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CFB Wrapup: The Fallout

October 8, 2007

Hi football fiends. You knew you weren’t going to get off so easy as my brief mentions of USC’s loss on Saturday and that’s it, right? LOL has declared USC “a dynasty no more”

Um ok, we lose our first game at the Coliseum in SIX SEASONS and our fourth game in 4 seasons and we’re a dynasty no more? Yeah, that makes a lot of flipping sense.

QB John David Booty broke a finger in the first half and continued to play. Did this have something to do with the four interceptions he threw? Would seem to be, right?

Nonetheless, we lost. By one point. In the last minute of the game. Besides the fact that it was Stanford we lost to and most of the country doesn’t understand the odd mojo of the Pac-10 and how on any given Saturday any team in the Pac-10 can beat any other team regardless of strength, what is the big deal, really?


But we’re a dynasty no more? Yeah, like I said, that makes sense. Not.

In other CFB news,  The Florida Gators fell to #1 LSU and South Florida has moved into the top 5 for the first time in it’s program’s history.

That’s all for now, fiends. And yes, MAYBE this MIGHT, be the last of my USC-Stanford related ranting.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


NFL Sunday mini recap

October 8, 2007

Hi All y’all football fiends!

Tonight, I am thanking my Chicago Bears for beating the Packers and salvaging my sports weekend. Cubs lost. USC lost but thank God Almighty, Da Bears came through for me. lol

Also wishing a speedy recovery to longtime crush of the Gridiron Goddess Matt Leinart. Matt, if your collarbone needs your own personal (naughty) nurse, call me. heh heh heh

In all seriousness though my fiends, thanks for bearing with me on my light posting weekend of heartbreaking losses by my Cubbies and Trojans. They required heavily self medicating with the Pinot Grigio of mind erasing forgetting I am pissed off magical deliciousness.

And today, my aching head, OMG. LOL

Will be back on Monday with full length recaps for both CFB and NFL games from this weekend.

-Your Gridiron Goddess