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February 18, 2010

Hello Football Fiends-

So yeah. The NCAA inquiry into USC’s violations got underway today in Tempe.

Look, I don’t even want to THINK about it, let alone predict the outcome. However, if pressed I’d say – past wins vacated, no forward looking type sanctions. Sigh. Look. Nothing good will come of this. We will take a hit. And We Will Mourn.

So be it. At least we’re not SMU. I doubt the NCAA will ever issue the death penalty again.

It’s the off season, so… see you all sometime soon football fiends. Am off to Vegas for a party with my  bestest pals from high school this weekend, but I’ll be back to weigh in on all things footbal sometime next week.

-Your Gridiron Goddess


Super Sunday!!!!

February 7, 2010

Here it is my football fiends– I want the Saints to win. I think the Colts will win. Let’s face it, anyone who follows the game or who bets on sports knows one indelible fact: Peyton Manning knows how to win.  That man can run a 2 minute offense like no other in the game today.

I am not a fan of teaser bets when you are football betting, but a good friend of mine placed a teaser bet this week that sounds like a big fat winner to me. He teased the Saints to +11 and the over to 55.

Me? I took the Saints +6 1/2. I’m not convinced they will win, but I sure didn’t want to place a bet on the Colts.

I’ve got all sorts of thoughts on National Signing Day, etc to share with you later this week.

Enjoy the Super Bowl Football Fiends!!

-Your Gridiron Goddess


The Top 10 Super Bowl Myths and Misconceptions

February 7, 2010

Hey football fiends-

I came across this article and thought you might find it fun and interesting:

The Top 10 Super Bowl Myths and Misconceptions


Funny Or Die’s Superbowl Video

February 7, 2010

Hey Football Fiends-

I thought you’d enjoy this offering from Funny or Die for the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, so Funny or Die sent two of our coolest dudes down to Florida with a simple mission: get the Super Bowl into the high-five spirit! Players, commentators, celebrities and Florida locals all join in to celebrate the anticipation for the big day. I think it’s a really funny and fun video, and because of the ties to the Super Bowl and all the athletes that appear I thought you might enjoy it and want to post it for your reader’s to watch as well to build up to the big day. Here’s a link:



From the WTF files: USC to Fresno State?!

February 2, 2010

Help me wrap my mind around this one, football fiends.

The #1 punter recruit in the nation, Matt Darr, decommitted from USC today. OK Fine. Where’d he go? Not Notre Dame. Not UCLA. Not Florida or Ohio State or Nebraska or Oregon or Texas. Not Utah or Boise State or TCU.

He chose Fresno State.

Ironically, this is USC Coach Lane Kiffin’s alma mater.

Does this make sense to ANYONE?! Seriously! OK sure, USC has possible (likely) pending NCAA sanctions. But even so, when it comes time for Darr’s NFL draft, teams aren’t going to be looking at post season or lack of post season play. They are going to be looking at stats.

And USC needs a punter of the Tom Malone school of crazy awesome.

Darr’s defection dropped USC’s 2010 recruiting class from 14th to 21st according to‘s rankings. Punters don’t even score freaking points.

I don’t get it. But I doubt this kid is as special as he thinks he is. If he were, he’d have honored his commitment to USC, not run scared (I assume) from all a big program in a big city (facing possible big sanctions) offers.

ETA: It has been pointed out to me that I must give the scoop on this to my friend RS. Fine. There you go pal. 😉 What can I say, I am busy UNPACKING my stuff. Why do I have so many books again?

-Your Gridiron Goddess who now must go back to unpacking her new Los Angeles apartment