I do realize the rest of the world is sick of USC OMG BEST EVER HEISMAN FOR BOOTY etc. But these last few weeks of not as much USC IS THE BEST EVER coverage on ESPN have been weird for this spoiled Trojan my fanatics.

Tebow and Florida will be AMAZING. NEXT YEAR. He will win the Heisman. Next Year or the Year After.

This Year–I think it is Andre Woodson or BC’s Matt Ryan’s. Tebow, McFadden and Colt Brennan will round out the 5 invited to New York. Booty might be able to salvage his chances of being invited to NY in December IF he lights up the field for the rest of the season.

USC heads to Autzen Stadium to face the Oregon Ducks next week. I am afraid of Autzen Stadium. But that is a whole ‘nother post.

-Your Gridiron Goddess, who might be developing a crush on Mark Sanchez. Have you seen him SMILE? Oh my…


CFB Wrapup: The Fallout

October 8, 2007

Hi football fiends. You knew you weren’t going to get off so easy as my brief mentions of USC’s loss on Saturday and that’s it, right? LOL has declared USC “a dynasty no more”

Um ok, we lose our first game at the Coliseum in SIX SEASONS and our fourth game in 4 seasons and we’re a dynasty no more? Yeah, that makes a lot of flipping sense.

QB John David Booty broke a finger in the first half and continued to play. Did this have something to do with the four interceptions he threw? Would seem to be, right?

Nonetheless, we lost. By one point. In the last minute of the game. Besides the fact that it was Stanford we lost to and most of the country doesn’t understand the odd mojo of the Pac-10 and how on any given Saturday any team in the Pac-10 can beat any other team regardless of strength, what is the big deal, really?


But we’re a dynasty no more? Yeah, like I said, that makes sense. Not.

In other CFB news,  The Florida Gators fell to #1 LSU and South Florida has moved into the top 5 for the first time in it’s program’s history.

That’s all for now, fiends. And yes, MAYBE this MIGHT, be the last of my USC-Stanford related ranting.

-Your Gridiron Goddess