AFC Update

September 27, 2010

AFC Update:  Pittsburgh and K.C. Continue to Reward NFL Betting Handicappers

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs continue to reward their NFL betting handicappers by covering spreads with aplomb.

This past Sunday both the Steelers and Chiefs left no doubt that they are two of the best teams in the AFC Conference.  That’s right, not just the best teams in their respective divisions but also the best teams in the AFC Conference.  Based on what’s going on in the NFC right now, the Steelers might be the best team in the entire NFL.

Let’s get to the AFC Top 5 and the ACF Bottom 5!

AFC Top 5 NFL Betting

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-0 – – This team isn’t just good, this team is really good.  When Big Ben returns, they might be great.  See what happens when the Steelers get great QB play?  QB Charlie Batch was awesome when hooking up with the terrific Mike Wallace.  The two were so good in Sunday’s 38 to 13 pasting of Tampa Bay as 2-point NFL betting favorites that RB Rashad Mendenhall ran for 143 yards and a TD on only 19 carries.  Pitt is really good right now and will be scary good when Ben returns.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 3-0 – – Maybe, Mike Singletary just isn’t such an awesome coach.  Did anybody think of that?  The head guy at San Francisco had to have blown about 5 gaskets after watching the Chiefs dominate his supposedly awesome defense by racking up 457 total yards and 31 points.  KC dominated the 49’ers in the 31 to 10 victory.  Is everybody a believer in the Chiefs now?
  3. Indianapolis Colts 2-1  – – The Colts’ Week 1 loss to Houston feels like it occurred last season.  Indy has responded beautifully in the last two weeks to the Week 1 loss by simply flattening a 4-point spread against the Giants 38 to 14 in Week 2 and murdering a 5 ½ point spread against Denver this past Sunday when winning 27 to 13.  Colts’ WR Austin Collie is now the new AFC’s Wes Welker after grabbing 12 footballs for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Broncos.  Welker has an incredible 27 catches for 359 yards and 4 touchdowns in only 4 games.
  4. New York Jets 2-1 – – No Revis?  No problem!  The Jets have now beaten two solid teams, the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, straight up as NFL betting road dogs the past two Sundays.  The game against Miami was awesome because QB Mark Sanchez threw for over 250 yards and 3 TDs without a pick for a 120.5 rating.  If Sanchez has become a great QB, then this team might not lose another game this season.
  5. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1 – – I wasn’t a believer at first but I am now.  Like the Jets and Colts, Cincy has put their Week 1 loss to the Patriots behind them and has covered two spreads on the road in a row with ease. They upset the Baltimore Ravens straight up on the road in Week 2, 15 to 10, as 2 ½ point dogs.  This past Sunday, they beat the Carolina Panthers 20 to 7 as 3-point road favorites. Cincinnati is just a solid football team.  I know…sounds weird doesn’t it?

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