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Gridiron Goddess’ Week 2 CFB Picks

September 7, 2010

Final Stats 13-3

Football Fiends!!

How INSANE was that Boise State-Virginia Tech game?! It exemplified all the reasons I LOVE College Football so much!!!!

Anyway, for week 1 I went 15-1!!!! Who fucked it all up for me? Those damn bRuins from Westwood, of course!!! I should have known!! Damn my Pac-10 loyalty!!!

The Gridiron Goddess Official CFB Week 2 Picks:

USC over UVA

WVU over Marshall

GA Tech Over Kansas

UGA over So Carolina

Wake Forest over Duke

Florida over South Florida

LSU over Vanderbilt

Iowa over Iowa State

Cal over Colorado

Oklahoma over Florida State

Notre Dame over Michigan

Ohio State over Miami (FL)

Oregon over Tennessee

Washington over Syracuse

Alabama over Penn State

Stanford over UCLA

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Guest Post: 2010 Big East Preview Part 2

August 5, 2010

Oh No Romo (soon to be a regular Harem of the Goddess member on this site!) is back!

Now for the Part 2 extravaganza that is, the Big East preview.


So they didn’t win a Big East title and Dave Wannstedt is still coach. People always make mediocrity seem like a bad thing. It’s not as awful as people think it is.

I remember meeting Dave Wannstedt once, during his tenure as the coach for Chicago. Or at least I thought it was him. He sure did look like Wanny.

At least they got Dion Lewis. This guy can run (Grudenism). And he’ll run the Panthers through the Big East treadmill.

It’s a bit of a rough start for the Panthers though. They open on the road against Utah on September 2. After New Hampshire, they face the U on September 23. They need to take at least two of those three games. Yeah it’s early in the season, but it’s never good to start a season 1-2.


Louisville fans might want to buy this because I don’t foresee the Cardinals winning a Big East title this season. Then again, the Pitino Extortion trial is probably causing these tissue boxes to fly off the shelves.

When you’re projected to finish last in the Big East, it’s not going to go well. But who knows, maybe they can rise above the expectations and clinch a Orange Bowl berth. That was tough to say with a straight face.

I leave this question for Louisville fans. Do you miss Bobby Petrino? Better question, should anybody pony up an iPad for Charlie Strong, if he guides the Cardinals to a seven-win season?


This seems obligatory, but it isn’t. Greg Schiano has brought relevance to New Jersey’s top football college. He’s guided the Scarlet Knights to three straight bowl game victories.

However, Rutgers seems to have a problem. Pittsburgh has been landing recruits from New Jersey. Schiano shouldn’t be letting Wanny into Scarlet Knight territory.

Sadly, this won’t get turned into an intense issue. It’s not like we’ll see an epic war go on between the two. Although, Rutgers has won four of the last five meetings between the two teams.

That said, how did Rutgers go their first 22 seasons without a head coach? I didn’t even know teams could exist without head coaches. It amazes me, the things I learn.

South Florida

It’s a new era at USF and Skip Holtz is leading the way. The Jim Leavitt administration has left the building and now the Holtz Express is looking to bring “Sexyback” to Tampa. They’ll do so without this guy at quarterback.

Before you crap your pants and freak out that USF doesn’t have a quarterback with a Mohawk, they do have someone in store for the season.

You might know him as B.J. Daniels. Daniels played most of the previous season and showed promise. He brought it in the air and on the ground, leading the team in rushing. Daniels has experience going into this season. Maybe he can make Holtz’s first season as USF head coach a fun one.

This is the end of my dance around the Big East. Although we didn’t cover basketball, allusions (or so I think) were made. I do recommend that you “Use Your Allusion.”